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Fave Characters Sheet

Courage the Cowardly Dog
Sandy Cheeks
Mike the Mouse
Alice the Angel
Danny Phantom
Daffy Duck
Bill Cipher
Princess Daisy
Flame Princess

Brian Griffin
Lisa Simpson
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Perry the Platypus
Lord Dominator
Cosmo the Seedrian
Panda Bear
Wakko Warner

“Skulls” by @rafalrola

Most of you should know Rafał’s work, especially if you follow the countdown, but as an artist, it has been amazing to see him evolve. This latest work is just stellar!!!

787 Days until Episode IX

424 Days until the Han Solo Movie









What I would want in a Sun and Moon sequel:

-Hau replacing Hala as kahuna

-Guzma as a trial head/ kahuna

-Battle with Lillie

-Your rival/friend (like Hau) is an old and reformed Team Skull Grunt (Named Grunt) who decides to do the island challenge

-Different elite four

-Old protagonist as champion

-Not (as) edgy, matured Gladion who possibly acts as a mentor and leader of Aether 



-Team Skull is a force for good now and is no longer a gang

-Reformed Lusamine

-New bad guys, maybe people from Team Skull and/or Aether who still want to be bad

-Box Legend: Necrozma

-Maybe new mini islands?

-A Rotom Dex either passed on from the old protagonist or we see the old Rotom talking to the new Rotom and giving them advice on how to be a good partner(new rotom should have new distinct and fun personality)


Fell!Palette x Fell!Goth

Fell!Goth P.O.V.

I didn’t know being sex-buddies is so painful. Of course he promise he will not be so rough and this will be fun and nice but he lied. But this isn’t hurt only in that way

No feelings,  jealousy or anything like that. Just sex.

It’s not good. Especially if you have feelings for your sex-friend.

Although this more look like he use me as his sex doll. This will didn’t bother me that much if he wouldn’t hit me and act like i’m a slut. I have wounds everywhere on my body, just like the ones i’m healing now.

Everyday it’s getting worse and i don’t know why.

Yesterday was awful and it didn’t look like today will be better.

Just in the moment i end healing myself i heard door open with a bang and someone slammed them. I think Palette is angry. I’m fucked up.

I look out the door to see Palette walking in circle. He was really pissed off because of something. As soon as he notice me with a gesture he showed me to come to him.

I slowly stepped towards him. Before i was in front of him, he said:

- On your knees.

I wasn’t even going to oppose. I tried once. It didn’t end well.

I did what he wanted. Whe i look up first thing i saw was his member. I know pretty well what i have to do but i don’t want to. When he saw that i’m hesitating he grab back of my skull and forced his cock into my mouth. I don’t want to pissed him off more so i started deep throating. I heard some grunts and moans from him.

After some time he climax in my mouth and i swallowed it all.

He throw me on to the couch and ripped my clothes in pieces.

After a while i felt that Palette slamed his whole lenght into me and start thrusting. It was so painful. Twarz forced i my eyes a d fall down like waterfalls but i wasn’t gonna beg him to stop or wait a little. He will definitly ignore me and went harder.

Every second he was thrusting more roughly making me scream in pain.

- W..Who you belongs to, huh?~ W
.. Who is your master, you dirty piece of garbage?~ ngh… Answer! - He said

- Y..You ~ You a..are! - i hate when he call me like that but what i can do?

Passed a long and painful moment before he climax deep in me which caused me to climax. Sperm went on me, him and a little on couch…

When he pull out of me, he notice cum all over him and kick me in the stomach. I bowed in half(?). Palette only look at me .. But… Different than before. Like he felt guilt for what he did…

I tried to get up but fail miserably. Ii hissed in pain and lay on the couch again.

Then Palette picked me up and go with me to my room.

I look at him with gratidute and smile a little. He just glanced at me briefly and put me in the bed.

I think i heard a “goodnight” from him…

I smiled more and fall asleep.

- Next day -

I wake up wih pain in my ass and nausea. I didn’t even make a step forward bathroom and puked on the floor.

“ Meh.. I will clean this later” - i think

I ran to the bathroom and puke again and again until i notice something.

In my belly… There was small soul.

Oh no…
What should i do?!

I know Palette wouldn’t want that child and maybe kill me or it so… I think… i have to ran away.

I don’t want to but i have to.

Hope you like it senpai! And i’m soooo sorry for my terrible English ;w;


A crystalized neanderthal skull found inside of a sinkhole in 1993. Due to its isolation, the skull was not effected by most detererating forces.


054-PHLIPPIN [Flipper-Dolphin]
-The Swimmer pokemon
-Ability: Cloud Nine - Hydratation(HA)
-Dex: “This playful pokemon adores floating around the surface of water on a sunny day, even developing a lifesaver-like air bag around its waist to keep itself afloat without any extra effort. This pokemon can deflate this air bag at will allowing and once it is free underwater it shows an incredible swimming technique that rivals with those of professional swimmers.”
    -Water gun
    -Aqua Ring
    -Water Sport

–>Evolves at lv. 25<–

055-JETACEAN [Jet-Cetacean]
-The Supersonic Pokemon
-Ability:  Swift Swim - Drizzle(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is extremely smart and has evolved to be extremely fast on water, where he can easily outspeed a powerboat. This pokemon move in groups where they communicate with telepathic powers, sometimes they can even communicate with humans, as many sailors has mentioned in their stories.”
    -Zen Headbutt
    -Aqua Jet

–>Evolves at lv. 25 holding a Casteliacone <–

194-NARVOREAL [Narwhal-Boreal]
-The Icebreaker Pokemon
-Ability:  Slush Rush - Snow Warning(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is adapted to icy water, with a body design to move through the thick layers of ice, using its drill and ice covered fins to break it. This pokemon drill is incredibly valuable for its toughness and impermeability, some people say they can drill even through the hull of an aircraft carrier.”
    -Horn Drill
    -Drill Run

–>Evolves at lv. 25 at night, holding a Rare Bone<–

195-VAQUIJIRA [Vaquita-Bake Kujira]
-The Extinction Pokemon
-Ability:  Shadow Tag - Serene Grace(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has become a legend among both trainers and fishermen, believed to only exist in old tales due to it being impossible to be found on the wild. This Ghostly spirit is a gentle soul who shrouds itself in the bones of fallen sea creatures, appearing only after dark to conceal its soft body. Its is surrounded by an unsettling aura, which attracts some mysterious pokemon.”
    -Water Spout
    -Ominous Wind
    -Skull Bash
    -Phantom Force

I’ve been working on some Skull Force comics, some new characters of mine. 

They’re 3 space explorers who got caught in a space craft explosion, and put back together with spare ship pieces by the brilliant Skull-puter. They are reborn as the Skull Force! 

Because they’re all made of the same spaceship, they can combine to form a skull space craft. 

HF-minigames would love a signal boost. If you see this post, please reblog and join in on the fun! :)


Warning: Samurai Jack Season 5 Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you haven’t watched

To explain this vaguepost I made about Samurai Jack, I am going to go in depth about the latest episode of Season 5, aka episode 8. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen the episode scroll down and don’t read. It wont make much sense anyway if you haven’t seen it anyway and I wont be putting this under a cut for preservation purposes.

Also, I’m going to sound very pissed off in this post, and I want you to know that it does not come from a place of hate for the show itself. I love Samurai Jack and it’s that love that makes me as passionate as I am and urges me to be so violently critical. Please be aware of this as you’re reading and don’t take what I say to heart. All critique is opinion and this is just mine.

Alright, here we go!

For those of you who haven’t seen the soon to be infamous, or most likely already infamous by the time of me posting this, scene, let me provide a visual for my absolute distaste for this goddamn episode.

THIS SCENE GENUINELY DISGUSTED ME. And not because of the vile grub filled fight that preceded it, or the icky grey goo the two are covered in. No, this disgusts me because it’s a cop out. It cements the entire awkwardly cringy, hamfisted relationship that this episode bashed against our skulls and FORCED us to accept.

Let me explain by providing a point of comparison, and because this is relevant to life recently, and because of the new game that was released. We’re going to be comparing Jack’s and Ashi’s relationship with that of Ms. Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian.

First, why this episode DISGUSTED me on so many levels.

I’ll admit, this episode started innocently enough, they wrote Jack a little more naive and wide eyed than usual as he tasted weird alien foods, but I can accept that he really has seen stuff this odd before and that it just doesn’t phase him at this point. Especially since 50 years have passed since then, although most of that time was spent with him in a depression but whatever, suspension of disbelief and all that jazz. It made for some funny scenes, despite the generic “woman are so different hurr durr” joke shoved in. It’s as soon as they get on their ride that it gets wince worthy.

They’re forced into eachother’s space and IMMEDIATELY we see Jack regarding Ashi differently. He’s no longer treating her as the person he’s been traveling with over the span of what we can assume to be a couple of months, or even the student he had seemed to regard her as at the beginning. Suddenly, he’s stammering on his words, and acting like an awkward 8 year old with a school yard crush. I had paused MULTIPLE TIMES in this scene because it made me so sick and uncomfortable. It was so cringy that it took me an extra 10 minutes just to get through that scene alone. And it gets WORSE!

They have an admittedly cool fight scene with some tiger furries, although more of that cringy stereotypical “boy meets girl” crap gets sprinkled in. Whatever, it ends and the two are acting the same, regarding each other as people and thankfully it continues through most of the episode.

Until the last fight scene, that last goddamn scene. 

This is where Ashi’s clothes just HAPPEN to be chewed off by those weird grub things, (even though they didn’t do that before and had aimed for open skin the first time but whatever, nitpicks) and Jack is stammering AGAIN because “OH BOI naked w-w-woman how do i f-f-f-f-function!!?!?!?!!?!” Whatever, it passed and again there’s another amazing fight scene with the two screaming in agony as they think this is the end, and when it  isn’t they end up macking each other’s faces! What the hell?! That was out of goddamn nowhere!

AND IT JUST ENDS LIKE THAT! No further development, no real explanation, just over and done!

Now I want you to compare this to Garrus and Shepard. (honestly I could’ve picked any relationship option from the game as they’re all amazing, but these two prove my point the strongest)

They also are soldiers in arms, fighters set against incredible odds within a small group. But why is it when I think of these two and their relationship with each other I don’t want to vomit?

BECAUSE IT COMES FROM A PLACE OF MUTUAL RESPECT. These two don’t just meet each other and act like stammering kids, and it definitely doesn’t just pop out of nowhere either. THEIR RELATIONSHIP STARTS OUT ON A STRONG FOUNDATION OF MUTUAL RESPECT AND AN ADMIRATION FOR EACH OTHER’S ABILITIES AND SKILLS AS BOTH PEOPLE AND SOLDIERS. They like each other regardless of species or gender, it all stemmed from that place of RESPECT, and as they got to know each other they grew and developed as people influenced by one another. Shepard’s decisions have a heavy impact on Garrus and his points of view in Mass Effect 1, and stretch on to the rest of the trilogy. You see the two of them regard each other fondly, see the camaraderie between them and the acknowledgement of not just their strengths, but their faults as well. They see each other as PEOPLE first and foremost.

And you want to know when the two ACTUALLY got into their relationship? When they took that leap from friends to lovers?

That’s right, it wasn’t until MASS EFFECT 3 when they officially declared themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. Yeah, they dance around that line in Mass Effect 2 but EVEN THEN they were still testing things out. EVEN THEN they were figuring out where they stood, testing the waters and exploring not just each other’s bodies (yeah yeah laugh it up) but their feelings for one another. And even then it all centered around their respect and admiration as PEOPLE, and not as a man and a woman.

And that’s what I HATE about the Samurai Jack episode. When Jack was looking at Ashi and blushing, when he was stammering on his words like a bumbling idiot, it wasn’t because of any deep seated respect for Ashi. It wasn’t any admiration that made him so clumsy and awkward. It was the typical Valentines Day, lovey dovey, shoehorned in bullcrap you see in every romance oriented episode in nearly every cartoon on TV. There’s no development, no slow steps, no figuring things out together, and definitely no development at all. It makes me uncomfortable, disgusted, and most of all disappointed.

And I know some people will say “but Garrus was stammering too when he was in Shepard’s room in Mass Effect 2″ and listen, that’s DIFFERENT. It’s DIFFERENT because WE KNOW IT STILL COMES FROM THAT PLACE OF ADMIRATION AND RESPECT. He’s not stammering because “oh it is gurl how do i talk to gurl, beep boop error!”, he’s stammering because this is his Commander! This is his superior! And above all, this is someone who he’s looked up to for years! He wants the moment to be perfect not just for him, but for her as well, because he CARES that much about her that much! And Shepard sees this and it leads to a scene that will have INFINITELY MORE emotional impact than that goddamn scene in Samurai Jack ever will.

This scene alone conveys more than any kiss in any shoehorned romance episode in any cartoon. And that’s what I hate the most. This is such a common trope in cartoons that people barely notice, we’re so normalized to it that we just let it pass by without so much as a sidelong glance. 

BUT WE SHOULDN’T SETTLE FOR THIS. We should DEMAND more in depth romantic development, more fleshed out characters that impact one another as they get to know each other. Samurai Jack Season 5, Episode 8 should NOT BE THE NORM. SHAKARIAN SHOULD BE THE NORM. And that’s what disappoints me.

Samurai Jack should be above this, it should be doing better than this. All of animation should be doing better than this goddamn episode.

BERSERK -Forces-
Susumu Hirasawa
BERSERK -Forces-

Awash in the blood of the wounded earth, we sleep… 
Oh stars, grandly recount the events of this night!
I will never forget about you.
On this road of unfulfillment, I still stand alone.
Like a wounded bird, I endure the rain with grace.

Ok but replace the nerf gun with a real gun and this week’s AHWU more or less features my image of FAHC Steffie; chill and organised with occasional bouts of vicious retribution. 

I feel like she spends most of her time rolling her eyes and cleaning up messes - finding a last minute replacement for bikes the Lad’s totalled a day before the heist, sourcing new suppliers every time the crew manages to kill off or mortally offend another one, identifying lists of contractors to look into for various one-off jobs, tactfully losing keys or bottles or specific addresses when one of her crew-mates is hellbent on making a fool of themselves. 90% of the time she does it all with minimal complaint; some snarky sarcasm, threats about one day leaving them high and dry, the occasional stubborn strike until someone owns up to their latest incident of assholery, but everyone’s patience has limits. She’s not a saint. 

Steffie snapping is a rare event, happens maybe once a year if that, but there’s no missing it when she does. No one gets any warning, it’s more often a last straw kind of situation than a response to one big fuck up, and her rage is as brief as it is destructive. Once, after the countless shrugged off eh we’ll just get another one incident of the week Steffie took a gun, calmly made her way to the penthouse’s garage and introduced several new holes to some of the more expensive vehicles stored there. Another time she wheeled Geoff’s fully stocked alcohol cabinet onto the balcony and pushed it off, yet another had her snatching Ryan’s mask right out of his hand and hurling it into the lit fireplace, simultaneously melting the skull beyond recognition and forcing everyone to evacuate to avoid the fumes. For the shortest of times Steffie is loud, is angry and disappointed and thoroughly unimpressed, she is truely pissed off and it is terrifying

As soon as she’s gotten her frustration out Steffie sighs and gets right back to work, as reliable as ever, but the outbursts never fail to leave the rest of the crew kind of shocky, torn between horror and awe. When they’re not the target the rest of Support is mostly entertained; take pains not to draw attention to themselves as they settle back and watch the fireworks unfold. On the other hand the main crew, who are in many unexpected ways absolute wimps, tend to slink away with their tails between their legs, wide-eyed and vowing to behave themselves while hissing angry complaints at whoever managed to knock Steffie over the edge this time.