skull flame

My favorite thing about bikers is that they have tattoos of skulls and flames and wear leather and studs because they think it’s awesome, not because they think they’re better than you. Holding Interest without acting pretentious: I think that’s a real good example to follow.

Dhampir PC (OOC): I’m gonna bite the flame skull
Me, the DM: you’re gonna just… bite the skull
DPC: yeah
Me: it’s on fire. Magical fire.
DPC: yeah *rolls successful hit*
Me: okay, what’s your damage?
DPC: a d4, so… *rolls* 1 point of damage.
Me: ….
Me: you take a d6 of fire damage. Make a dex save to put it out.
DPC: *fumbles*
Me: oh my god. *dying laughing* your teeth are stuck in the bone. You take a d6 fire damage every round until you successfully grapple yourself free.