skulls berserk

Is Femto the Berserk answer to Metatron from Hebrew mythology? In mythology, Metatron was originally a human called Enoch who was tasked by Yahweh prepared three hundred and sixty-six books. When he learned everything,  Yahweh revealed to him great secrets – some of which are even kept secret from the angels.

In the Babylonian Talmud, Metatron has such immense power that he is confused with God with some sources of literature even referring to him as a “lesser Yahweh”.

In which case the Skull Knight would be his ‘diabolic’ counterpart Adralmelech, a being worshiped as a sun god and fueled by offerings with behelets in the place of children (the behelets being the spiritual ‘offspring’ of the God Hand) .

What is interesting is the below quote regarding Adralmelech by Robert Silverberg.

“The enemy of God, greater in ambition, guile and mischief than Satan. A fiend more curst — a deeper hypocrite”

In the context of Berserk, this not only would hint at the Skull Knight’s relationship with the God Hand but also his past and his ambitions- does he hate the God Hand because of the threat they pose or a prior relationship or because a desire to take their place or replace the Idea of Evil itself?

That and the Hebrew suffix “melech” literally translates as “King”.