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Michelle looked around as the lab was under attack she saw the wall blasted opened as she saw Marie,Double and an unknown person dressed like a nurse,"M-marie?" She saw her friend as the skullgirl as she watch in horror.

The young girl stared at her ‘friend’ coldly. Her gaze was sharp and penetrating, nothing like the sweet eyes she used to show before. “Michelle…” She mumbled.

“tHe CHiLd hAS awoKeN…” The nun spoke with it’s distorted voice. It seemed calm as for now, her eyes were closed, but she was definately staring at Michelle’s soul.

“…” The nurse in the other hand, said nothing. She only stared.

inktober fandom prompts

im going to be participating in inktober but i wanted to make a prompt list for myself! i wanna challenge myself to draw fanart this month, since im really afraid of drawing different characters in my style.. 

  1. skullgirls
  2. stranger things
  3. dishonored
  4. steven universe
  5. undertale
  6. gravity falls
  7. naruto
  8. hotline miami
  9. tf2
  10. child of light
  11. overwatch
  12. life is strange
  13. comic maplestory
  14. inuyasha
  15. the walking dead game
  16. paladins (LOL)
  17. left 4 dead
  18. portal
  19. vocaloid
  20. bojack horseman
  21. kill la kill
  22. superjail
  23. the walking dead (season 7 !!!!!!)
  24. off game
  25. rick and morty
  26. gorillaz
  27. ib game
  28. the wolf among us
  29. the last of us
  30. over the garden wall
  31. alice: madness returns

if you’d like to use this list as well, go ahead! if you want to change the fandoms and stuff you can do the same too.


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