Macabre jewelry show in S.F. marks anniversary of Codognato
Watch any Hollywood awards show, and the cameras are sure to zoom in on actresses wearing glittering borrowed diamonds, sapphires and rubies from luxury purveyors like Tiffany, Bulgari and Harry Winston. A selection of macabre necklaces, rings, earrings and brooches by Codognato will shine in a local spotlight in an exhibition, Coveted: The show, with pieces of jewelry up for sale, opens with a private party on Thursday, Dec. 8, and is open to the public from Dec. 9 through Jan. 7, 2017. Sorokko and his wife, former runway model Tatiana Sorokko, are collectors of the jewelry and count Attilio Codognato, the founder’s grandson and a jewelry designer since 1958, as a friend. Codognato in recent years has been collected by pop star Elton John, model Kate Moss, actress Nicole Kidman and Princess Firyal of Jordan, according to an exhibition spokesman. Past clients have included opera star Maria Callas, Coco Chanel, author Ernest Hemingway and actor Richard Burton, according to Tatiana Sorokko in an article on Codognato for Harper’s Bazaar in 2014. Clothing and jewelry exhibitions have become an increasingly popular draw for museums, as evidenced by blockbuster fashion shows like “Savage Beauty,” the Alexander McQueen retrospective that drew more than 600,000 visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011.

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i had blue daisies and a skull tattooed onto my body a couple of weeks ago. it’s still very itchy but i digress...

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when i was in middle school my younger half-sister, kate, went on her “first date” with a boy. her parents drove them to the movies and everyone thought it was really cute. normally parents are like YOU CANNOT DATE (as they were like with me) but because my sister was such a tomboy, they were worried she may be gay (she is) and would go so far as to pay her to carry a purse. needless to say her mom and our dad are not good.

when the boy came for the ceremonial meet-the-parents thing, he brought kate a bouquet of blue daisies. they were the prettiest flowers i had ever seen and it blew my mind that they existed. i mean look at these things. and i vividly remembering their beauty distracting me from being jealous of kate for being able to go out to a movie or getting flowers. she was leaving for that movie, and leaving behind on our table that bouquet. for a few hours it was mine alone to enjoy.

when my sister’s mother was putting the flowers in a vase, she made sure to rub it in my face, saying something along the lines of “isn’t it nice that MY daughter received flowers, you never have.” (she is literally the worst human if you didn’t figure that out yet) but at that moment it didn’t matter, because blue daisies were a new real thing to me and that seemed more important. in our society, and surprisingly within my industry, there is a lot of women-hating-women for no reason beyond “that’s how we are apparently supposed to treat each other” and we are taught to compete or pin one against the other.

anyway, it felt right this month to get blue daisies on my body to always remind me that there are always new and real and better things to focus on than my insecurities against the backdrop of other women. as for the skull, i’m currently dealing with medical issues happening inside my real skull so it made sense to get myself a backup one just in case #girlscouts #alwaysprepared :D

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Now that the Westworld finale has aired, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I got to work on over at Tinsley Studio for the show! I worked along a massively talented crew and the amount of bodies, props and makeups which came out of that shop is unreal. One of my favorite things was getting to paint some of the many masks which were worn in Pariah. I had a blast with these! Thanks to @tinsleymua for having us all onboard. :) #workworkwork #westworld #makeupfx #masks #skulls #pariah #tinsleystudio

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