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When the Clock Strikes 12:17 - CS FF

Sure there are plenty of CHRISTMAS AUs but what about DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS AUs? Here is some day after christmas FLUFF and ANGST. I gave my secret santas their fics already however I told them I would write more because I was inspired by them and the holidays so I am dedicating this baby to @darkswanling and @captain-saviours-heart, CSSS and OUATSS respectively. I hope you like your extra fics bbs because more is coming your way!

Rating: E but this gets kind of sad so Word Count: 4200
(Spoilers/TriggerWarnings: Car Accident, Liam’s Death, Sadness basically)

SUMMARY: Emma Swan is not a grinch, she just doesn’t like Christmas. Her roommate Killian Jones however, cannot wait to decorate the flat. They agree that he can do absolutely whatever he wants the moment Thanksgiving ends, but when tragedy strikes it might be up to Emma to save the holiday she has so many issues with.

Emma Swan was NOT a grinch or Scrooge , contrary to popular opinion. Just because she was apathetic to christmas did not means that she was a heartless monster ready to steal all the christmas lights- she just didn’t particularly like the christmas lights. Or the trees or the stockings and fine she didn’t like christmas but she wasn’t sure many people with her childhood would.

Emma had been in the foster system- bounced back and forth and back and forth for eighteen years of her life. She was never with a family twice for the holidays, more often than not more than one between thanksgiving and the christmas. No foster parent was paid well for bringing in children, so gifts were an exception rather than the rule, and they were never as nice as what her schoolmates had. She found out santa wasn’t real right when she was four, an angry foster father with an affinity for menthol cigarettes and violence had been furious with the fact that he didn’t get credit for buying her a set of pencils with his money. People always talked about the magic of the season, but magic wasn’t something Emma had ever encountered before, and definitely wasn’t something she believed in. Christmas was full of painful memories of houses that could have been homes and houses that definitely should not have been homes but haunted her all the same, and of course it was a reminder that she didn’t have a real family to go home to after twenty eight years.

Killian Jones, however, had a completely different way of viewing things.

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