RWBY4 and Flowers

So each girl has a different flower on their promo (except Ruby) and they all symbolize something different.

Ruby; Roses. They symbolize love, gratitude, and often innocence and the relationsp of good and bad

Weiss: They look to be lillies. White lillies are symbols of modesty,

Blake: Logically, they’d be belladonna flowers, aka deadly nightshade. Associated with illusion, death, trouble

Yang: Chrysanthemums, which symbolize sorrow and neglected love

The more I think the more I realize how much hidden stuff is in those promo art pieces....
  • Ruby Is shown with her cape withering/falling apart in form of rose petals. I have already talked what Ruby’s cape symbolizes for her before, so having the new art focus on the cape “withering” away (like a rose in Beauty and the Beast) is poignant.
  • Weiss design I talked about in the previous post too, but the addition of a lily in background is interesting. I will just ignore the obvious lilies=lesbians metaphors for a while(you are making it kind of hard tbqh, RT) and will talk about the more commonplace older symbolism. A Lily is a symbol of virtue and empathy. IT has become associated with motherhood as a symbol of Mother Mary. Its also considered a royal flower. And all of that fits Weiss perfectly. Not only she is a team mom of RWBY and the one who grew to be most empathetic and caring for her team mates, but she is also kind of a princess. I wonder if my previous theories of Weiss being the one wanting to reunite the team the most will prove to be correct.
  • Blake fittingly has a belladonna flower in background. Belladonna is generally associated with death and poison. It is a symbol of silence, which is fitting considering Blake left without saying a word to Yang and the lack of any explanation in that decision is what hurts Yang and fuels her abandonement issues. Ironically Belladonna is also a flower associated with tragedy of love considering the greek myth that flower is named after. A tale of a nymph who ends up piercing her heart with an arrow in tries to get the love of her life to notice her and accept her. Interesting choice.
  • Yang is facing in a completely different direction than the rest of Team RWBY. Could that mean she could end up at odds with the rest of the team eventually? Certainly possible as that is usually how that kind of symbolism is used in promo art and I am VERY convinced her story will have A LOT to do with Raven and Raven is very likely to NOT be on “Ozpin and Friends” side from what Qrow has told Yang(and the well, duh, thing of her wearing a grimm mask). I wonder how the front of her outfit looks and if it hides some secret connected to her plotline? It is VERY interesting that Half of her hair is shown burning and specifically that half of her face we also can’t see. Could she have one permanent red eye? Otherwise, Yang is positioned in a body language that evokes strength but also is meant to be menacing or cold (ex: Winter did the similar look from behind her shoulder kind of expression when Weiss and Ruby were rushing to meet her). The flower behind her is chrysanthemum. The Golden Flower which is usually used as A symbol of rebirth. It is a noble flower in china and represents the sun in Japan. That’s an awful lot of symbolism connected to phoenixes, eh? What’s more the art is specifically showing her with no arm, which at least to me indicates that it is very unlikely for her to ge ta mechanical replacement. Could she get some sort of fire arm that activates together with her semblance maybe? That would be very cool.

revolutionizer216  asked:

Idk if you've been asked this but have you ever done a werehog shadow??

Never done a werehog Shadow so I ried to come up with something XD He’s based on some of the concept arts of Sonic the Werehog. His stripes-tatoos  become the snakey-like things Dark Gaia has on its back in Unleashed mode.

Anonymous asked: How did you draw amy in wereform?

Like this!:>