skulls n roses

I was tagged by @13lhg to do this !! Tysm, ur so sweet and I luv ur blog !!!

Nicknames: Princeypie, Gil

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5ft

Last thing I googled: lizards doing cute things

Fav music artists: The GazettE, T.M. Revolution, and Babymetal

Song stuck in my head: Gentle Lie by The GazettE

Last movie I watched: Star Wars, Rogue One

Last TV show I watched: Parks n Recreation

What are you wearing right now: a gray shirt with the coca-cola logo on the front, and black pyjama shorts with roses, skulls, n hearts on em !!!

When did you create your blog: I remade around the middle of 2016

What kind of stuff do you post: soft/pastel aesthetics, bad memes, and some fandom stuff !

Do you have any other blogs: @churro-guro (lots of gore on there !! Don’t click on the URL unless ur ok w seeing that stuff)

Do you get asks regularly: abt once a week or so ?

Why did you choose your URL: I love Gilgamesh ,,, , so much

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Pokemon team: Skull

Favorite colors: Pastel pink or yellow !

Average hours of sleep: 6

Lucky number: 8

Favorite characters: Karamatsu Matsuno, Gilgamesh/Archer, and Super Sonico

Dream job: professional illustrator or fashion designer

Following: 803

I tag: @the-elflord, @daddy-demon-james, @ines-lorenzen, and any other mutuals who want to do this !!! ^w^