skull face and others

  • Griffin: Hurley plants her feet into his chest in midair and does like an ong bak spring leap off his chest and brings-
  • Travis: I had no idea that we could just describe the stuff we wanted to do. I thought we had to like roll.
  • Griffin: and brings her- okay. here we go.
  • *the sound of a die being rolled*
  • Griffin: oh yeah she did great. And she brings her rams skull into the face of the other one, who goes sailing off, and she lands on the hood. On one knee.

Big fresh fat buck I was happy to get earlier this month.Someone else already sawed his antlers off but they left all the meat.Unfortunately his skull was crushed and the other side of his face was ripped open so hes not taxidermy quality but I bet his pelts gonna make a nice blanket for me.Man was this guy weird though he was pretty much just fat inside and there was so much fat on his heart it looked like he had two!He was also super heavy took 3 people to get him in the back of a car and usually I can just pick a deer up all by myself.His stomach was completely full of just corn,apples,and soybeans so thats probs why he was so fat.He also had loads of worms in his liver but hes still good to eat.


Some sketches while I was at work. I was trying to think of a pretty consistent design for a full-fledged eldritch abomination.

They are extremely tall and lanky, usually with 2-6 arms and a single pair of legs. Their bodies are constantly shifting with eyes and mouths occasionally dissappearing and reappearing on different spots around their body.

The only thing that stays constant are the decorative skulls that cover their ‘face’. Its usually a human-esque skull to intimidate other human victims but the designs can vary from having multiple horns protruding outwards to having the entire skull resemble certain animal skulls.

The first design is definitely Eldritch!Mark’s design; the others were just me experimenting. However im pretty sure the very last eldritch design is gonna be the canon Eldritch!Jack design… ya


Bonus Weretiger!Arin! :>


Like father, like son

Yoooooooo I finally finished Takeda’s kostume!

 Its a MK 3/ Deception Scorpion-inspired hoodie/w skull ninja face mask that can eradicate poison, acid, and other toxic fumes. His gauntlets are also customized that he can throw his whips out like Scorpion’s spear. I didn’t want to go full Hanzo, but I still kept the main attraction (the hoodie). I wanted to do a full body one to show off more details and his tabi (ninja footwear), but I got lazy. @_@ I swear, if NRS made him a skin like this, I’d be like, so fuggin’ happy! 8D Takeda needs more style and more muscles a-bulging!~ 

Please don’t edit or repost! :D


This is a design for my sister, who’s been asking me to make her an illustration to go on a t-shirt for a while. She mentioned wanting an animal skull, so I decided to have two hyprid musk-deer/white tailed deer skulls facing each other, being overgrown with moss, mushrooms and lichen. The VLTR logo I added as a personal note to her. I removed the logo in some of the images, since it’s not a necessary part of the design.

Creepypasta #459: Little Girl

Isabella’s eyes sprang open. She pulled the covers up to her eyes, afraid to turn over and look out her window.

The woods were where she had seen the little girl; in a dirty white dress, running and terrified.

Just look out the window. She isn’t there.

She could see her own breath, the room was freezing.

A shadow moved into the moonlight on the wall.


She pulled the covers over her face and screamed.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She kicked and tried to burrow further under the covers, but something tore the covers away.

Isabella huddled against the headboard. She couldn’t hear her own screaming.

The girl stood beside her, in the white dress and filthy. Part of her face missing, exposing skull and an empty eye socket, the other eye milky white.

“A little boy killed me.”

The girl’s head tilted as she spoke.

“Billy killed me and buried me in the woods.”

Isabella’s door opened and her parents rushed in.

“Izzy, baby you are having a nightmare.” said her mom.

“Mom a dead girl was in my room! A boy named Billy killed her and buried her in the woods!”

Her dad brushed back her hair.

“Sweetie we have lived here since you were born. I grew up here. Your grandfather built this house. No one is buried in the woods and I don’t remember any Billy.”

“Sleep with us,” her mom said, taking Isabella’s hand.

As she got off the bed, Isabella saw her dad walking to the window, looking towards the woods.

Her mom turned and stopped.

“William, are you ok?”


Credits to: FestusMaximus


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We, a party of 5, stepped into a room with an iron door for from a hallway with many iron doors. A single skeleton faced the wall and the back of its skull greeted us.

“Exuse me, do you speak common?” I asked, with no spell prepared for defense.

It turned to face us with just the skull, no other bone turned with it. The iron door slammed shut and locked behind us and the room went black.

Oh have I fucked up.