skull and butterfly

I have so many questions about Toffee (Star vs The Forces of Evil)

Ok, so the Battle for Mewnie was great, but it left us with even more questions than it gave us answers. We still know basically nothing about Toffee, where he came from, and his ultimate goals. 

One clue might be this Moon-era design for him. Those skull shoulder pads are super dark, but, really, just raise a lot of questions. Are they REAL skulls (Do the butterfly family’s cheek patterns…print on their skulls?) or are they decoration? Fake skulls with those symbols painted on them?  

And who are they supposed to be? We know Toffee killed Moon’s mother, but neither of those symbols match hers. Moon’s mother had butterfly cheeks. 

The Diamonds are Moon’s symbol. (And we’be never seen two butterflies with the same symbols so….) And the Spades are…

So why is Toffee wearing the symbols of Moon and Eclipsa

Maybe Toffee is wearing Moon’s symbol as an intimidation technique. A kind of “you’re next” move? But, do Eclipsa and Toffee have some kind of connection? We don’t know much about Eclipsa either. All we really know is that she went evil and

She married a monster. 

We also have a small connection between Eclipsa and Toffee in “The Hard Way” when Ludo reads Eclipsa’s chapter in the spell book

which is what allows Toffee’s consciousness to resurface. 

So…total fan theory here working with limited information. This could be way off base but-

Toffee is the child/grandchild of Eclipsa and her Monster husband. He wants to take over Mewni because he sees himself as the rightful heir to the throne through Eclipsa. He wears his mother/grandmother’s symbol on his armor, her chapter in the book can resurface his consciousness, and only her magic can kill him. 

Now, that does raise the question of why Eclipsa would give Moon the information to kill Toffee in the first place.

But we’ll have to wait for more insight on Eclipsa first. 

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