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Underrated Films

(you should totally see)

  1. Never Let Me Go (2010) (Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley)
  2. The Perfect Score (2004) (Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Greenberg, Erika Christensen)
  3. Just Friends (2005) (Ryan Reynolds, Anna Ferris) (Hysterical)
  4. Grind (2003) (Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison, Mike Vogel)
  5. Sweet Home Alabama (2002) (Funny as hell and super sweet)
  6. Drive Me Crazy (1999)
  7. She’s the Man (2006)
  8. Chasing Liberty (2004) (Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode, and Europe)
  9. The Skulls (2000) (Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker)
  10. About Time (2013) (Rachel McAdam, Domhall Gleeson)
  11. Orange County (2002) (Jack Black and Colin Hanks)
  12. Alpha Dog (2006) (True Story, chilling, brutal)
  13. Wicker Park (2004) (great thriller)
  14. Stay Alive (2006) (Sophia Bush and a scary ass but good mystery horror)
  15. LOL (2012) (I know it’s Miley but the story is good)
  16. Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015)
  17. What A Girl Wants (2003) (Some of Amanda Bynes best and sweetest)
  18. How To Deal (2003) (Mandy Moore, deep, and real)
  19. In Your Eyes (2014) (romance, thriller, telepathy)
  20. Project X (2012) (one of the most epic movie parties ever)

Here’s a nerdy doodle of my OCs, Margot and Punch, as team skull grunts (or cosplayers engaging in awkward PDA). I’m currently considering buying the latest Pokémon game; the human characters look really fun.

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Where’d You Go?

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Title: Where’d You Go?

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 947

Warnings: angst, fluffish

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

“What do you mean [Y/N] just up and left,” Gabriel shouted, taking a step closer to the younger Winchester.  The archangel’s amber eyes glared at Sam, waiting for an answer.

Dean stepped in between Sam and Gabriel, holding a hand in the air.  “Look we didn’t know [Y/N] was going to leave,” Dean defended.  “She didn’t tell either of us, Cas, or you.”

“There has to be a reason as to why she left,” Sam reasoned.  “She didn’t leave a note or anything.  She hardly took any of her stuff with her.  Maybe there’s some unfinished business that she doesn’t wanna talk about?”

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anonymous asked:

How about Guzma having a first kiss with the reader?

“I can tell you’ve never been properly kissed before.”

“Heh, at least not by some bougie lil beezy.” Guzma responded with a smile, “ ‘Sides, how you know you’re doin’ it right baby girl?”

“Because you’re actually not supposed to slobber all over me like a growlithe.” You reply with a grimace, wiping his saliva off your lips, “You gotta use the absolute tip of your tongue. Like this… stick out your tongue.”

Guzma obeyed, albeit in a quite condescending manner as he placed his tongue between two fingers and waggled it a bit. He wasn’t prepared for the rough way you dragged his arm down and out of your way, nor was he prepared for the explosion of ecstasy when the tip of your tongue barely grazed against his. He tried to pull back. Completely unused to someone else taking the reins. You didn’t miss a beat. Both hands wrapped around the base of his undercut and moved his head closer, mouths sealing as you lightly teased the tip of his tongue flicking back and forth. A heavy baritone moan emitted from his throats and you couldn’t help but smile.

It was nice to get lost in a soft, teasing kiss, and even better to see Guzma become a soft pile of putty in your arms. He was breathless when you pulled away finally, you perfectly fine because unlike him you knew to breathe to keep kissing as long as you wished. His breath came ragged when it did come, sounding as though he had participated in a triathlon around Ula’ Ula island instead of remaining in the Shady House making out in the basement.

“Now that’s a proper first kiss.” You commented slyly, “Now gimme another one big boy, before I have to come get it myself.~”

Stutterin’ Pete {6} -Peter Parker x Reader-

Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4 - Pt. 5

Part 6!

Fandom: Marvel / Marvel MCU / Spider-Man

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: It’s here. DC. The trip that has been causing you extreme anxiety since you and Peter became involved. He’ll be gone for three days. You two has talked about Liz Allan and if you were being honest, you believed him when he said nothing was ever going to happen. Still, all three of your friends were going on this trip. You would have no one for three days.    Unless you follow Peter’s lead an sneak onto the bus.. 


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 “I can’t believe you’re going to Washington, tomorrow.” You said 

“That’s if they let me back on the team.” He said

“Right. But why wouldn’t they? You’re the smartest one they have.” You said your head bobbed as he chuckled.

“Not entirely true.” He said but you both knew it was.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” You said tightening your grip on him.

“Not as much as I’ll miss you.” He kissed the top of your head. The sound of the outside world dominated your silence as you laid there in each other’s arms.  You listened and heard the sound of May’s footsteps as she came down the hall to go to bed.

“I should probably go.” You said getting up to look for your clothes. Peter pulled you back down onto his chest. “No, stay.” He said starting to run the tips of his fingers up and down your bare back, right along your spine like he knew you loved.

“Fine.” You said not bothering to put up a fight, you didn’t really want to leave anyways. Leaving was the last thing on your mind. Three days would be the longest you and Peter had ever been apart since you became friends. It’s hard not to see someone when you live directly above or below them in the same building. You ran your hand up and down from his hip where a faint V acted like an arrow to his groin, following the distinct bumps and ripples of each muscle back up to his collar bone.

“I think I’ll miss your hands the most.” Peter finally broke the silence in an almost whisper-like tone. You propped yourself up enough to meet his eyes, barely seeing him in the faint glow of the lights from the streets below.

“My hands?” You asked Peter nodded, his eyes never leaving yours as one of his hands slipped down and scooped yours up holding it gently and pressing it to his lips.

“They’re so small and warm… They leave goosebumps everywhere you touch me.” He said you smiled.

“Well,” you began. “I think I’m going to miss those big brown eyes the most.” you said. He smiled up at you sleepily. His hand lifting from your hand to tuck itself in your hair at the base of your skull.

“Kiss me.” He whispered you obliged leaning down your lips locking in the now familiar sensation, figuring you two fit together like two pieces in a puzzle. Trailing your hand down the centre of his chest, then torso, noticing that there was goosebumps on his skin where your fingers had been. You slipped your hand under the covers and took hold of another part of him that had also become familiar to you. His mouth opened against yours as he drew in a sharp breath. His hand in your hair slightly pulled on the strands.

“Shh….” You whispered against his mouth he made a sound that could have been either a moan or a whine as you started to move your hand.

Shit.” He said through gritted teeth. You smiled kissing his jaw.

“I hope this decathlon is worth it.” You whispered kissing his neck which was easier to get to since he was leaning his head back into his pillows, chewing his lip. “I’d hate to think about all the time together we’d be missing out on.” You said pressing another kiss to his throat. He groaned quietly. “All the things, we won’t be able to do…” You trailed off gently tightening your hand around him,  his back arched and he drew in a sharp breath. You stilled your hand.

“Be quiet or Aunt May is going to know I’m here.” You whispered he nodded slowly, not opening his eyes. 

“Just don’t stop.” He begged you smirked as cruel as it might have been, perhaps leaving the job incomplete for a moment would build up his sensitivity.

Don’t stop?” You asked withdrawing your hand completely. He groaned in protest.

“Please.” He begged you smiled to yourself seeing him completely desperate for your touch. You slid your hand back up his torso.

“Hmm.. I think I’ll make you wait for it.” You said

“Y/N…” He groaned quietly you leaned down and pecked his lips.

“Not now. Just one more moment.” Peter moved so quickly and with so much swiftness that you almost shrieked as he rolled you over.

“I can’t wait any longer.” He hissed at you, he leaned down, roughly bringing his mouth to yours. He used his knee to part your legs. Using his hand to cover your mouth as you barely held in an exclamation of his name or probably a few choice swear words as he came to you in one rough thrust. He held one of your thighs in place by the knee and covered your mouth as he continued ruthlessly. You were seeing stars and frankly, your climax was already building up. This was a parting gift, something to think about while he was gone the next few days. Once the initial shock of his first thrusts were gone, you started to move your hips to meet his, He removed his hand slowly. Pressing his elbow into the mattress beside your head supporting his weight so he wouldn’t crush you. 

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“It would never work.” You looked up at Peter. 

“What are you talking about?” He screwed his face up like he did when Mr. Delmar tried to hike up the price of his sandwich because he asked about Celine, his daughter. “It’s five dollars.” You recall him saying making the same face, it was riddled with mischief. You realized that back then, it wasn’t just a crush for you. Even then, and for as long as you could remember, you have been in love with Peter Parker. 

Suddenly, your hands froze in his hair and your breath caught. 

“What?” He asked looking down at you. “What’s wrong?” 

You couldn’t speak. Had you just admitted to yourself that you were in love with Peter? It was love? You shook your head. Smiling up at him. 

“Nothing, I just… I just thought about you being gone.” You said “It sucks.” You added then you pulled at his hair the slightest. “You suck.” 

“Well, if you would go along with my plan, you wouldn’t have to deal with this.” He said 

“I would never be able to sneak onto the school bus, Peter.” You said 

“Not alone. I’ll get Ned to help. Same with MJ if I’m on her good side tomorrow.” He said you laughed quietly. He looked down at you. “Come with me.” He said 

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