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i love love love the very particular variation/hybrid of midwestern and southern gothic that exists in south texas? like? especially in san antonio and the hill country there’s a specific sort of feeling that comes with the endless bluesky back-country in the north, and the limestone cliffs and the thick mesquite trees and the night-sounds of coyotes and the endless weeds and rusted things and animal bones and abandoned barns and houses you find every so often, just sitting there in the middle of fields and forests.. but there’s also the whole swampy dark spanish-moss-hanging-from-trees old-southern thing going on– especially down on the guadalupe, where it’s more river bottom than anything else. and san antonio is a whole other beast entirely; some of it’s of how religious the whole area is (sa is like…super fucking catholic) and its (long, weird) history, and the fact that it’s a cityfull of ghosts and strange devotion and it’s something covered in ivy with gray clouds and crumbling missions and whistling winds and the kind of heavy, oppressive heat that you only find in a city that’s essentially situated at the bottom of a large, dark pit.


mythology meme | Slavic spirits & demons - rusalki

Rusalki are malicious spirits dwelling at the bottom of lakes and rivers where they once as young women died an unnatural death. Some committed suicide by drowning, wishing to escape violent marriages. Others were brutally murdered by their husbands, often because they became pregnant with an unwanted child. Having not lived out their designated time on earth, their wrathful souls return to haunt the place of their parting as vengeful rusalki and lure men into watery depths with eerie laughter or by imitating the crying of infants. Rusalki use their own hair to entangle the feet of men foolish enough to follow a rusalka into the water and submerge themselves, causing the victim to suffocate under the waves. After the retribution for her mortal death is carried out, the rusalka may move onward peacefully and no longer haunt that body of water. With faces pale like the moon and red or green hair, which is described as perpetually wet and measuring twice the length of their bodies, rusalki resemble water nymphs but their luminescent, cadaverous skin and sad, fathomless eyes shining with spiteful fire betray their horrible origin. 


Here are all the prizes for the raffle winners, @amberpastel , @blue-a-m and @byutak, who respectively wanted half bodies of Aftertale!Sans ( @loverofpiggies ), Lewis from Mystery Skulls and an OC called Alex!

I really loved doing them, thank you for participating and I hope you guys like the results!! >//w//</ <33