“Do I know you?”

Oh my god! @ohheyitssk is a bloody wizard! Amazing #skullgirls photos with me as #filia ! I cri in tears! I might post more if it is fine with them.

Photo taken by: oheyitssk

Model: (whatawalrus)

Filia & Skullgirls © Lab Zero games

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Cosplay ideas

Guys, I am legitimately going to try to put together Pom cosplay for Pom Gets Wi-Fi.
I feel as if this would be a really funny cosplay for a convention.

Walk around with a laptop in your cosplay and hold up signs containing line from the game like “Where da wifi” “It’s yaoi o'clock” “PERIOD BLOOD MICROWAVE WHAT DO WE DO” “WHAT DO” Stuff like that.

Oh! I am also gonna try and put together Squigly cosplay from Skullgirls! :3