skull bangles

Solas x Lavellan: Baby Come Home

For tevinterr’s Wynona Lavellan and partially inspired by her gifset, partially by young Solas art.

These days the sun hung in the sky too long, and Wynona wanted to burn her daily list of chores to ashes. Except the sky whispered hints of sickly green hues, and a city floated in shadow nearby, but then again it always had. Wynona paid it no mind.

For the millionth time she stormed from Cullen’s quarters to the rotunda. For the millionth time Solas didn’t respond to her fury right away. All the candles in the room flickered blue, but the veilfires were silent. She glanced up to find Dorian staring at her. He said nothing, but his eyes followed her every step. Yet she seemed unaware of the fact that his dead gaze made her hairs stand on end. Or rather some part of her was screaming, but the rest of her was too focused on the elf that had shattered her heart and lodged the pieces in her throat.

“This form upsets you,” Solas said. He hadn’t looked up from his work.

“You think?” Wynona crossed her arms. “Maybe you could explain why you left me, then maybe you’d upset me less. Maybe.”

“What would you like to hear then?” he demanded. There was a darkness to his shadow as he turned to her. It grew, and wisps of smoke curled out of it.

“That’s not how it works, or hadn’t you read up on apologies yet?”

“What would you know of remorse, little killer?” He shook his head. “Play the innocent fox, but we’re more alike than you’d care to admit.”

“I would never abandon someone I loved when they needed me most.”

“Then perhaps another form will suit you best. Little rebel, flame burning in the shadow until all is consumed.” He laughed to himself and walked towards her.

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