skullguy craig

Weird drawchan rant

Like I’m pretty okay with my drawchan stuff fading forever from the internet but I just checked akinator and Skullguy Craig doesnt exist on there anymore.

I was just like
“Has it really been so long, old friend?”
Its been fuckin YEARS since Ive been relevant on the internet.

I never liked the idea of being a part of the big draw group. I didnt like signing my name on collabs or taking part in the wiki or pretty much anything that tied me hard to the website. But its still such a weird turnaround with how much I totally made drawchan part of my life for so fuckin long. Hell, I didnt wanna leave /b/ drawhore threads until LITERALLY everyone left and there was nobody to hang with and even then a friend had to drag my ass over to ndw.

Which, again, I dont regret meeting most people through there. I still have amazing friends from drawchan and had an even more amazing relationship for 6 or so years. So its always been this weird two faced love hate with the website and what it was about. I didnt like the circlejerking, didnt like the butt patts, definitely not the putdowns without construction.

I met so many great people drawing dicks online and not finishing fuckin stories, especially my ex. If anything can be said about my time there I dont regret a single day knowing her.

Some people I still talk to today, some people are either lost to time or Ive pushed away or even just been an absolute monster to. That, I regret. I hope they’re doin good things and making stuff.

Its 6:32 am and I havent slept tonight, ignore my reminiscent ass.

Though thinking on it now someone from /co/ the other week mentioned they remembered Face for Hire when I was just in highschool PLANNING on making it and they were super excited I was doing it and that it gave them some hope in making their own thing they’d been working on for a long time. That’s the kind of impact I’d like to have on people.

Nice, quiet in its impact, maybe remember a funny thing I did. Thats all I can hope for.