bubblemoon66 asked:

Will you take Alice to Dublin zoo?

Ah, Dublin Zoo- I have very fond memories of Dublin Zoo, y’know.

Melissa, however, doesn’t view the memories with quite as much fondness as I do, so, uh, I’m afraid I’ve been banned from visiting. Because of The Incident, you see. The very serious incident. That isn’t at all funny. Not even a little bit. 

Sort of. 

oh my gosh

so I have this fanfiction that I’ve been meaning to either rewrite or delete because tbh it’s an incoherent rape-culture-y mess that honestly I can’t really stand to look at

it just got a review basically saying it makes no sense, which, yeah, it doesn’t really

but the review specifically states that it doesn’t make sense in light of LSODM

this story was posted in 2010 and hasn’t been updated since

like i havent read the outsiders or skulples in Fucking Ages so i only recently actually thought about either one long enough to remember that shit and now im just looking back like “yikes!! yikes. what about him appealed to me enough to use him as a dm parent again????”

Hi guys! I’m just letting you know this account has been re-posting photos and edits without the creators’ consent, and then refusing to delete the pictures when asked. As you can see, my own edit was posted. The user deleted the majority of the comments, but I asked him politely to delete it and he wouldn’t. There’s also a whole argument about it on Twitter, of which the tweets to me he then deleted, but luckily I have them all on email notifications! He also posted Becky Allaker’s photos too, and was equally as uncooperative. Please help me out, here! Thank you x