The Adventures of Skulky and Friends. ep 1: Never Alone
  • *Scene opens with a girl in a pair of red jeans and dark blue shirt with matching converse sitting under a tree with a book in hand, her waist length brown hair pulled back into a low ponytail, warm green eyes showing behind a pair of red rimmed glasses. A girl with blue and purple hair and dark brown eyes in a pink dress and white knee socks with flats that match the dress skips up the hill.*
  • Girl in pink dress:Hey Skulky!
  • *Mancy waves happily as Skulky raises her head, keeping her finger where she was reading, secretly having her phone and typing a letter to everyone she knows about her running away on her own.*
  • Skulky:*Skulky looks up and tugs her sleeves down* Hey Mancy. *She says quietly*
  • Mancy:Whatcha reading?
  • *Mancy plops down next to Skulky and tilts her head to read the book, only to have Skulky close it and tuck it away in a blue backpack with white dots behind her.*
  • Skulky:Nothing Mancy, what are you doing here?
  • *Skulky looks up at the brightly colored girl next to her, they height difference being only a few inches but that's enough to make it for Skulky to have to look up at her*
  • Mancy:I wanted to see how you were, people are starting to think you ran away with how many day's of school you're missing.
  • *Mancy looks at Skulky with worry on her face, turning to face her as Skulky does the same*
  • Skulky:I'm sorry, I've just felt so alone lately, you have your friends and started spending less time with me so did everyone else and since I'm so different I didn't have any other friends to turn to.
  • *Skulky looks down and shifts nervously before Mancy pulls her into a tight hug*
  • Mancy:We would never forget about you Skull, You're our best friend and keep us in line!
  • *Mancy giggles and Skulky smiles, hugging her friend back*
  • Skulky:How about we go and get ice cream with everyone else?
  • *Skulky offers as she stands up, holding her hand out to help Mancy up who happily takes her friends hand and stands up, starting to skip away with Skulky following close behind, stopping to delete the letter before running to a group of people and laughing as they talk and walk towards an ice cream shop*
  • *Scene fades to black with the sound of quiet chatter and laughter*

Aaand one more before I go loaf around somewhere else. BARFCATCHER SIZE CHART.

Riordan is…a lot larger than I thought he’d be. Good lord, child. You’re a scholar–you’re not supposed to be bigger than a seasoned warrior!

Karasi ended up being bigger than I thought she’d be, too–at least length-wise! She has stumpy ‘lil Earth wings (the more I do this, the more I seriously think that some Earth dragons just have crazy small wings). Meliae is itty-bitty. Which, I like. Gives her more skulk capabilities. And she’s very, very skulky. Haw haw haw.

EDIT: …I seriously forgot like three of my Pearlcatchers. Fixed it…/laaaugh