Skullgirls goes portable!

Skullgirls team is awesome.

Slated for release on SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color system, Skullgals will feature gorgeous full-color graphics and precise, clicky controls. Drawn and animated by famed Australian pixel artist, Paul Robertson, Skullgals captures all the charm of the console original in only 1/38th the pixels.

In addition to the full console cast, Skullgals introduces two all-new characters. Squigly is a zombie opera singer inhabited by the parasite Leviathan, and bests her opponents using “stance cancels” and spatial control powers. Umbrella, little sister of Skullgirls mainstay Parasoul, wields her voracious living umbrella in battle, which grows hungrier and more powerful the longer it isn’t used.

Finally, in a first for the Neo Geo Pocket Color platform, Skullgals’ cartridge will feature online play using a proprietary 3G-enabled 2 megabyte cartridge. Autumn Games has selected AT&T as the exclusive U.S. service provider. Service pricing and additional regions will be announced at a later date.

Find more “info” about Skullgals here, including several amazing screenshots.

Now excuse me, but I’m gonna go spend the rest of the day praying that Nintendo releases a Neo Geo Pocket virtual console on 3DS.

skullivan asked:

Who's your top 3 Skullgals, bro?

peacock because she´s funny, cute and everything about her is just plain awesome, ms fortune because she´s funny, FAST and has dark skin, and parasoul because she´s elegant and dressed to kill, i love the moveset where the characters play like they don´t give a heck, also dem kicks are brutal bruh