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alexander gideon lightwood

wandering down on city streets, you know he is watching. he’s the guy who will destroy city after city on end and smile at the sight of chaos. he’s the guy who will light his cigarette and pretend he’s burning the world down to ashes. he’ll be watching everyone everywhere, waiting to pounce. he has you, he wants you, he gets you, he leaves you. from gang fights under the gas-lit lamps on the city streets to petty vandalism in the shadow of the night, he is there. the cigarette smoke heaves on him, clinging to him, and makes up his scent. he smells of sex, alcohol, cigarettes, and most of all, rebellion.
after all, a little danger never hurt anyone… right?


Alec Lightwood Relationships  (2\?): Alec Lightwood + Magnus Bane

I can’t ask you for your forever, but I can ask you to be part of mine. So, Magnus Bane, the love of my life, will you marry me?