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also just to add to y'all, as someone who knows a tiny bit about budgeting, what most of the money goes on in any production is PEOPLES SALARIES and SETS. the more staff needed, the more expensive filming. so like, a small budget film would have fewer locations and sets built, and fewer actors. also, TIME. you pay 100 dollars a day to someone? 2 days doubles it. nightshoot raises it. simple as that. to say that the skull was changing because of the budget, is... insane and completely ludicrous.

Anonymous said to inevitably-johnlocked: The Budget Couldn’t Have Been Small, Or If It Was, They Have Never Budgeted For A Tv-Show Before - a story by me, who has has like, fucking eyes and knowledge about this stuff. the budget was clearly pretty same as before… i can go in depth about this if you want but basically, you can all notice some of it, for example: a trip to marocco for a plotline that didn’t need to be shot, as it was read out anyway… if the budget really was a thing, they spent it on the episodes 45/45/10 lmao

Hey Nonnies!

Oh, absolutely, we totally understand the actors and cast / crew / filming locations changes based on budget. I think what bothers most folks is that SHERLOCK is a show that BBC literally throws money at… I mean look at the production quality of T6T and TLD: They rented a stunt driver, an Aston Martin, a helicopter, a drone or two, an aquarium AND hospital wing for several days;  REBUILT SETS FROM SCRATCH – one of which was a rotating one; went to and filmed in Morocco and probably other small locations to film the travel scenes; recced in Canada and never did anything with it; paid SFX people to set off fireworks for ””””Ben’s birthday”””””; took up an entire island or beach for filming; REMADE a whole new skull painting that glowed (backlighting) ergo would have been screenprinted on canvas or paper (I can’t tell what it is in the photos for Sherlocked US); BOUGHT AN ENTIRE NEW FURNITURE SET for a 30 second ending sequence in TFP; working with children also probably comes with additional fees and insurance (I don’t know for certain, just speculating here), wrote new music and FULL SOUNDTRACKS FOR EACH EPISODE (usually the songs all get recycled throughout the season); THEN  had to pay for all the post production and editing, which then required updating hard and software ………

But they didn’t have the 500 or so dollars to rebuy a painting they had for 3 fucking seasons? Sure Jan.

Salaries are the LEAST of their worries. If Mofftiss said “oh, we spent a lot on sets and all the cool locations”, then MAYBE I would believe them…. but they literally said they didn’t have the budget to have A PAINTING, from what I’m understanding.


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I don't know why but out of everything, the one thing about series 4 that fills me with the most rage is that f-ing skull painting. Why were there different versions of it? What was the point? Why was it never explained? That's not something you can do by accident! Ugh! I'm annoying myself just thinking about it.

Haha you and everyone else Nonny. I think that skull painting is one of the BIGGEST clues to the entire series being one big mind-trip / unreliable narrator theory. I personally believe that the skull is representative of Sherlock’s emotions / state of mind, or – if it’s all in John’s head – John’s emotional reaction to situations. Everything in S4 is a false narrative, that I am convinced of.

And then Arwel just sort of brushes it off? You KNOW that something’s fucky when ARWEL won’t talk about something like that as being anything other that “I liked it”. Like, Arwel, PLEASE. You are DYING to tell us and they just won’t let you. 

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Even if what mofftis is saying about the original skull painting being too expensive is true, they could have still addressed in the show why there was a new one! Take one second to show Sherlock hanging up the new painting and boom. Fucking problem solved

Agreed, Lovely. Like it’s such bullshit excuse. Making the new one that IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING BASED ON SHERLOCK’S MOOD rather than renting the old one would have cost way more. There’s so much that they’re obfuscating and redirecting “blame” rather than just tell us “we thought it would look cool”. Like they’re not even saying that… everything appears to be “a mistake”.

Cross-referencing the skull’s colour in different scenes

So, I made a compilation of all the times the skull changes colour over the course of Season Four to see if there was any correlation between the different uses.

I couldn’t come up with anything other than the usual speculations related to Sherlock’s health/mental state, using information from the past/future/”forwards or backwards” etc., so it’d be really interesting to hear other people’s thoughts!



  • Lestrade talking to John and Sherlock about the death of that kid who dressed up as a car seat. (Never thought I’d be typing that sentence.)
  • Sherlock making up the story about Mr Kingsley’s wife being an undercover spy, working for Moriarty and planning to drug the president in order to start WWIII.
  • Lestrade is back at 221b with another smashed Thatcher bust.
  • In 221b after the pool scene with Ajay. Lestrade arrives and tells Sherlock that Scotland Yard couldn’t find him. Sherlock says he can’t have gotten far.


  • First scene with Faith as a client in 221b.
  • Wiggins saying “They brought you here. You’ve had too much and that’s me saying that.”
  • Second shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. While monologuing about serial killers. “They’re always poor and lonely and strange. But those are only the ones we catch.” - “Who do we catch?” - “Serial killers.”
  • Third shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. After Culverton Smith says “Anyone.” + “What if you had the compulsion to kill and money. What then?”
  • Sherlock surrounded by pictures of Culverton Smith and yelling Shakespeare.
  • John confessing that he cheated on Mary.


  • Second half of Mycroft as a client in 221b. After Mycroft tells Sherlock that he told their parents that Eurus was dead after she supposedly died in a second fire she started at some sort of mental institution. Then onwards to talk about Sherrinford.
  • The drone scene.
  • The final 360 montage, with Mary’s voiceover.



  • Scene with the client with the “Cardiac Arrest” case as part of the case-solving montage at the beginning of the episode. A man kills strangles his own brother to death but doesn’t remember it because his heart medication causes bouts of amnesia.


  • First shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. After John says Sherlock’s name. Ominous music playing.
  • Final shot of Sherlock walking up the walls in 221b. Sherlock falling back to the couch unconscious.


  • First scene in 221b with Mycroft as a client, going to sit in the client’s chair. Telling the story of Eurus.



  • John, Mycroft, and Mrs Hudson are at 221b while Sherlock is about to be murdered in Culverton’s hospital.
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Hi Steph! So I am not sure if someone has written about it already (if someone did, please link me?), but that line at the end when Sherlock says "I'm Sherlock Holmes, I wear the damn hat. [Pause. Then said offscreen] Isn't that right, Mary?" and Jorn turns around in surprise, like, what is happening? Is that scene also not real/corrupted memory? I feel like it turns the whole episode on its head even more than it already is. So many questions, please let TFP be good to us :)

Also, I’m sorry I am being annoying, but the skull hell we’ve been in, have you noticed the skull in that confession scene? I rewatched the whole scene just to be sure: we are shown that skull exactly once, while John says “I cheated on her. [camera angle change] No clever comeback? I cheated on you, Mary.” and it’s glowing! The rest of the time the angle of the shot is such that JOHN IS BLOCKING THE PAINTING FROM VIEW! It has to be deliberate, right?

Hey Lovely, not annoying at all. I’m a shit because this has been in my askbox for months, LOL. 

Yeah, I’m totally all aboard the “nothing is real” train here. I think the acknowledgement of Mary in that scene is Sherlock acknowledging John’s struggles and issues, and I think Sherlock knew that Mary liked the hat (ie. hiding Sherlock’s sexuality). As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I do believe most if not all of TLD, no matter how lovely the hug was, is an altered memory. I really feel strongly that TD-12 is involved in everything since Mary’s appearance in their lives, I really do. I’m still on the fence about if Mary is alive or not, but her “death” absolutely did not happen the way it did on screen. 

And that skull painting has been a curse to us since it was on screen. I think that it is DEFINITELY a HUGE FUCKING CLUE that we are not seeing the true story… I think of the skull as us being able to see Sherlock’s state of mind of sorts, since I think it has been compared to him in the past. So maybe we’re still on the Tarmac and everything is happening in Sherlock’s head, maybe we are watching a blog entry / unreliable narration. Who knows. But it’s definitely deliberate, in my opinion, that the skull is being hidden the whole scene.