Lewis & Vivi - Re-meeting
  • Lewis & Vivi - Re-meeting
  • Kelly "Chi-chi Boyer", Wild Card

“Your not afraid of me…are you?”

Woo~! I’ve been working on this one for a while! the idea is that its a what if situation of when Vivi Comes back to the mansion on her own.

Vivi: Me

Lewis: wildmodblog (also, check out his other blog thetalesofwildcard for more awesome voice acting V u V)

Artwork: squigglydigg

enjoy! also~

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This is just another night
And we’ve had many of them
To the morning we’re cast out
But I know I’ll land here again

How am I gonna get myself back home?
I, I, I… ( x )

So not quite dead but I’m still bringing you all down with me.


“I can tell you how I got these scars on my face and arm. Let’s just say the pale-skin who attacked me wasn’t as lucky, and now I’m carrying his skull around my neck as a good luck charm.”

I’m starting a new gigantic Moleskine sketchbook with more of my favorite fictional creatures. This one is about 11″ x 16″. Color treated in Photoshop.

Tools used:

  • 2mm Prismacolor Turquoise Non-Photo Blue lead
  • 0.5mm Pentel Blue lead
  • 3.8mm KOH-I-NOOR Cobalt Blue lead.
  • Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick.