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Safe From Harm Spell Jar

I made this jar for protection on Halloween night, as many neighborhoods aren’t safe enough for trick or treating, especially for children. If your neighborhood isn’t the kindest, I’d suggest keeping this jar with you!

What you’ll need:

Salt, I used garlic salt for increased protection!

Rosemary to cleanse the space around you

Bay leaf for protection + good will

Calendula for clarivoyance

Basil for protection

Parsley (optional) to protect your stomach from all that candy! 🍬

Sage for wisdom

Safe travels, everyone and Happy Halloween! 🍃🎃

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips or ideas for how to set up/organize bones/remains? i'm starting a collection soon but still have no idea on how to go about it o':

It’s your collection, Anon, so organize it however you like best! <3

I’m afraid my own collection isn’t super organized. I’ve got skulls all over the house and all over the farm too, hanging on barns and sheds and decorating flower beds. I’ve got boxes and plastic totes full of bones stored all over the place and jars and jars and more jars of odds and ends.

The majority of my skulls are in my bedroom though, on this Wall of Skulls, haha.

So shelves are definitely a good option for organizing your collection. You can mount some simple ones right on to the wall (just make sure they are mounted with screws into studs and are sturdy, especially if you are displaying large, heavy skulls or specimens) or you can buy a nice curio cabinet or other display cabinet to house them.

I try to tag a lot of my specimens and write on the tag what species the skull is from, when I found or bought it, if I bought it what I paid for it, and where it originated from. More often than not though I’ll just write that info on the underside of the skull in pencil (which will erase off bone in case I decide to sell the specimen later). You can also compile a written/typed list of what you have, where it came from, etc to catalog your collection too if you like!

For organizing smaller things you can get a few of these plastic organizers with little dividers. I use them to house random bits and pieces I plan on using for future projects. 

Jars are pretty cool ways to store and display things too! And you can always create neat labels for them if you like!

Or do you mean how to organize stuff that you are still cleaning? If I’m macerating a specimen then I’ll usually use a sharpie to write when/where the specimen came from on the outside of the bucket so I’ll remember those details. If you have multiple carcasses or skulls in the same container then it’s a good idea to put individual ones inside a fine mesh bag or in some cheap pantyhose to keep all those tiny teeth and bones from getting mixed up. You can always get colored plastic tags to wrap around those bags so you’ll remember what’s what if you want!

Anyway, hope that helps get you started, Anon! Best of luck and happy collecting!


i’d like to imagine lucy finding those fortune teller papers in her pocket after the empty grave and thinking the prophecy was false cos lockwood is alive.. and then realising, the skulls been quiet for a while now…

Lockwood/Lucy height difference

-Lockwood casually resting is elbow on top of Lucy’s head.
-Lucy going on her tippy toes when feeling short next to Lockwood (If you look close enough you’ll see her on on her toes in every photo)
-Lockwood unconsciously resting his chin on Lucy’s head when he’s bored (resulting in Lucy blushing furiously, but is to shy to do anything about it)
-Lucy standing on chair to be taller than Lockwood in an argument. This results in Lockwood laughing and just going on his toes so that they are level (this makes Lucy even more infuriated)
-Lockwood teasing her and asking her “How’s the weather down there?” And her response being “huh? Huh? Did you say something? You’re too high up I can’t hear you!”.
-Lucy grabbing Lockwood’s shoulders and trying to push him down so they are eye level during the conversation


Finally got round to getting some pics of my Lucy Carlyle cosplay feat. Skullykins!

Thanks @lucyjcarlyle for taking the photos, editing them and babysitting my dumb dog:

Okay, but did anybody else notice this

Spoilers for The Creeping Shadow ahead.

So one of the most brilliant parts of “The Creeping Shadow” was Quill Kipps receiving the Orpheus Society’s ‘prototype’ goggles. And as we know, he was (adorkably) rather excited upon finding out they actually worked and used every spare moment he could to see the spirits lurking around Aldbury Castle.

So, did anyone notice that after Steve Rotwell’s visit, in the next chapter when Kipp’s is describing the ghosts he was seeing, he pointed out one haunting that I thought was particularly interesting.

‘And there!’ Kipps rotated, squinting through the goggles. ‘Two cloaked figures on the green. They’re standing close together, hoods down huddled like they’re sheltering from the cold. Ghost-fog’s rising from their capes. Now they’re breaking into a run…..They’re gone!….’

Upon first reading this, the capes he described brought to mind Lockwood’s parents’ Spirit Capes. Later however, when Lucy and Lockwood are, unknowingly, on the Other Side and begin to discover they haven’t made it back to the human world, their actions begin to mirror what Kipps addressed earlier.

‘As one we began to run. We pressed close together, hoods low over our faces against the cold. We cut across the green, boots thrumming on the hollow, frozen earth. Smoke poured from our icy capes, extending behind us like a comet’s tail.’

The sheltering from the cold, the smoking of the capes and the running across the green all match with Kipp’s earlier sighting!

As we know in the Lockwood and Co. universe, and as recently reinforced in “The Creeping Shadow”, the Talent that the children possess actually allows them to, essentially, enter the parallel land of the dead. When they utilise these gifts they connect with the world of spirits, however this travelling is less immersive and dangerous compared to Lucy and Lockwood’s accidental arrival through the Iron Chain. All of this is told to Lucy by the skull.

‘You sense the other world all the time – you’ve always had glimpses of it…’

We’ve also addressed in “The Hollow Boy” George’s ‘time sickness’ theory and his hypothesising and affirmation of Lucy’s question at the end of the third book, that yes, it is possible for ghosts to show both past, present and future. This reiterates the idea that time, for the children using Talents and the spirits that are haunting them, is circular.

‘They’re fixed in a particular place, but able to roam back and forwards across the years. If you follow that argument, why couldn’t they make predictions? Why shouldn’t they see things we don’t?’

 So yeah, I definitely think Kipps had a prophetic sighting of what was going to happen to Lucy and Lockwood hours before they actually ventured into the ‘place of blood’ or Rotwell facility and then later on with the Iron Chain to the Other Side.

Anyone else notice this?

p.s after lurking the Lockwood and Co. tags for like 3 years, I have finally decided to make a Tumblr account to share stuff like this and be involved with the fandom before the last book comes out, so hi.