Basically the HTTYD Books

Something more or less like this…

How to Train Your Dragon: THERE WERE DRRRRAGONS WHEN I WAS A BOY :3 :3 :3 awwwh <3 hehe :D :D :D \o/ yay fun cuuuuute yay!  :3
How to Be a Pirate: :) adventure!  :/  ugh Snotlout  o.o tfw skullions??? yikes!
How to Speak Dragonese:   :D  \o/  *\o/*  GO TEAM HICCAMILEGS!
How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse:  XD  XD  XD  how is this book even real  I AM A HORRIBLE POTTYMOUTH POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES
How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale: B-)  \o/  <3  *\o/*  love and lava surrrrfiiiing!
A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons:  o.o come on you can’t just namedrop Hiccup the Second and then just leave us waiting  o.o
How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm: S <– the mark of doom O.O WHAAT????!!! O.O  :DDD epic battle! awwwwwwyiiiiiiiiiiiisssss!
How to Break a Dragon’s Heart:  <.<  I sense a disturbance in the Force
How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword: o.o  dragon attacks  <.<  >.>   much suspicious…  :) :))) good adventure :D YAY HICCUP *\o/*  *\o/*  celebration time!  O.O OHMYTHOROHMYTHOROHMYTHOR CRAP CRAP CRAP D: D: D: 
How to Seize a Dragon’s Jewel: DDD: holy what???? WHATT?TTTTT???!!!  o.o  O.O  :’(  ;_;  T_T  TT_TT  I am just going to sit here and cry okay byes  THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN’S BOOK WHAT THE HELHEIM
How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero:  O_O oh my gods things can’t get worse  :O  D:  oh my gods things can’t get worse  D: O_O  O_O  :O  DDD:  ohmygods what the LOKI that was a *TORTURE SCENE* IN A THIRD GRADE READING LEVEL BOOK OKAY IT CANNOT GET WORSE THAN THIS  ……….TT_TT ohmygodsitgotworse TT_TT  TT_TT  TT_TT  I am never going to have dry eyes again THE BLACK STAAAAARRR NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOoooo TT_TT  ;_;  *screaming*
How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury: …I am scared to open this book… o.O OH MY GODS IT GOT WORSE AGAIN!!!  O.O  D:  DDD:  o.o  :D LONG LIVE THE KIIIIIIIINGGGGG  *\o/*   *\o/*   *\o/*   *\o/*  O.O  D:  wait Furious!!!  T_T  :D  happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ……..what do I do with my life now?