Headcanon dump #3 (i think?)

Physical headcanons

- He’s got a faint scar on his left cheek and a more noticable one over his right eyebrow. The former he says came from an irritated and particularly determined murkrow. The latter he doesn’t want to talk about.

-His nose is pretty broad, kind of pointy, and a bit crooked. It’s been broken at least twice.

-He makes exactly ZERO noise when walking. Will literally just materialize behind you and handcuff your ass. It’s terrifying.

-He’s oldish but he’s in pretty good shape. He could probably bench most of the skull grunts, and it’s a bit alarming how quickly he can move when he wants to. Many a skullion has gotten into trouble under the assumption they would be able to escape him on foot, and been surprised when he catches them with little effort.

-That said, he does limp a little sometimes. Acerola got him a cane once as a joke.

Nanu wasn’t laughing.

// @team-skull-admin-cataleya //

You alright there, kiddo?

She certainly doesn’t look okay. Nanu knows this particular skullion is one of the more level headed members of team skull, and he’s somewhat surprised to see that she’s gotten into trouble.

Or perhaps been on the receiving end of it?

What happened?