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So everyone who donated to the IRC fundraiser was amazing, but I had one donor where I actually had to email them and be like “Did you…mean this amount?” and I thought I’d do a little something extra for them. So for @s2ma, a bit longer even than the “this is well over 100 words” fics I did: 

any Tony/Steve with Tony being a responsible human and taking care of Steve would be welcome

The moment it happened was straight out of the climax of an action flick. Not that Tony had never had “this is a bad buddy film from the eighties” moments before, but the craftsmanship of that spontaneous moment was truly admirable. 

In the wake of Hydra’s fall, a lot of technology had gone missing and a couple of splinter groups had gone rogue; there were the Sons of Schmidt, the Nine Heads, the Hydra Skulls. The FBI handled most of the in-country Hydra cells, and some shadowy agency or other, probably at the behest of Coulson from a shadowy bunker somewhere, handled the international ones. Most weren’t worth the Avengers rolling out of bed for. 

Spydra was different, aside from having a super dumb name, Tony thought. Spydra had been formed primarily out of one of Hydra’s more far-flung heads, the one that dealt with scrubbing their presence from records, repainting Hydra agents as eager soldiers and law officers, and gathering blackmail material. They’d spent most of their blackmail capital squeaking past Steve’s hurricane of fury in the wake of the battle over the Potomac. Now they were trying to bill themselves as a guerrilla band of freedom fighters, stomped down on by SHIELD and Captain America, victims of a new liberal form of fascism. 

But they were also really clever, and they knew how to strike.

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Soooooooooo, there will be more angst in your Regency AU! besides what you've already told us? If yes, can you pretty please tell me a little about it?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I was considering that after their marriage, news gets to the Rogers that there is a band of thieves harassing travelers on a stretch of road out of the way. Bucky has been itching to get out of the castle (and maybe bring home gifts for Steve and Tony) so he volunteers to take a brigade of soldiers to take care of the thieves. Steve claps him on the shoulder and wishes him good luck. Tony presses a kiss to Bucky’s cheek and tells him to be safe. Bucky rides out with the soldiers feeling like he could take over the world because Steve trusts him implicitly to do this and Tony just wants him to come home safely. He could fight a grizzly bear and win, he’s so high on this feeling.

The thieves are taken care of, at least.

A lone rider comes in first with news that Bucky has been injured and to get the physicians ready for their incoming patient. Steve leaps to his feet and runs to the stables for Captain and leaps on her without even saddling her to go meet them. Bruce and Helen start running around to get things set up. Tony doesn’t–doesn’t know what to do, he’s never dealt with this before, how is he supposed to help? “By staying out of the doctors’ ways,” Sarah answers quietly, and they huddle together and pray that Bucky will be alright.

Helen and Bruce do their level best, but Bucky had been injured and exposed to the elements too long, his arm is–the wound in his upper bicep has gone septic. “You know what we have to do,” Bruce says grimly. There’s more puss oozing out of the wound than blood. The visible broken skin has blackened and died. Bucky stares up at his face before looking at Helen. She grimaces and nods in agreement. Bucky looks at Steve. Steve looks devastated. “Is there nothing else you can do?” “Not without the poison spreading to the rest of his body,” Helen answers quietly. Bucky keeps his eyes on Steve. Steve’s face falls. He knows. “Go to Tony,” Bucky says. Steve looks like he wants to argue, and it takes all of his self-control to bite the words back, lean down to press a kiss to his clammy brow. “Call if you need me.” Bucky nods seriously. Bruce and Helen hover awkwardly, waiting for his final decision. “Do it,” Bucky orders sharply after he hears the door close again.

For the longest time, Bucky’s agonized screams are the only thing the castle hears.

Tony and Steve cling to each other, and Steve tries to pretend he’s not shaking too. Tony needs him to be strong. He can–he can break down later. Tony hadn’t even been able to help Bucky inside. Steve knows that Tony feels awful when he can’t help. So he holds Tony and whispers assurances and pretends he doesn’t know that Bucky could die of shock just as easily as the blood poison he’d already been suffering from.

Bucky survives by the skin of his teeth, too stubborn to die.

They set up a room for him so that it can be as clean as possible. Tony fusses and makes everything just so and then he leaves the room because Bucky had sent word that he didn’t want Tony to see him like this. Tony can respect that. Sometimes alphas are too uncomfortable to let their omegas see them vulnerable. Bucky just needs to settle and heal a little and then Tony can see him. He’s a little hurt that Steve is allowed in the room, but Steve is an alpha, and they’ve protected each other while they were vulnerable since they were born. Tony understands.

A month goes by, and everyone says Bucky’s healing just fine, but Bucky still refuses to see him.

“I’m not weak,” Tony tells Steve, voice shaking with anger. “I can handle looking at whatever’s happened to him. I’ve kissed your scars at night.” “It’s Bucky’s decision,” Steve replies gently. “I don’t ca–You’ve been married to him longer, do something!” “Bucky’s even more stubborn than I am, sweetheart, you know that,” Steve sighs. Tony takes a deep breath as if to yell, glaring at him, then turns on his heel and storms into their room, slamming the door shut behind him. Steve sighs again and goes to follow him, but the door is locked. “What the–Tony!” he calls, but Tony doesn’t open the door.

Sarah thinks that perhaps Tony wouldn’t have been so hurt if Steve hadn’t stayed with Bucky and instead found a different room to sleep in.

The door to Bucky’s room bursts open, and they flail awake, Bucky letting out a keen of pain when the stump of his arm bumps Steve’s shoulder. “I can’t believe–” Tony seethes, glaring at them to cover up how much he wants to cry. “You couldn’t even–I wasn’t–Well. I see where I stand now. I’d thought–” Tony sucks in a shaky breath. “But never mind. I guess I was wrong.” “Sweetheart,” they call after him, but Tony just gently shuts the door and returns to their room–well, it’s his room now, he supposes. Steve and Bucky aren’t sleeping in it. And that’s fine! He’s been alone before. He can be alone again. At least this time he doesn’t have Obadiah whispering poisonous lies into his ear.

Tony pretends it doesn’t hurt that Bucky doesn’t trust him, and that it doesn’t hurt that Steve has taken Bucky’s side.

(Bucky just doesn’t want Tony to see him weak. He’s lost one of his fucking arms. Tony told him to come home safe and he lost one of his limbs. That is the opposite of safe. And he has no one but himself to blame, too pleased with their perceived victory, too high on the idea of Steve and Tony being impressed. Too stupid to see a dagger with a ruby skull on the handle and poison on the blade being flung at him.)

Swiggity swooty, they’re coming to shooty:

Now I know Servo-skulls aren’t smart enough to aim and fire guns like a real human being can. But think of the possibilities if the Adeptus Mechanicus could somehow give them a hive mind or something and let them fire in bulk. Maybe the Old Ones have some artefact that improves their intelligence, maybe the secret lies in the powers of the Warp.

But just imagine a tide of Servo-skulls floating towards the enemy like a giant cloud and firing ridiculous amounts of lasers at the enemy. Elite Space Marines and precious Eldar alike, cut down by a thundercloud of lasguns. And since they’re shooting lasers and not solid projectiles, the recoil is negligible, so the floating servo-skulls can handle it.

Now I don’t know a whole lot about the logistics of creating lasguns and servo-skulls, but surely it’s cheaper than raising guardsmen? Overall I think this is a great idea, someone inform the Mechanicus immediately.

#Cloud Guardian

Luce had not been Skull’s Sky, nor had her daughter and he’d actually tried for her because, unlike Luce who’d always seemed to be keeping a secret from then then had betrayed them, he’d liked the little Sky-child. He’d watched Aria grow up, felt like he could have trusted her to be his Sky.

It didn’t happen.

They liked each other and their Flames had been compatible but, when he’d gone to do a favor for Viper (going by Mammon of all things), he came to find Aria had found her Cloud. She’d been apologetic, but Skull understood that sometimes Flames were so highly compatible it was almost like instant Harmonization.

Flame-mate, Skull mused as he paid the vendor for his food. Like ‘soulmate’ could be a good name for it.

“Ah, I suppose Aria wouldn’t have been able to handle Skull-sama’s amazing Flames,” He hummed, taking the a piece of dango into his mouth. Skull didn’t know what it was, but Mafia Land really had the best foods to eat so cheaply. “Maybe because no one would think twice about violently protesting prices they think are unreasonable..?”

It was a thought.

“-psqueak-Dino.” Skull froze at Reborn’s voice, he’d been certain Reborn was in Italy training some poor guy named…Dino…Oh. “You’re supposed to be a boss, not some cowardly lackey trying to go unnoticed.”

“I don’t want to be a boss, Reborn.” another voice, male and probably a teen complained.

I should leave, Skull decided turning around.

Of course, that’s when Reborn called, “Isn’t that right, Lackey?”

“Ahaha,” Skull laughed nervously, turning back around reluctantly to look at Reborn. He really expected to have a dango stick stolen. “What are you doing here, Reborn-senpai?”

Really, there wasn’t anything quite like Japanese suffixes.

“Ah, who’s that Reborn?” that voice, Dino’s, asked as the blond teen rounded the corner. “How do you-” the teen cut himself off and stared.

Which was fine, because Skull was staring also. Mineminemine, his Flames seemed to sing, claiming what was obviously a young Sky as his.

“You’re-” Dino’s voice came out strangled and there were Sky Flames lighting up his eyes, “-my Cloud.”

Skull’s Flames very nearly purred at the confirmation, he wouldn’t have given up his Sky if the teen hadn’t acknowledged their compatibility but he preferred the instant recognition of his Sky. My Sky, he thought, this Sky is mine.

What.” Reborn’s voice cut through his happy daze.

Ah, Skull winced as he glanced at the nonplussed hitman, I’d forgotten he was here. This’ll be fun…


“The power of the mask made him do it. It was too much for Skull Kid to handle.”

Hey guys! Click and swipe through for high-res! I came up with this backstory for Skull Kid after watching that amazing Majora’s Mask short film by Ember Labs, and so I made a comic! Navi says in Ocarina of Time that children who wander into the Lost Woods become Skull Kids, and it made me think some sad things about the Skull Kid, like how he was an outcast and ran away into the Lost Woods. I think this is my first ever fully-colored comic, and I’d like to get more into storytelling art.

Gosh anon, I’m not sure its a trick really? And I’m certainly no expert! heck, I’m still really new to all of this :/ but! Here’s what I’ve picked up so far.

=u= I’m going to use my 3 favourite boys to show ‘tall and thin’, 'tall and stocky’, and 'short and chubby’.

So usually, if a person is long and thin, so is their face. same with short and chubby. It’s all proportionate, really. Someone who’s tall and stocky usually will still have a longer face, but it might be a bit rounder, or just thicker looking. 

If you’re kinda looking to start somewhere simple, draw yourself a body basics. I like to include where 'lungs’ are, because that’s where someone’s ribs stop, and that influences shape.

1 & 2 are pretty much the same, because tall. but 3 over there is short, so, squish him a bit. his torso wont be much different, only a little shorter, and shorten his legs a bit - I raised where his belly button is going, because, well, yeah it would be higher.

Okay, there’s loads of little shapes and shit I could draw in, but, seriously, here’s the basics.

So tall and thin means you’re sticking to that basic stick thin shape. shoulders are going to be a bit bony, legs are going to look way longer, and you’ll see a bit of a dip where his ribs end. look at his skinny little neck! his arms ware going to be thin and look exaggerated just like his legs.

Tall and stocky is going to be a bit soft in the tum. that means bye bye hip bones. make his legs a little thicker, shoulders a bit broader. even his calves aren’t going to be so thin any more. The internet tends to call this body type 'skinnyfat’, so plug that in when you go reference hunting.

Short and chubby! okay so this my favourite to draw because wow, curves are fun. Wider hips, wider neck, bigger shoulders, thicker arms and thick thighs that could crush a man’s skull! Love handles are a thing, even his chest gets some weight on it. Everything sorta falls a bit, weight wise, because gravity, so yeah that cute pudgy tum is going to droop a bit. Look at loads of references, heck, look at yourself when you’re bent over! there’s going to be creases in the stomach area, the bellybutton gets a little line horizontally, and the more weight on the lower part of a tummy, the more defined a vertical crease is going to be there.

I find it hard to get nice references for heavier body types, so I end up doing a lot of peeking in the mirror, or just messing around until I’m happy with how the body and curves look.

But yes!!! references!!! look at them! watch some youtube life-drawing videos, find online life-drawing groups! it’ll help a whole bunch!

oh!! for drawing girls, its generally the same, but you should be studying the way weight sits differently, and get used to how different butts and boobs sit on a body. again, lots of references!!! c: 
Hope that helps!

Okay but imagine JuminZen’s kid starting their Alolan Pokemon Journey

(I’m totally going to channel this in my Pokemon Moon playthrough)

  • “Dad, can I be a Pokemon trainer?”
  • “Ask your father.”
  • “ Dad, can I be a Pokemon trainer?”
  • “Did you ask Hyun already?”
  • @_@
  • They sign up anyway and they get accepted!
  • Jumin doesn’t know the slightest bit about Pokemon and does research
  • Lots and lots and lots of research
  • Poor Jaehee really needs a vacation (maybe she should become a Pokemon trainer)
  • Jumin is now an expert and tries to prepare his 11 year-old
  • Zen tells them to just go in blind, it’s an adventure!
  • “That’s not safe.”
  • Oops now they’re arguing
  • “We’re not fighting, we’re having a discussion.”
  • Riiiiight.
  • The fateful day arrives!
  • “Why is this Professor not wearing appropriate lab gear?” “Jumin, no.”
  • Time to choose a starter!
  • They choose Popplio!
  • Zen is so happy with the graceful dancing seal, he could cry
  • Jumin highly disapproves
  • “Litten is a better choice.”
  • “You just think so because it’s a cat.”
  • “Their typing makes them a solid battle pick.”
  • “Popplio is much prettier.”
  • And they’re fighting again
  • All other adults feel awkward
  • Off to Alola! They will be staying with a local family for the entire time
  • During their journey, Jumin constantly calls to ask if they need money
  • Zen calls and acts like he’s not worried but he’s so worried
  • “Have you eaten? If the food’s too spicy there, I can-”
  • “Daaaaaaaaaaaad”
  • They’re forced to put their phone on silent because so overbearing omg
  • Calls them every time they earn a gym badge
  • Sends selfies of their team and friends and themselves
  • They’re so proud
  • Jumin hangs photos of them up in his office and Zen puts them in his dressing room
  • “Dad, I can easily handle Team Skull. Please don’t send the entire police force here.”
  • If they lose a battle, both of them drop everything to comfort them over the phone
  • Don’t talk shit about how they’re doing, Jumin will bankrupt your company and Zen’s fans will virtually murder you.

oh god I need to think of a name

this is pretty fun I might do one for each pairing

i drew our boi

Bad Luck: Part One

(Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction, dont know if I’m going to continue this… If y’all have any ideas of how to continue this story? Let me know!)

No one was paying attention to the teacher’s lesson… Most of them were already lost within their own minds due to the announcement that was given this morning. Marinette was one of them… Gabriel Agrsete agreed to a competition being held two weeks from today, two weeks to design a formal gown and formal suit for an upcoming Masquerade Ball. The winner will not only have their designs model for the Agrsete Magazine? But they will also win an internship with the designing God himself.

Marinette was going to win this, she needed to win this; her future depended on it… For the next few hours, all the designer did was sketch in her sketchpad; trying to make up the perfect outfits. She had notes about what material she would use, if they were going to have beading or not; just endless problems that she was trying to solve.

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Cardboard Props (Astrid’s Axe)~ Tutorial Tuesday!

Hey everybody! Welcome to this new series I’m starting. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I make various parts of my cosplays and puppets and I figured it was about time I shared my techniques with you guys!

So to start it off, I’ll be showing you how I make most of my props. It’s cheap, simple, and lightweight.

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Vulture culture - rot pot question

I had a dear gecko just pass away and I’m trying to at least save her skull. I cannot handle any sort of actually defleshing or anything right now for obvious emotional reasons. I put her in a ziploc bag with holes in it and under a pot of dirt I had on my porch. She is lightly wrapped in paper towel….. what do I need to do to help the decomp along? It is hot and humid where I am but there is nothing else in the pot other than dirt right now. Do I just keep it warm and moist?

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Could I hear some hcs about Guzma, Hau, Gladion, and Kukui hearing that their s/o is pregnant? (also, those recent hcs just shattered my feels. ;-; )

Yes let’s bring back a happy mood to follow those agonizingly depressing headcanons from before :D

Guzma reacting to pregnant s/o

- Guzma thinks it a joke. He can’t possibly be a dad, it’s just not a Guzma thing.

- Sure enough he sees the test and has to do a double take to make sure he’s seein’ it right. But yes Guzma is confirmed to be a future father.

- Guzma is SUPER WORRIED that he won’t be a good dad because of his anger issues. He gets reassured however that he managed to technically be the dad to the entirety of Team Skull, so he could handle one more addition to the family!

Hau reacting to pregnant s/o

- Hau would show the brightest smile in the world and shout from the top of Mount Lanakila “I’m gonna be a dad!!!”

- He’s gonna get everything prepared for the baby! He’s gonna get the cradle set up, the room painted a nice calming green, get a TON of poke dolls, and taste test only the best baby food. He’s that dedicated.

- Hau will make sure his s/o is so comfortable the entire pregnancy. They’re craving something? Hau’s gonna go out right away to get them what they want!

Gladion reacting to pregnant s/o

- Gladion would nervously laugh and think “oh no I’m not ready for this” but at the same time be super excited! There’s gonna be a mini him!

- Gladion is actually really uneducated in how a body works while carrying a child so when his s/o has to tell him it all and he’s extremely horrified and constantly makes sure his s/o isn’t in any pain

- He’s really worried that his s/o thinks he doesn’t want to be a father but he’s just really anxious about the idea of raising something. His s/o reminds him how he raised his entire team of Pokemon to fully evolving based on love and friendship, so he’s bound to be prepared to do the same for a child!

Kukui reacting to pregnant s/o

- Kukui is so up for being a dad! He’s always dreamed of the day he’d be able to teach his own child all about the world they live in!

- He’s super mature so you know you’re in the right hands for care. Kukui has done all his research and will actually stop having Pokemon beat him up around the house for the safety of his s/o and future child.

- Kukui has a lot of Pokemon to give to his future child! He’ll make sure that his child will get such a wide variety of options to chose from at a young age so that they don’t miss out on raising their favorite for life!