skullguy craig

so, if you’ve been following some of the pictures of Craig I’ve been posting recently

which is to say, those of you who know who craig is. And that you actually care.

I’ve been drawing him without his right eye. BECAUSE STUPID REASONS NO ONE CARES ABOUT.

So basically, this guy is where his eye went. I KIND OF WANT TO NAME HIM SKULLGUY BECAUSE IT’D BE FITTING BUT THAT’S DUMB. It’s like…his eye…went into his mask…and became a guy.oh god have I even explained the fucking mask jesus christ.He has a dumb skull mask, if you don’t know. And like, it’s made from the skull of his great grandfather, and each of his fathers before him put their magic energy in it? or something stupid I don’t even…


Now I guess it’s time I talked about Craig, huh?

Craig started off as a pretty shitty online persona of a dude wearing a skull mask in a fancy, poorly drawn suit. His name spawned from a few anons originally calling him “Skullguy” and then when I asked what his name should be, the first person to respond replied “he looks like a craig”. And so, Skullguy Craig was born.

He is a Norse warlock, and his powers are based out of a magical skull mask (just a full skull in Face for Hire) that is infused with the souls of his forefathers to enhance his magic abilities. Which are mostly sigil-based.

Like I said when I was talking about Tom and my relationship with him as a character, Craig is my new hero character that has all the same hopes and wants that Tom did when he was in Craig’s position. Once again, a good parallel to Protoman/Megaman from the protomen. Tom’s broken to shit and has given up on saving anyone. But Craig’s still got that fire inside him that I cant wait to make clash against Tom.

I don’t want to get too deep into Craig’s backstory right now just because I wanna save some mystery to him for Face for Hire.

oh, also, he lost that eye in a dumb drawchan thing and I’m not sure if I want to bring it back. Someone basically “wished all the magic away” so like, magic, demons, powers, everything gone. But, that energy doesn’t just disappear. So Craig finds this sort of dimension that was created to hold all this magic energy, and he gives up his eye so that he can basically be like a cell tower that emits the powers/magic/stuff like that to bring back the balance. And the eyepatch is essentially the only thing holding everything from coming out all at once.

and now you know about my big dumb idiot character Craig Calland.

I saw a thing about just ignoring your fears and the awful shit inside you and then I drew a thing because that’s bullshit and I realized all Craig’s character really is is a guy trying desperately to come to terms and make the best out of every shit awful thing thrown at him even if it kills him.


you know, I feel I’ve come a long way in art if I can visually recreate Armstrong Posing.

For that fight shit I’m doing. Shit’s getting heavily anime. So I had to roll with probably one of my most favorite strongman characters ever.

heavily referenced, btwjesus christ I wish I was that good at anatomy.

I’ll post more of what I’ve done soon~

From left to right

Top: Mike September and GHOST (2012), Craig Calland, JAWS

Bottom: Dana Thrasher, Colin September, Veronica Calland, and unnamed robot that might not even make it into the comic because it’s 2047 what possible use could an old timey looking robot with a muttonstache and arms that turn into tommy guns have? Not a lot. I dunno. He’s fun to draw though. I called him tommy.

everyone but ghost and mike are as they look in 2047.

this is not the main cast, just a bunch of doodles of some of the main and others.

Weird drawchan rant

Like I’m pretty okay with my drawchan stuff fading forever from the internet but I just checked akinator and Skullguy Craig doesnt exist on there anymore.

I was just like
“Has it really been so long, old friend?”
Its been fuckin YEARS since Ive been relevant on the internet.

I never liked the idea of being a part of the big draw group. I didnt like signing my name on collabs or taking part in the wiki or pretty much anything that tied me hard to the website. But its still such a weird turnaround with how much I totally made drawchan part of my life for so fuckin long. Hell, I didnt wanna leave /b/ drawhore threads until LITERALLY everyone left and there was nobody to hang with and even then a friend had to drag my ass over to ndw.

Which, again, I dont regret meeting most people through there. I still have amazing friends from drawchan and had an even more amazing relationship for 6 or so years. So its always been this weird two faced love hate with the website and what it was about. I didnt like the circlejerking, didnt like the butt patts, definitely not the putdowns without construction.

I met so many great people drawing dicks online and not finishing fuckin stories, especially my ex. If anything can be said about my time there I dont regret a single day knowing her.

Some people I still talk to today, some people are either lost to time or Ive pushed away or even just been an absolute monster to. That, I regret. I hope they’re doin good things and making stuff.

Its 6:32 am and I havent slept tonight, ignore my reminiscent ass.

Though thinking on it now someone from /co/ the other week mentioned they remembered Face for Hire when I was just in highschool PLANNING on making it and they were super excited I was doing it and that it gave them some hope in making their own thing they’d been working on for a long time. That’s the kind of impact I’d like to have on people.

Nice, quiet in its impact, maybe remember a funny thing I did. Thats all I can hope for.