skull swimsuit

On Gamora's costume....


So it seems the movie replaced this badass armor:

With this sexed-up bullshit:

Good work setting back your female characters even more, Marvel. 

Excuse me, that’s Gamora’s NEW armour.  That is her outfit didn’t come out until in the recent run, which is 2013 to present, which was when the film was in post-production.

This is what she looked like before the movie:

Semi-transparent fishnets stuck together with duct tape.

With skulls.

Borat swimsuit of strips and more duct tape.

Soooooo much duct tape!

With permanent wedgie, too!

And then got thinner over time.

And you want to see what the original concepts for the Movie Gamora going to look like?

Duct tape returns!

Better, but has literal duct tape.

Even Nebula was going to have a unprotected midriff.

So what they did on the film was pretty awesome:

They did a costume that called back the straps and the fishnets of the comics, but made it practical.

They even gave her a badass action pose, usually reserved for men!

Which is a little more than what Black Widow got.

Poor Black Widow.

Then put her in a full-on red uniform, which is awesome!

Did you know they deleted the backless scene with Gamora in the film?

Those costumes are better than what the cartoons gave her!

Although, I like one. This is the product of post-movie.

The anime made her pretty nice costume, too.  Post-movie again!

So I got give praise for the film for helping Gamora get to the full-on space-suit. This change didn’t happen until the film happened!

No only that, with Zoe Saldana cast as Gamora, she’s a Space Black Latina with green skin!