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Tom Hiddleston - Military characters

1. Cassio ( Othello, 2008)
2. Phone operator ( Conspiracy, 2001)
3. Coriolanus ( Coriolanus, 2013)
4. Henry V ( The Hollow Crown, 2012)
5. Captain James Conrad ( Kong: Skull Island, 2017)
6. Captain Nicholls ( War Horse, 2011)
7. Captain Jack Randle ( Victoria Cross Heroes, 2006)

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I'm having a bad day, could I have some remus and sirius fluff?

While putting your favorite condiment on a sandwich, you accidentally make a magical occult symbol and summon a demon.


A muffled what carried through the apartment.

“Why the fuck,” Sirius yelled, “do we have honey mustard?”

Lily screamed something unintelligible back.


A short silence ticked by before Sirius’ phone buzzed against the table countertop. He closed the fridge door and padded over on bare feet. Swiping his phone, Lily’s message popped up.

Lily: there wasn’t regular mustard at the store

Sirius: wtf ???


Sirius: HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily: fuck off u piece of shit

Sirius: hOnEy!!

Sirius stared at the screen, waiting for the dot-dot-dot bubble to show up. When no response came, he sent three middle finger emojis and a skull. He dropped his phone onto the counter and reopened the fridge, grabbing the blasted yellow bottle. All he wanted was a good sandwich, was that too much to ask?

Scowling, Sirius squeezed the mustard onto his cheese, drawing a half-dog, half-dragon. A barely audible pop! came from behind Sirius, followed by a loud sneeze.

“Finally come to apologize?” Sirius asked.

“I think that usually comes after you regret summoning me.”

Spinning on his heel, Sirius faced a handsome stranger. The person leaned against the kitchen wall and Sirius sent a silent prayer to the heavens that this wasn’t someone Lily had a “sleepover” with. Hot damn, that smirk was doing things to Sirius. And those curls! He looked like Corbin Bleu’s identical twin, except with shorter hair and a sharper jaw line.

“You’re not Lily,” Sirius blurted.

The stranger raised their eyebrows. “No. Did you mean to summon someone else? Where’s the symbol?”


“You know, the symbol you used to summon me,” the stranger spoke slowly.


Sirius, confused as hell, watched the beautiful stranger push himself off the wall. They walked to Sirius and looked down at the mustard drawing closely.

They shook their head and whispered to theirself. “Prongs is going to lose his shit when he hears this.”

Who the hell was Prongs? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Partner? Sirius thought he was a much better fit for this beautiful stranger than Prongs. What kind of name is that, anyway? Sirius’ name was much cooler and he was funny, smart, pretty — the whole package deal.

“Well, as fun as this was,” the stranger interrupted Sirius’ thoughts, “time for me to go. Word of advice, stop drawing weird shit with mustard. And get some real mustard.”

They don’t like honey mustard! Sirius was in love.

Tilting his head slightly down, Sirius gave his best flirty smile, “If it’s been fun, why leave now?”

 The stranger’s lips twitched upwards. “Demon’s don’t mix pleasure with business.”

They snapped their fingers and with a pop!, they disappeared in a small puff of smoke.

“You’re not the beautiful stranger.”

A different person stood in Sirius and Lily’s kitchen.

The new stranger pressed a hand over their heart in offense. “I’m beautiful!”

Sirius had researched demons and how to summon them for two weeks. He practiced the symbol over and over — it looked exactly the same on his sandwich as last time!

“Wait,” the demon stared at the sandwich, “holy shit, are you the sandwich dude? Who summoned Moony with mustard?” They grabbed Sirius’ hand, shaking it eagerly. “It’s a pleasure to meet the legend.”

“Is Moony the one with curly hair?”

The demon dropped Sirius’ hand. “Yup. That’s our Moony. Shit, I’m so excited to tell him about this.” He snapped his fingers and disappeared before Sirius could ask anything more.

Sirius opened his bedroom door, yawning. It had been a long day at the garage and he needed a shower. Kicking the door shut, he turned to his closet and screamed bloody murder.

“Hello to you, too,” Moony said, sitting on Sirius’ bed.

“What, how, you,” Sirius’ mouth opened and closed. He croaked, “What?”

Moony suddenly looked shy, hunching their shoulders in slightly to make himself smaller. “I can go if you want.”

“NO!” Sirius coughed and calmly repeated, “No.” He looked at Moony’s lips, watching Moony nibble his lower one. “Uh, no, you should stay. Uh, do you want something to…drink?”

Moony shook their head. “I have to leave soon.”

Sirius shuffled his feet, disappointment and excitement mixing inside him. Gathering courage, he walked over to the bed and sat next to Moony.

“How long do we have?”

“Maybe three minutes.”

Sirius smiled, staring into Moony’s tawny eyes. “We’ve got time.”

They spent four minutes talking faster than Sirius’ had ever talked in his life, covering as much ground as possible. They did a fact for a fact, sharing as much information as they were comfortable with. Moony strayed from talking too much about being a demon, other than they had been a human once. Sirius made them laugh twice and Sirius was preening like a fucking peacock.

“I have to go,” Moony said.

“Could we do this again?”

Moony hesitated. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“Please? I’ll keep drawing with mustard until I summon you.”

Rolling his eyes, Moony said, “I’ll think about it. Now go shower,” Moony reached out and brushed their thumb across Sirius’ forehead, “you’re covered in grease.”

Two weeks later, Prongs appeared and pushed Moony into Sirius before disappearing with a pop!.

Three months later, Sirius held Moony’s’ hand for the first time while they walked in a park.

Four months later, Moony kissed Sirius on the cheek and disappeared.

He appeared again seconds later and pushed Sirius against a wall, kissing Sirius like their life depended upon it.

Two months later, Sirius wrote I love you in mustard and handed the piece of bread to Moony.

(Prongs appeared soon after and hugged them both, crying about how beautiful they were)

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