skull shores draculaura


Now Available Via Myrcury’s Toybox on Etsy!!

My beautiful little one of a kind sweetheart, Miss Sunday, is finally finished and ready to find her new home! I’m so incredibly proud of this custom doll and happy to show her off to you all! I hope you like her too!

Sunday used to be a Skull Shores Draculaura. I repainted her face and rooted her new hair, which is called candle wicking thread (has nothing to do with candles, just a really soft thread) - I hand made her t-shirt, socks/ankle warmers, and skirt, and hand painted the art on her t-shirt. The little pink coat is from an Ever After High Ashlynn doll. I hand painted her shoes (from an EAH Cerise doll) and her stockings are made by TheDaughterWhoSews on Etsy. I made her little hair bows myself, and her hair is otherwise decorated with beads and accessories from Monster High fashion packs to serve as barrettes! Her jewelry is both hand made by me and items from other MH dolls. I hand made her stand as well, from repurposed wood, scrapbook paper, some cute ribbon, and a fimo rainbow!

Sunday is inspired by the wild and adorable street fashions of young girls in Japan, known as Decora or Fairy Kei fashion. I’ve never seen these amazing outfits in person but find them infinitely inspiring from online photos. 

Please note me or visit the Etsy link above if you’re interested in giving Sunday a new home!

Hey guys. I’m having a huge financial emergency right now and I’d like to try and sell my Monster High & Ever After High collection as fast as possible. Inbox me with offers; I’d prefer to sell more than one at a time. Shipping is gonna be $5 within the US, I might need a few days to gather the shipping supplies. I can’t offer international sales right now, sorry. I will provide pictures for people interested. I’ve kept these in very excellent condition, they’ve only ever been displayed.

Monster High:

  • Basic Operetta
  • Basic Robecca
  • Basic Venus
  • Basic Abbey
  • Basic Spectra (slightly altered hair; looks more like 2D cartoon version)
  • Sweet 1600 C.A. Cupid (slightly altered hair)
  • Power Ghouls Spectra 
  • Power Ghouls Clawdeen
  • Power Ghouls Frankie 
  • Power Ghouls Toralei 
  • Scaris Skelita
  • Skull Shores Ghoulia (in Deluxe Fashion Pack outfit)
  • Skull Shores Draculaura (in Newspaper Club fashion pack)
  • 13 Wishes Twyla
  • I <3 Fashion Scarah
  • I <3 Fashion Clawdeen
  • I <3 Fashion Frankie
  • Haunted River Styxx

Ever After High:

  • Basic Raven Queen
  • Basic Maddie Hatter
  • Basic Cerise Hood
  • Basic C.A. Cupid

Thanks so much, and please boost this if you can. This is really urgent.



  • Basic Rochelle (no pet) - $13
  • Schools Out/2nd Wave Cleo (has been boil washed) - $14
  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona - $5
  • Basic Operetta (no pet) - $13
  • Basic Abbey (complete I think) - $15
  • Black & White Skull Shores Frankie - $11
  • Skull Shores Draculaura - $5
  • Skull Shores Ghoulia - $5
  • basic Abbey dress w/ strings cut - $2
  • basic Abbey extra fluffy thing - 50 cents
  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Abbey (this one was actually mine but I’m replacing her with a different version in the same dress; she’s my favorite Abbey outfit) - $10
  • nude Skull Shores Abbey w/ shoes + hat (hair has been boil washed) - $6
  • nude Dot Dead Gorgeous Abbey - $5
  • random nude Abbey - $4
  • Basic Spectra w/ broken pet, no diary - $7
  • Basic Spectra complete - $12
  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra (missing 1 earring, no purse) - $7
  • Picture Day Spectra - $7
  • Ghoul Spirit Frankie - $6
  • Kohl’s Clawdeen (no purse, hair has been boil washed/straightened) - $7
  • nude Wonder Wolf Clawdeen (hair has been boil washed/straightened)
  • Clawdeen figure - $2
  • Lagoona figure $2
  • incomplete Clawdeen’s bunk bed set - $12
  • (not pictured) new in box 13 Wishes Howleen - $15

Prices do not include shipping and I only ship within the US.

Okay, ya’ll know the drill; message me if you want anything. I did my best but even I make mistakes when matching stuff up or figuring out what goes with who. If you have any questions, please ask! I also have more than just this; I’m still sorting out the stuff I got in the mail and taking out the stuff I bought for myself. If there’s something you want to know if I have, just ask. If you want a brush or I matched the wrong colored brush with someone, feel free to say something, etc. I think you get it. So, yeah! Gimmie a holler if you want something and check out my for sale tag for previous stuff! I’ll be making another for sale post soon but I wanted to get at least one of them up tonight.