skull skills

Headcanons part 6

While we all know about Guzma’s undying love for Tapu Cocoa, Plumeria is a coffee gal. She always has to have her komala coffee in the morning. Without it… well.. you don’t want to see her without it. Even Guzma avoids her, though not without coming up with some other excuse, which is usually something along the lines of “Golisopod is gettin’ kinda rusty so we’re heading out for a training session to polish up his skulls–er… skills. … Bye fools!”

Also, while there’s not a whole lot in terms of food & drink that Guzma himself won’t happily go for–seriously, this boy loves food and will eat himself sick any chance he gets–coffee is the one thing he does NOT like! There have actually been a number of occasions where he accidentally mixed up his mug with Plumeria’s in the morning, and each time he acts like the world is going to end when he gets a mouthful of nasty ass burnt bean water instead of sweet tapu cocoa.