Elanor liveblogs Pokemon Sun for a bit

Ooh, there are some Team Skullions in the corner. Team Skulliwags. They’re trying to do squats and justify their poor life choices. Bless.

Ooh, the Battle Royal dome is glitzy! I like their colourful logo -

“Glad you could make it!” screams a weird half naked man from the stairs and who the FUCK is that and why are they wearing a gimp mask, have we met?

“I’m here today, yeah, to spread the word, oh yeah, about Battle Royal!” 

…your speech patterns are a bit… Skulliwag.

“They call me… The Masked Royal!” He yells. “Woo!”

Do they? Does anyone? Feels like you chose that yourself OH MY GOD IS THAT KUKUI



“The Masked Royal!” he corrects irritably. Shit yeah, sorry mate. This is undercover right now isn’t it. OH MY CHRIST THOUGH WHAT ARE YOU WEARING


“I’m here to teach you, oh yeah, about the battle format passed down in Alola for generations…”

How about you teach me about that outfit?

“?But Royal, what’s the Battle Royal?’, you might ask?” he yells over me. “Four trainers! Four trainers, yeah, each pick three Pokemon, yeah, for one big battle, oh yeah!”

Okay but

“WHEN ONE TRAINERS TEAM can’t battle anymore, yeah, the Battle Royal ends! Whichever Trainer has taken out the most Pokemon, yeah, and has the most Pokemon left will emerge the winner. woo!”


Why are you naked?

“Just give it a shot!” he pleads. “Pick your Pokemon and let’s do this!”

“Dude!” Hau squeals up in the balcony. “?It’s the Masked Royal! I wanna battle!”

…how much did he pay you to say that, Hau.

Basically the HTTYD Books

Something more or less like this…

How to Train Your Dragon: THERE WERE DRRRRAGONS WHEN I WAS A BOY :3 :3 :3 awwwh <3 hehe :D :D :D \o/ yay fun cuuuuute yay!  :3
How to Be a Pirate: :) adventure!  :/  ugh Snotlout  o.o tfw skullions??? yikes!
How to Speak Dragonese:   :D  \o/  *\o/*  GO TEAM HICCAMILEGS!
How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse:  XD  XD  XD  how is this book even real  I AM A HORRIBLE POTTYMOUTH POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES
How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale: B-)  \o/  <3  *\o/*  love and lava surrrrfiiiing!
A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons:  o.o come on you can’t just namedrop Hiccup the Second and then just leave us waiting  o.o
How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm: S <– the mark of doom O.O WHAAT????!!! O.O  :DDD epic battle! awwwwwwyiiiiiiiiiiiisssss!
How to Break a Dragon’s Heart:  <.<  I sense a disturbance in the Force
How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword: o.o  dragon attacks  <.<  >.>   much suspicious…  :) :))) good adventure :D YAY HICCUP *\o/*  *\o/*  celebration time!  O.O OHMYTHOROHMYTHOROHMYTHOR CRAP CRAP CRAP D: D: D: 
How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel: DDD: holy what???? WHATT?TTTTT???!!!  o.o  O.O  :’(  ;_;  T_T  TT_TT  I am just going to sit here and cry okay byes  THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN’S BOOK WHAT THE HELHEIM
How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero:  O_O oh my gods things can’t get worse  :O  D:  oh my gods things can’t get worse  D: O_O  O_O  :O  DDD:  ohmygods what the LOKI that was a *TORTURE SCENE* IN A THIRD GRADE READING LEVEL BOOK OKAY IT CANNOT GET WORSE THAN THIS  ……….TT_TT ohmygodsitgotworse TT_TT  TT_TT  TT_TT  I am never going to have dry eyes again THE BLACK STAAAAARRR NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOoooo TT_TT  ;_;  *screaming*
How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury: …I am scared to open this book… o.O OH MY GODS IT GOT WORSE AGAIN!!!  O.O  D:  DDD:  o.o  :D LONG LIVE THE KIIIIIIIINGGGGG  *\o/*   *\o/*   *\o/*   *\o/*  O.O  D:  wait Furious!!!  T_T  :D  happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ……..what do I do with my life now?

follow forever 2k14!!!

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Grimbeard the Ghastly’s Second Heir

“How to Be a Pirate” initially seems like such a simple, stand-alone adventure during which Hiccup meets Alvin the Treacherous, discovers some treasure by Grimbeard the Ghastly, and procures his sword, Endeavor. However, having recently reread book two in anticipation for book twelve, I realized that this little story is a symbolic microcosm of the entire series. Within this story, we see extensive foreshadowing for events that occur in books nine through eleven… particularly pertaining to Snotlout and his short tenure as Hooligan chief. Interactions between characters in book two directly parallel events in book nine, and we come to see that, throughout this entire series, Grimbeard the Ghastly has not one, but two heirs carrying on his legacy. Snotlout proves to be someone who does not completely – but still partially – stumble through Grimbeard’s fate.

I really encourage HTTYD book lovers to read this, because what “How to Be a Pirate” does is show how completely and utterly brilliant Cressida Cowell is.

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