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I made another playlist!: Feelings-B-Gone by SquidLollies by SquidLollies

04 - Allison Weiss - “I Was An Island” ALBUM VERSION)
Vampire Weekend - Campus [Lyrics in the down bar]
Miniature Tigers - Hot Venom
Panic! At The Disco - Nicotine
Mystery Skulls - When I’m With You
The Killers - Change Your Mind
Ken Ashcorp - Rival
Porter Robinson - Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone)
twenty one pilots - We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
Muse - Invincible
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky
Mystery Skulls - Soul On Fire
Vampire Weekend - Young Lion

Playing with Fire- Part 1

Request by Anon: Konichiwa new blog!! Can you guys make like a Suga fanfic where Suga is an assassin as kills you but grows attached to you and you both end up dying together (or not haha) All best wishes for the admins!!

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Demons weren’t supposed to fall in love. So why did you feel so strongly towards him, a demon hunter?

Genre: Demon/Assassin AU, angst

Word Count: 1937

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a one-shot prologue thing, but I decided to split it up into parts because why not~

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Theory TIME!

Wow has been a while since the last, hasn’t it? This time: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Spoiler alert!) 

Sooo I just watched all the new episodes and this is just something burning in my mind. Is Toffee related to Star?

Like okay. Let’s start at the beginning. In the Episode “Baby” it was revealed that Star is the most powerful in her ancestry since Eclipsa. In “Into the wand” we learned not only that Toffee was immortal. I don’t now how many generations lie between Star and Eclipsa, but with Toffee immortal this is not relevant for my theory. Which is: Toffee might be Eclipsa’s son. Or at least was really close to her. Why?

Toffee had in the season 1 finale the chance to claim the wand for himself. Instead he told Star to destroy it and became part of the “evil wand” (as we learned in “the hard way”). What I always was wondering about was, how did Toffee know the whispering spell or that it was the first spell she had learned from her mother? My idea: Eclipsa told him. Maybe it is tradition that the first spell you learn is the whispering spell. If that’s true Eclipsa must have learned it the same way. When she ran away with her monster boyfriend she probably had to leave the wand behind (to have some peace maybe?). But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tell her child about it. 

My other point is kinda silly but stick with me here okay? 

I have the feeling we will get LOTS of parallels between Star and Eclipsa. At the end of “Baby” the shot from the portrait of Star to Eclipsa’s kinda made that obvious. Both look very somber but as we know that’s not how Star really is. So what if Eclipsa is not “The queen of darkness” like the stereotype but kinda Star’s future if she goes the path of “evil”.

That’s Eclipsa’s husband (?).

That’s Star’s ex.

They seem to have the same type don’t you think?

Star had her moment where she realized that the monsters are not purely the bad guys. They have been wronged too. 

Then there is the dark magic stuff. The only chapter in the spell book about it is in Eclipsa’s chapter. Which is ALSO the chapter Ludo looks at when Toffee takes over.

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(attention! Huge spoiler in the next paragraph!)

We have seen that Eclipsa is frozen in a crystal. She’s not dead. So I’m 99% sure we get to see her soon. (With the crystal loosing it’s power. Pizza guy was freed trough a punch) And I think we will see a more matured Star in her. Still silly, but she understands the world more and sees through all this good vs evil lies the Mewmans believe. 

In “the hard way” we see Ludo’s minions rebuilding a place “his wand told him about”. So probably a old base from the war or something that belonged to Toffee or Eclipsa and her husband. We also learn that Glossaryck knows Toffee.  He can tell who he is only by hearing his voice, so he even seems to know him pretty well. He belonged to Eclipsa once so maybe he kept an eye on her even when she left Mewnie?

I also think it’s fascinating that Toffee seems to be his real name (I thought he told Ludo a fake one till that point). Don’t you think Toffee is a really stupid name for someone so sober? It can’t be a name he choose so it must be his birth name. You know who loves silly names? Star. 

If Eclipsa really is the “evil Star” like I suspect than it would make sense for her to look at cute little baby lizard and be like “He looks like a Toffee!”. 

I don’t know anything about monster anatomy in Star. But I’m pretty sure that that 

IF it can reproduce, doesn’t make sexy lizard mans. So maybe he was adopted when he was little? Like all alone and sweet Eclipsa took him in? That would explain his devotion to freeing her (I suspect that’s his goal with all the foreshadowing).

The man BLEW HIMSELF UP for crying out loud just to get into the wand. Why he did that and didn’t just take the wand I don’t know. But I’m sure his plans will make more sense after some more episodes. Also I’m 90% sure his goal is to free Eclipsa. I don’t know why else they would show her in her prison. 

At last he fought Moon in the war. 

Look at the skulls. They have the same symbols on their cheeks (?) as all the lady’s in the butterfly family (and miss heinous, but that’s another can I won’t open).

Maybe he did that to look more menacing to them? But STOP look who also has spades on her cheeks:

She would be probably frozen at this point so maybe the monsters are trying to get her back and fail because Moon and the wand? The diamond skull representing defeating Moon and the spade-skull the trapped Eclipsa?

I don’t know. I’m tired and exited and overthinking things. But I think it would be really neat if they really go down that path with this show!

(EDIT: probably way to late but I changed the error with calling Eclipsa’s spades clubs. It was 4am and they are not called that at all where I am from okay? Even if nobody actually cares about it except one person and me)

Into the Wand... Ok, now what?

My first reaction to Into the Wand looked something like this 

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Which was followed by this

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But when I woke up in the morning and starting browsing the Star vs. tags on tumblr, my reaction was this

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Into the Wand did something the fans have been wanting for awhile now. It gave us some answers on Toffee’s backstory and his connections to the Butterfly family… BUT it also raised some new ones. This will be the main point of this post.

Now, when Star goes into the wand to “find the thing that doesn’t belong” we are treated to an onslaught of things Star remembers. Whether it be something she is used to seeing everyday (Marco’s hoodie and Echo Creek Academy), things from her childhood (Her dad’s chair and the Mewni Castle), to things she never personally saw but might have remembered subconsciously as a baby (The Grandma Room and Little Chauncey).

The Grandma Room is, to put it in simplest terms, the past queens of Mewni portrait hall. Only, instead of standard portraits of royals like we see in history books or on Wikipedia pages, we get Tapestries of important moments in there lives.

Tapestries of queens like Selena the Shy featuring men coming to either court her or learn her secrets as she holds her wand/fan. Solaria the Monster Carver’s tapestry is her kicking monster but and defending Mewni (how much of the threat the monster’s really were is up for debate). However, two tapestries really caught mine (and the fandom’s eye)

First off; Elicpsa Queen of Darkness. i mean, just look at her tapestry.

And then, her little blurb:

“Eclipsa Queen of Mewni to a Mewmen King was wed. But took a monster for her love and away from Mewni fled.”

Bad Girl indeed. Just look at her. Not only do we finally have the spades character, but we have the possibility for a backstory on another queen that isn’t Moon.

Speaking of, her tapestry and blurb… intrigue me.

“The Immortal Monster will long be haunted by the Darkest Spell of Moon the Undaunted.”

Ok, now I’m finally going to get to my theory. First of all: Toffee.

Not only is he down right terrified (as apposed to his usual stoic expression) he also sports some skulls on his shoulders as apart of some uniform. But look at what are on those skulls.

Diamond and Spade cheek marks. We know who the spades belong to, obviously. He might have put Elicpsa’s skull on his shoulder for some symbolic f pride reason but I’m curious about the diamond cheek skull. We already know that Moon has the Diamond’s on her cheek so… how?! (I’m sure Nefcy and crew will figure out someway to explain this but for now, I’m going to just ignore this)

Now, after seeing this tapestry, many people have written off Toffee and Moon’s history as enemies. But, I have to disagree. I mean, come on!

You don’t get have THIS MUCH EMOTION 

from simply being just enemies.

I think there’s more to this story then we’ve yet to see. Maybe they were friends and Toffee just got fed up with Moon’s behavior. Maybe they were a parallel to Marco and Star. However, new theories have come to light and while i’m not behind them completely, I have to admit they have some key theories.

All these new theories have one thing in common, they both connect Toffee and Elicpsa.

Especially after the quasi-Jump Scare scene after Star grabs Toffee’s finger (which I will discuss a bit later). I couldn’t get a GIF so just settle for images.

Many people have started to theorize that Toffee is actually the son of Eclipsa and her monster lover. It’s not an entirely crazy theory. It allows for some of Toffee’s resentment to the Butterfly family be justified. They didn’t approve of his mom and dad’s relationship and practically forced her out and his half-sister blew his finger off. Justifiable and gives him motive. But I do not support this theory due to lack of sufficient evidence (and my own personal head-cannons) and the fact that I think it goes deeper than that. Maybe Toffee and Moon are related, maybe not. Who knows? Obviously, we won’t be getting any concrete evidence until we’re over the halfway mark of the season (and even then that might be stretching it)

Another thing I want to point out is Miss Heinous.

Her cheek marks (Clubs) are a muted grey-ish kind of color. While, for all the other cheek marks we’ve seen, they’re some sort of lively or bright color. Perhaps Miss Heinous is the daughter of Eclipsa and Monster-Lover and was ridiculed as a child and told she was never a “True, proper Princess” and that’s what inspired her to establish St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses. It’s all speculation at this point but honestly, I support this theory more than I support the Toffee-Eclipsa’s child theory. Because to me, this has more legs to stand on.

For now, all we can do is wait for more episodes to come out so we can (hopefully) piece together the mystery of Toffee.

However, one of the episode Page Turner is set to air next week and it may cover some of Moon’s secrets, some of Toffee’s secrets, or maybe even some of Celina the Shy’s secrets. I’m hoping for the latter.

Well, that’s about all I have to say on the new episode. I have a few other theories so stay tuned for that. Also expect some other content coming out soon. Until then I’ll see you guys later.

(Also, thought Glossaryck in the tapestries, just hovering cross-legged through all the shit that goes down was hilarious)


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild covers Game Informer for March + Gets a Huge Set of New Details

Game Informer announced earlier today that the highly anticipated, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U, will cover their magazine for March, 2017. The cover features Zelda and Link together, holding the Master Sword. 

Elsewhere, Game Informer unloaded tons of details about Breath of the Wild for everyone to know before the release. 


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