skullgirls community


one of my best friends in the fighting game community made this combo music video. hope yall give it a watch because there are some sick shit in there. 

EGRETS STAND UNITED!! This artpiece by Audioerf is exactly how I feel right now towards the entire Skullgirls Community.  

Getting dropped by Konami is just another battle we face as a small but ever growing community of fans.   Send messages of support to Mike Z and Alex Ahad so they can keep their team strong.

Buy the Steam version of Skullgirls and help support  Lab Zero  during yet another trying period. The PS3 and 360 versions gives a cut of profits to Konami and won’t end up in Lab Zero’s accounts. 

Stay Strong Egrets. Support each other.  Don’t spread poison about Konami, for it is their loss.  Let us unite in finding Skullgirls a new home.  Let’s let everyone know this title is WORTH IT!!! 



All of the fighters in Skullgirls are great, but I can’t get enough of Filia and Fukua. I’m pretty good with Filia and it didn’t take me long to main Fukua when she came to consoles. I like their story modes, the fact that they’re based of the Futakuchi-Onna is nice, and they work great as a team. I hope Fukua becomes canon just so I can see what she and Filia will do later on.

Submitted by Anonymous (And just a head’s up, anon, don’t brag about how good you are with a character.)