skull pup

pfff I’m in fire today, so… uhm… he’s some concept art for Crane’s blaster form. I never did a full body of him so… here it is.

Crane’s body structure is shaped in a way that allow him to walk as a bipedal and run as a quadrupedal His tail is prehensil and snake like while the rest of his body kept amost the same proportion.

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko


SO COYOTE pup skull is finished.

hes odd.

the bottom jaw looks too big but he was just in a bag by himself so it isss. bit confused. 

other than that hes super adorable. gonna clean him up a bit more but i like his color. look at his little teef growin in tho! 

"Think Geoff'll let us keep him?" (Only if we name him first)

(Inspired by @ask-thevagabond ’s Vagapup AU! Sorry if it sucks)

It was a deal gone bad. Geoff had told him not to go alone. Everyone knew it was sketchy. Gavin didn’t listen, however. He told everyone he knew what he was doing. He had been doing this long before he knew any of them existed! Now he’s laying in some forest somewhere, hands tied behind his back, a gag in his mouth. The men he had been making a deal with had decided he wasn’t worth their trouble to kill.

Gavin had been working at the binds on his hands for half an hour now, rubbing his wrists bloody and raw on the harsh ropes. He’s beginning to hear noises as well, passing it off as just going mad from fear and lack of air. He was able to ignore the noises, up until he hears little footsteps coming close to his back. Little feet crunching the leaves on the ground.

Gavin stops moving his hands when he hears the footsteps. The steps stop as well. Gavin swallows hard, unsure of who, or what, is creeping up on him. Slowly, Gavin turns his head to look at what’s standing near him. Gavin almost gasps.

Standing a few feet away from him, is a wolf pup. The thing can’t be more than a few months old. Its fur is a beautiful, soft black, with sandy-tan patches around its body and face. Gavin swears the patches on the wolf pups face looks like a skull.

The pups icey blue eyes stare, unblinking at Gavin. The pups gaze is burning hot in Gavin. The brit shifts a bit, making the pup jump. The pups ears fall against the top of its head, backing up in a crouch. Gavin swallows hard again, biting around the cloth in his mouth. Gavin pushes himself up into a sit, making the wolf pup bark harshly, backing up even more, now baring its teeth.

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” Gavin tries to say, his words coming out muffled. Gavin’s words seem to finally scare the pup off. The wolf pup turns tail and bolts back into the forest. Gavin sighs, pulling at his wrists again. “God damn it.” He snaps, his words still muffled.

Gavin would try and stand, but he feels like it’s mostly useless, his legs tied just as tightly together as his hands. Gavins about to give up, to lay back down and accept his fate. His crew has no chance of finding him either. The assholes who turned on Gavin had dumped him miles and miles away from where they met. Maybe if Matt could figure out how to track his cellphone the fuckers forgot to take, they could find him. But even then he isn’t sure if they’d be able to pinpoint his location. But Gavin doesn’t get the chance to lay back again and give up. He feels a soft, wet nose press against his raw wrist.

Gavin jumps, his mind racing. “The wolf is back. He’s going to gnaw my hands off!” He thinks quickly. He’s about to pull his hands away, but stops when he feels the wolf’s teeth sink into the ropes. The pup bites and tears at the ropes, cutting them with their sharp teeth. Soon enough, the ropes fall slack off of Gavin’s hands.

Gavin sighs thankfully, pulling his hands forward, rubbing his sore and bloody wrists. He rolls his shoulders, just as sore as his wrists from being pulled back in a funny angle for so long. Gavin reaches up and around the back of his head, undoing the cloth that had gagged him for so long. “Thank god…” He sighs, popping his jaw.

He goes to reach for the ropes binding his legs together, but stops. He spots the wolf pup, sitting a few feet away from his now. “… Thank you.” He tells the pup. The pup nods, like they understand. Gavin lifts his hand, holding it out to the pup. He guesses that he had moved too fast and startled the poor thing.

The pup snaps at him, standing and moving back, its teeth bared once more. Gavin frowns, “Come here, pup… I’m not going to hurt you…” He says softly, slowly moving his hand close to the pup. The wolf pup moves closes its mouth slowly, sitting back down, still too far for Gavin to reach. “I’m serious… I won’t hurt you… I just want to pet you.” Gavin explains, like the pup can even understand his words.

Gavin would swear up and down to anyone who would listen that the damn thing nodded. The pup lifts off of its haunches, taking a few testing steps toward Gavin’s outstretched hand. The pup sniffs wearily at his hand, pressing their wet nose to Gavin’s fingers. “That’s it… I’m not going to hurt you.” Gavin says softly, a little smile working its way to his face.

The pup steps closer, putting their face to Gavin’s palm. A full grin finds its way to Gavin’s mouth as he pets the pup. “Good boy. That’s a good boy!” Gavin coos as the pup steps ever closer. The pups at Gavins knees now, allowing the brit to pet through his fur.

Gavin sighs, scratching behind the pups ear. He notices, however, a massive bite taken out of it. The wound is fully healed, but it left a gnarly scar, still pink and red, hardly any fur around the bitten off tip. “Poor pup… Got in a fight…” Gavin coos sadly. The pup nods, falling next to Gavin’s thigh, laying pressed against him.

“Gavin?!” The brit hears, off in the distance. It makes his heart jump, and the pup doesn’t appreciate it either. The pup stands quickly, marching up near Gavins feet, seeming to be standing guard. Gavin recognizes the voice, however. “Michael… That’s Michael’s voice!” Gavin says happily.

“Michael! Boi! I’m over here!” Gavin shouts back. Michael shouts to Gavin again, coming closer. The pup in front of Gavin snarls, crouching low and baring his teeth. Gavin doesn’t pay him any mind now. A few more back and forths between the two friends happens before Michael is barreling out of the tree line, coming straight to Gavin.

“What the hell happened!?” Michael snaps, falling to his knees next to Gavin, pulling out a knife to cut the rest of the ropes binding his legs.

“Assholes attacked me. Didn’t feel like paying for the ammunition we had been selling them.” Gavin explains as Michael cuts the ropes. Once the ropes fall way, Michael drops his knife, grabbing Gavin and pulling him into a bear hug. Only then do the two notice the snapping and barking of the pup near Gavins feet.

Michael pulls back, looking down at the wolf pup, a frown on his face. “Whats with the mut?” Michael snaps. Gavin frowns.

“That’s my new friend! He cut the ropes on my hands!” Gavin explains, then looking to the pup. “It’s okay pup. Michaels a friend! He isn’t going to hurt us!” He says. The pup seems to understand and stops snarling and growling, sitting back on his haunches.

“Think Geoff’ll let us keep him?” Michael asks after a moment of looking the pup over.

“Only if we name it first.” Gavin answers. “How about Ryan?” He goes on, smiling at his suggestion. Michael frowns,

“Why Ryan?” He asks. Gavin shrugs.

“Just seems like a Ryan.” He answers, looking to the pup. The pup nods his head, seeming pleased with the name.