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"Are you tired? Rest your head in my lap." and "i want to kiss you and hold your hand whenever i want" kurt wagner please?😊

of course! i’ve been having major kurt feels lately, so this was fun to write!<3

kurt + “rest your head in my lap” + “i want to kiss you and hold your hand whenever i want”

As much as you enjoy history, if you have to read one more line from the Common Sense pamphlet, you really might just have to consider putting a bullet through your brain.

The tip of your pin is pretty much destroyed, because for the past half an hour it’s been in between your teeth, as you’ve been cramming for the final. With a heavy sigh, you chuck the pen towards your desk. Fuck this, you think to yourself, as you gather up the papers on your bed. I need a break.

Standing up to change into some comfier clothes, you’re already ecstatic about the thought of curling up in your bed; that is, until a soft knock pulls you from your thoughts.

Pulling on a hoodie, you pad over to the door and open it, only to see your best friend; a smile on his lips, and a VHS in hand.

“I hope you’re ready for movie night!” Kurt chirps happily, pushing his way past you. “Because Scott took me to the mall, and told me I’d enjoy The Goonies!”

“Shit, Kurt,” You wince, smacking your forehead with your hand, watching him already make himself at home on your bed. “I totally forgot about movie night. I’ve been studying all day, and I’m not going to lie, I was just about to head to sleep.”

Kurt frowns, as he watches you sit on the edge of the bed with a yawn.

“C’mon, please?” Kurt pleads, puffing out his lower lip. “You don’t even have to watch it! If you’re tired, you can rest your head in my lap?”

You sigh with a smile, shaking your head.

Fine,” You say with defeat, crawling across the bed, as he lets out a cheer. “but I can’t guarantee that I’ll stay awake during the whole thing, though!”

“That’s fine by me!” He’s already up and striding over to the TV, his tail swinging happily as he puts in the VHS. “I’m very excited, Scott told me it’s an adventure movie!”

“And there’s pirates,” you snicker up at him, as you get comfy on his lap. “and there’s a whole bunch of comedy, too!”

“No wonder he suggested it!” Kurt adds, moving to drape a blanket over the two of you. You can’t help but to smile up fondly at Kurt, as he talks animatedly about Pirates during the trailers. He’s so fucking cute when he talks about something he loves, you think to yourself.

“Shh!” You hush up at him, as the trailers end. “It’s about to start!”

Kurt just laughs excitedly, as he leans over to switch off your lamp; returning his attention to the movie. You’re quick to feel the drowsiness kick in, your eyes already drooping during the car chase scene. Kurt doesn’t really notice though, as he’s too engrossed in the movie.

As it progresses, you slip in and out of consciousness; the only reason being that Kurt laughs at the funny parts. About halfway through the movie, it doesn’t even register that you had somehow migrated your body to the middle of his legs; his arms lightly wrapped around your neck, his wrists resting atop one another. The position feels natural, comfortable.

What you don’t know, though, is that Kurt hasn’t even been paying attention to the movie. He keeps getting distracted by the small noises you make when you’re sleeping, and the way your nose scrunches up when he can’t contain a laugh in. Kurt has always noticed the little details about you, but never to the intimate extent. It sends a burst of color into his heart as he realizes that his feelings to you are more than platonic, and for some reason — he isn’t scared, like he normally would be.

Kurt is happy. He’s happy that he’s found someone that he’s comfortable with, and he’s happy that he doesn’t have to second guess himself when he’s with you. And as this revelation crashes over him, he doesn’t stop himself when he looks down at you, asleep in his lap.

“Liebling, I want to kiss you and hold your hand whenever I want,” he whispers softly, with a fond smile on his lips. “you’re the most precious thing I’ve had the pleasure of holding.”

But little does Kurt know that you’re still lucid, and just heard his tiny confession — and god, it’s about damn time.

You want to lean up and kiss him senseless, but that seems unfitting for this moment; too desperate and passionate. So you decide to hide your smile and butterflies, and curl up tinier into his lap, just enjoying the warmth from his body — knowing, that this won’t be the last time you get to do so.

Wolverine: Look.  I’m sorry that Jeannie went bad, but most guys don’t ditch their packs over girl troubles.

Nightcrawler:  Time out, Logan.  Put yourself in Scott’s shoes for just a minute.  Okay?  I’m Cyclops, repressed because I’m the leader of a team of mutants who all depend on me to make sure they don’t die, and I have to keep myself in control at all times to make sure I don’t kill anybody, right?  Naturally I pick a teammate who’ll understand me to love, and then she turns first into All-Powerful Fire Lady, and then Evil All-Powerful Fire Lady, which due to my guilt complex I naturally believe is all my fault–

Cyclops: Kurt!  Get out of my shoes!


Take a moment, remind yourself to
Take a moment and find yourself
Take a moment and ask yourself if this is how we fall apart

But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’ve got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear
I’m here, I’m here, and I’m here

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Title: By Choice (Part One)
Word Count: 5.5K+
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Female Reader
Summary: Kurt meets someone that makes him realize he’s the only one who can be in charge of his own life, and [Y/N] meets someone that makes her feel she’s the most special person in the world.  
Warnings: None except the tiniest mention of the origin of Kurt’s scars.
A/N: Oh man… this was supposed to be a 2K words story at most but I went overboard, like… really bad, and now I had to split it up in parts. It’s my first story here and I’m freaking out, because it’s a little all over the place. So, if you can tell me what you think about it it would be awesome! Also, English is my second language, so forgive me if I make mistakes (and point them out if you want to, I love learning). As the story progresses, it will include some headcanons [x x x] (or variations of them) that I sent to @shayara. Also, the summary isn’t just for Part One, it’s for the whole story.

It was no secret that Kurt Wagner’s life hadn’t been an easy one. As a child– even though there were many things he just couldn’t remember anymore– he had been despised by the community he should’ve been a part of, who believed him to be a demon that was supposed to be to feared. It hadn’t been easy to spend so much time hiding, terrified of what people would do to him if they ever found out where he was.

But hard as it had been– and by what he swore was the will of God– his life had been blessed by the circus. The circus was the biggest, most important part of Kurt’s life. In there, he found a family: people who accepted him and treated him as their equal. In the circus, he shone. He was The Incredible Nightcrawler, the best acrobat they had ever seen. People admired him and his unbelievable talent for acrobatics– even if they didn’t know that the way he looked on every performance wasn’t a costume, but his own flesh. And yet it didn’t matter, because to Kurt, hiding his true self was worth it when he saw the excited faces of the audience every time he performed.

However, it hadn’t been all good moments that would turn into happy memories. The scars he had inflicted on his own skin were a testament of that. 

One for every sin.

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