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Listen up, legendary Pictures! The fans have spoken: here’s Kaijusaurus’ first followers wishlist, and it’s for the upcoming King Kong spinoff Skull Island.. Thanks to magnaz888, squid-in-a-party-hat, networktwentythree, invokingbees, astoundingbeyondbelief, raffleupagusleviathan0999, and soylentgreenispeople for submitting their thoughts!

Rat E Reaper

This is a birthday present for makapedia who is an absolute darling and if you haven’t checked out her fics before you really need to because they are amazing. Happy brithday!

Maka could not believe that her idiot adopted brother had asked for his seventeenth birthday party to be at Chuck E Cheese. Or, rather, the Death City knock-off, Rat E Reaper. How they had not been sued yet was a mystery.

As she walked into the restaurant and got her wrists stamped, along with her brother and a group of their mutual friends, she looked around the place.

By the counter stood the restaurant’s name-sake, the mascot rat dressed up like a comical reaper. Half the room was given over to dining tables—which were all empty save for one, at which sat a couple and their kid, though they spent more time hissing at each other than paying attention to the kid—and the other half was filled with arcade games. The games were the reason Black Star had been so adamant about coming here; dinner with a game he had said.

Maka could remember coming here as a child, when it had been newly opened and extremely popular. But now, nearly a decade later, the place was looking a little worse for wear. She did not even want to know how sticky the place was.

And judging by Kid’s (one of the mutual friends) face, it was not going to be a fun experience.

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