skull face

Hey guys since it is that lovely time of year again, I have started a thread on Twitter calling out people using racist costumes. 

It’s not limited to just Native costume either, but that is the main focus for now. Anything on this list will be put up for consideration! My inbox, submissions and messages are open if you find any!


March event photos are up!

Here’s Dreamsnatcher - everyone’s favourite anxious little skelecat. Their favourite food is nightmares, followed by egg mcmuffins.

I had an absolute blast playing this screechy little monster! This event was an “alternate universe” one-off wherein we played “guardians” of our main characters. Some folks opted for parents, or for alternate reality versions of their PCs. I played a future version of Lu'Shin with an even MORE tragic backstory (because why the heck not???)

5 gold stars, I had an excellent time.

Photo credit goes to Benjamin!