Here are some of my Metallic Patina Skulls I have up for sale on my Etsy.  Real skulls coated with paint that has real metal particles, then dosed with a patina solution that reacts with the metal.  It’s a way cool process and the patina coloring should continue to change over time. 

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Is there anything wrong or problematic about using objects such as bones or skulls in an altar? I feel a strong pull towards a certain specimen skull I have and it feels very oddly compelling. But I worry to mess with spirits if I incorporate my dead things into the rituals...

I mean, I don’t cause it’s not my thing, but a lot of people use bones and things in altars and in ritual. I think it would be fitting, especially if it is something you are drawn to. Since it is not my area of interest maybe some who is more inclined that way could answer that. I know there are people who ask the spirit of they would like to be a part of your practice, but I’d say if you are already feeling drawn it, that connection might already be there.

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hey, just wanted to say, maybe you should either not write the full names of the animals you collect, or tag it as animal death or something, cuz, because of tumblr's terrible search system, for example if someone searches "rabbit" looking for cute bunnies your posts will end up in the search, and not everyone wants to see corpses of cute animals they're looking up

I actually tried that back after seeing a post about it but they still showed up when I searched? Maybe its just my tumblr messing up but are you sure that actually works? 

I do try to tag any raw processing/raw deads pics with “dead animal” “gore” “blood” “gross” for any pictures that require that. I don’t tend to tag skulls, bone art, or tanned pelts with those tags because that just doesn’t really seem accurate? For those I use “bones” “skulls” “pelts”.


Dragon age: Overwatch 

ahhh I got lazy with the designs but thinking of their skills was so much fun, I wanted Nalia to be a support that is able to counter flankers and peel them off the backlines, and also be able to burst heal when fully charged, her ultimate will keep you alive long enough for justice/revenge Mythal would be proud! haha 

I made Solas into a defense hero, an area denial one kind of like Mei, there were so many skills I could think of but making them sound balanced was the challenge haha wolf summoning? holo-copy of himself as decoy? spawning eluvian teleports? so many!! he would have great legendary skins too, Fen’harel one in mostly black and red with his bone skull helmet, Evanuris one in gold and white, Nalia would have a Dalish Keeper skin and an Antiva inspired one 😁