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Reader x Father!Klaus

Requested by Anon

Part One   Part Two  Part Three

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“(Y/N) … what is this!” Klaus asked as he fond you sprawled across your bed with piles of grimoires pilled next to you. “Where did you get these?”

“Mom gave it to me, she said that just because you don’t love me, is no reason for me to not know about my heritage.” You mumbled without looking up from the book in front of him.

“Hayley!” Klaus bellowed and Haley walked in with Hope who made herself at home, carelessly shoving your things out of her way. 

“Hey watch it brat!” You spat at her and Klaus glared at you.

“(Y/N) apologise and move so your sister can sit down.” He turned his attention to Hayley who had turned to tell Hope off. “You gave her the Grimoires, I specifically told everyone to keep them away from her.”

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I just got this great comment by aronin3151984 on AO3 and now I can’t help imagine this:

[Villains and Heroes are in the middle of a dramatic standoff]

Doom (sneers): You and your precious band of misfits don’t have a chance, Captain America!

Crossbones: Yeah! Because we will have Iron Man!

Tony (raises eyebrow in surprise)

Rhodey (sarcastic): Oh really?

Crossbones (smirks): Yes. Now come, join us on the Dark Side, Stark, because we have COOKIES!

Henchman #367 (pulls out basket of freshly baked, still warm cookies with melted chocolate chips)

Rhodey (horrified): Oh shit.

Captain America (laughing): Tony would never betray us for cookies of all things

Tony (stares intently at cookies with wide, glazed eyes)

Captain America (laugh falters): Tony? …uh oh…

Rhodey (desperate): Tony, NO! REMEMBER YOUR OATH!!!

Tony (shakes head): Right. Right. LOKI! GET OVER HERE!!

Everyone (blinks in surprised confusion)

Loki (doesn’t move, challenging): And why should I do that, Man of Iron?

Tony (blissed out smile): Because the Dark Side may have cookies but the Light Side has COFFEE

Villains (staring at Loki in alarm): !!!!

Loki (looks torn)

Tony: And take the cookies with you!


Villains (sadly skulking off to their secret emergency hide-outs, muttering): coffee…coffee…WE SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED THE COFFEE!!!

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I got a request  for an imagine in which the reader is a new arrival in Kattegatt and the Ragnarssons take an interest in her. One night she asks one of the brothers if she can borrow a shirt to sleep in. The next day, the other brothers notice this and become jealous.

Sorry it took so long to finish.

Reader insert

You x one of the Ragnarssons

Warnings / tags: Flirting, drinking, drunken groping, partying with the Ragnarssons

”(y/n)!” You turn your head to see who is calling for you. Hvitserk comes sauntering towards you, a wide smile decorating his face.

”Hello, Hvitserk. You seem to be in a good mood today.”

”I certainly am now that I’m talking to you.” He replies. You feel yourself blush lightly at the comment.

”My brothers and I are having a small gathering tonight, to celebrate that our call to earls and kings has turned out to be so successful. You should come.” You hesitate for a second; in the few days that you’ve been in Kattegatt almost all of the Ragnarssons have shown an interest in you. Going to this celebration will likely just increase the tension between the brothers and according to rumours they already have a very strained relationship. On the other hand, he will be there. You realize that you’ve been quiet for quite some time and that Hvitserk is staring at you.

“I’ll come.” You answer, maybe a bit too eagerly.

“Good.” He turns on his heel and begins to walk away again. After a few steps he turns to face you and grins like a wolf.

“Prepare to get shit faced.” He takes off running before you can answer.


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Sirius x Reader: Pureblood

Warnings: argument with mum

Requested: yes (it’s so late I’m so sorry)

A/N: THIS IS SO LONG I HOPE YOU LIKE IT- GOOD TO BE BACK!!! Thank you all so much for the support! (Also 1,600 followers?! I love y’all) I hope you enjoy reading this my loves and that it was worth the wait!!xx

I posted ‘pictures’ of the dresses described which you can check out HERE or a few posts down on my blog!

“MOTHER! I AM NOT WEARING THIS!” You yelled, looking at yourself in the mirror. A dark green gown with silver ruffles- Slytherin much? “When I walk in, roll your eyes to my mum- she won’t scream at you next mistake you make.” You whisper to the stylist stood behind you.

“Oh- Miss- I’m not sure what you mean.” She stuttered.

You winked at her and smiled before hiking your dress up and walking into the main room.

“Y/N, it’s the perfect colours.” Your mother said, smiling sourly at you.

“Mother, I’m not wearing it. Unless you want me to spend the party reminding everyone I’m a half blood.” You taunted.

“Find something.” She ordered, turning to the brown haired stylist behind you.

Your mother, Adia, had been ‘tricked’ by your father. When they first met, your dad thought she was joking about being a witch and ‘joked’ that he was also a pureblood from the North. So, long story short, she got pregnant and soon after found out your father was a muggle- quickly allowing him full care of you (the disgrace) once you were born and only seeing you when there were ‘purebloods and family’ parties. Like now.

You looked at the Slytherin green fabric hopelessly, not the best choice for a Gryffindor.

“Here.” The stylist said sheepishly, holding out mint green fabric.

You smiled and took it thankfully, turning into the small room to change.


“Calm down, it’s just a party.” You called, knowing it would irritate her.

You turned to the mirror one last time and took in your appearance. The stylist had given you a mint green, floor length gown, the beaded chiffon hanging elegantly from one shouler.

Your mother roughly grabbed your arm and immediately apparated to the party, “Tell anyone you’re a half blood, I’ll curse you.” She whispered in your ear before turning into the party, emerald cape trailing behind her.

You stood for a moment, looking at the purebloods before you and smiled- time for some good old pranks.

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korealchemist  asked:

Hello and how are you doing? Could you do baby headcannons for Jack, Genji, Roadhog, and Reinhardt? Or if there s/o was pregnant? The sweeter the better please and thank you! (If it's too much, I understand! I'm sorry but I hope you have a good day!)

I’ll do prefall and postfall for Jack/soldier 76 bc I’m not sure which you would prefer. I had to take a break while writing reinhardts because i actually remembered the freaking ‘the due date was in 1993′ comic and was laughing so hard I couldn’t think.

Jack Morrison

  • Strict with regimen for your pregnancy
    • Micromanages every meal to ensure that you’re both healthy
    • Counts your calories, makes sure your taking your vitamins, ect.
  • You occasionally snap at him for being so overbearing
    • He’ll go buy sweets/cake for an apology
  • Will sneak out of boring meetings to be with you.
    • What they going to do, Fire him?
    • He’ll bring snacks and rub your belly
  • At night he’ll have you curl up into his side while he does paperwork
    • Pressing a kiss to your forehead once in a while
  • He’ll wake up before you just to gently stroke your belly
    • the baby kicked once while he was doing this and he excitedly starting cooing at it waking you up.
      • you felt like you were falling in love with him again at that sight.
  • When you go into labour he’s at a meeting he can’t get out of
    • Jack’s frothing at the mouth the entire time and when he finally gets out he runs to the hospital where you are.
    • He manages to get there before you give birth and bursts into the room with a distressed nurse scolding him
    • He holds your hand while you give the final push
    • Completely enamored as he holds the baby only letting go when you make him apologize to the nurse
  • Doesn’t want to be apart from the baby so he gets a baby carrier
    • Walks around the base giving lectures with a baby strapped to his chest
    • Though no one takes them seriously when he starts cooing at the baby

Soldier 76

  • Protective of you
    • he’s lost too much already to handle loosing either you or the child
    • He’s not as strict with what you eat as he would have pre-fall but he will do everything for you
    • After you get annoyed that you can’t even run the laundry without him gently pulling the clothes out of your arms you throw a little tantrum and go sulk in the dark bedroom
    • A few hours go by before he skulks back, mask off, and apologetic.
    • When he explains that he’s terrified something will happen to you, you feel like a bit of an ass 
    • He stops being so overbearing but will still step in when he can’t help it
  • Will just press his mask into your belly and talk to it whenever he feels like it
    • He just doesn’t care what others think anymore
  • When your feet are aching he’ll have you lay down, feet in his lap, as he massages them.
  • If you look the slightest bit cold he’ll cover you with his signature ‘76′ jacket
  • Your water breaks when the two of you are just watching a movie
    • He’s holding you in his lap and then suddenly everythings wet
    • He’s in immediately mission mode when the grimace of pain flashes across your face
    • Throwing your hospital bag around his shoulders he lifts you bridal style.
  • After getting to the hospital he holds your hand the entire time
    • he swears you would have broken it if he hadn’t been made into a super soldier
  • He looks so peaceful while holding your child, the first time he cried a little.
    • Something clicked inside of him, a sense of completeness


  • Enamored with your stomach
    • Spends every moment he can stroking and staring at it.
    • He’ll sing Japanese lullabies to it or just speak in Japanese
  • If he’s with you every moment he can
    • if he’s away on a mission he’ll have Zenyatta keep you company
    • Zenyatta is thrilled to be with both Genji and you during such an important time of your life
  • If you are feeling any aches anywhere Genji will immediately massage you
  • He cries when he wraps your haraobi for the first time around your stomach
  • Prays constantly for an healthy baby and an easy birth for you
    • even going to nearest Buddhist temple
  • Will run to the store at three in the morning for your cravings
    • even if they aren’t the healthiest
  • When your contractions start he panics
    • freezing up until you yell at him with pain in your voice
    • He then overreacts, nearly forgetting the hospital bag on the way out.
    • Zenyatta meets the two of you at the hospital and instructs Genji how to calm down when they kick him out
    • He manages to stay calm until he hears the a baby start to cry and fights his way into the room
    • Seeing you lying there, exhaustion painting every inch of your body, hold yours and his child in your arms he swears he has never seen anything so beautiful
    • Zenyatta enters to see Genji crying as he holds the baby, you awkwardly patting him on the back.
    • Genji hands the baby to Zenyatta who gently holds it, cooing about how beautiful life is.
  • Genji constantly speaks to the baby in Japanese, talking about whatever is on his mind. 
    • How the weather is or something funny that happened, it always ended with him telling the child how loved they were.


  • Dangerously protective of you (dangerous to other people)
    • Even going as far as to terrify the mailman for stopping to say hello
    • Only thing that stopped him from rigging the place with explosives was you pointing out that it could do more harm to you than the intruder
    • Junkrat was there with bombs and everything
  • In private he’s quite affectionate
    • More so than before you were pregnant
  • “Buys” you fifty pillows when you mention your back hurts too much to sleep at night.
    • Arranges them in a sort of nest for you to curl up into
  • You come home from grocery shopping to see that he turned one of the rooms into a nursery
    • Stuffed animals line the wall, in various animals (few than a more of them are pigs)
  • He refuses to let you into a hospital as he doesn’t trust them
    • to compromise you get a midwife
  • Near the end when you’re particularly swollen he just starts carrying you around everywhere
  • Your water breaks as your making dinner, with only enough mind to turn of the stove before calling for Roadhog
    • The midwife is called and you are laying on your nest of pillows, covered in a plastic sheet.
    • You crushed his hand as you panted, pain coursing through your body
    • With every pained groan he felt useless, hands itching to strangle someone 
    • With one last push the baby finally came and even Roadhog’s harden heart warmed at the sight of a tired you holding their child
  • He spends a little time with the two of you before he starts doing heists again
    • Refusing to have a picture of his family in case he was arrested, he tries to keep both of you out of trouble
  • He still visits whenever he can, careful not to lead anyone to you


  • As soon as you tell him he’s got names coming to mind.
    • He lists ten of them immediately and you good mannerly pat his hand.
  • When you start showing he just leans his head against the bump and gives a beaming grin
  • The two of you go on walks every morning, waddling with your growing stomach, as his hand encases yours entirely
  • Every night he wraps his arms around your waist and just lists more and more names
    • some of them get ridiculous and you’re certain that he’s just screwing with you
      •   He still insists that Nerthus is a name
  • You wake up one morning to see that he put together a crib while you were asleep, he stood there sheepishly saying that he wanted it to be a surprise
    • you were just surprised he managed to put it together without waking you
  • When your feet begin to swell he spends the whole day just pampering
    • Massaging your feet without the slightest thought
  • When your water breaks he just lifts you with one hand, the other holding your hospital bag
    • The entire time you were in labour he held your hand the entire time while you screamed
    • Several hours later, you were exhausted and just tiredly sighed that you couldn’t do this anymore
    • Reinhardt started a passionate speech, about the endurance of man and about how strong he knew you were
    • “I guess I can’t just keep this baby in there for years.”
    • When you finally push the baby out you cry in relief
    • After holding your screaming child for a bit you hand him off to Reinhardt, watching the way his hands hands completely covered the baby
  • He starts whispering, his normal voice making the baby cry with how loud he is
    • He is often seen just holding the child in his arms, gently cooing with one finger wiggling.

softrobertsugden  asked:

“You can’t just keep pretending things are fine!” (do you worst lorna i'm excited)

wrap me up, unfold me.

robert and aaron (finally) talk about robert’s bisexuality and aaron’s insecurities. post ons reveal.

2,674 words

Robert watched as Aaron shuffled around the kitchen, his focus on making himself something for tea. The silence between them wasn’t exactly comfortable, there was an underlying tension there that Robert couldn’t stand.

They’d been having a lot of days like this, lately. The first few months, things had been okay - they’re really done their best to work through their problems, for Robert to earn back Aaron’s trust, for Aaron to deal with his insecurities, but five months down the line from the day he told Aaron he’d slept with her, and well, it felt like there was more cracks in their relationship than ever.

It was because of that new girl, working in the cafe part time. He’d smiled at her, maybe, when they’d gotten coffee one morning, and he’d felt Aaron stiffen instantly beside him.

They’d mostly been siting around in silence since, Aaron sleeping with his back to Robert and his body stiff, even going as far as skulking off to the Woolpack for his dinner twice that week alone.

Robert hated it. Robert hated that their marriage was like this, hated that it was his fault, hated the way Aaron barely even acknowledged him as he made a sandwich, Robert sitting at the kitchen table, watching him to and fro between the cupboards and the fridge.

“Aaron, are you okay?” he asked, hugging his half cold mug of tea to his chest as he spoke, waiting for Aaron to reply.

“Fine,” Aaron grunted in response, his focus still on his sandwich, the kettle boiling in the background, breaking the silence of the flat. Liv was in Ireland with her mum, spending the last of the summer holidays with her mum.

“Are we okay?” Robert asked quietly, sounding unsure of himself as he spoke. He hated how he suddenly needed to hear Aaron say those words aloud now, that he didn’t just know.

“We’re fine, Robert.” Aaron said, the plate clattering against the wood of the table as he set it down, sliding into the further chair from Robert. He didn’t add to his sentence, taking a generous bite of his overflowing sandwich.

“You can’t keep pretending things are fine,” Robert blurted, his heart pounding as he waited for Aaron to respond.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “You what?”

“You can’t keep pretending things are fine.” Robert repeated, more firm in his words now. “We can’t keep pretending things are fine, Aaron. We’re falling apart, and I know - I know it’s my fault, I know it’s because of what I did, but we can’t live the rest of our lives like this.”

Aaron set his sandwich down, sitting back in his chair. “It’s not your fault, Robert,” he began, trailing off mid-sentence.

“It is. I know it is,” Robert said, feeling sick to the stomach as he spoke. He knew it’d been his fault that they were like this - if he hadn’t gone and slept with Rebecca, of all people, maybe they’d have had less to get through.

Maybe they could have been happier.

“Robert -“

“If you can’t forgive me for what I did, I get it. I just, I need you to tell me now, so I can just go, and let you move on.”

“That easy, eh?”

Robert shook his head. “You know it wouldn’t be, but I just want you to be happy, Aaron, and - we’re not very happy right now, are we? I’ve barely seen you this week, and when I have, you’ve ignored me. Even Jimmy’s noticed we’re barely speaking, what does that say about us?”

“Did he say something to ya?” Aaron was imeadiately on the defensive, Robert knowing he hated the idea anyone else was butting into their relationship. He’d been like that a lot, since they’d decided to make their marriage work - Chas hadn’t been impressed, and neither had Paddy, and Aaron was more than frustrated at his parents interference.

Jimmy would just be another person on a long list of nosey neighbours waiting to see when Aaron and Robert would finally crash and burn, and prove everyone who’d ever told Aaron he was wrong to give Robert chance after chance right.

“No.” Robert shook his head, remembering the face Jimmy had pulled at him, trying to make a joke out of the tense silence in the portacabin that day. “But would he be wrong if he had, Aaron?”

Aaron sighed, quiet for a few minutes before he spoke. “I have forgiven you for what happened with her.”

Robert looked at Aaron, looked at his husband’s earnest face, and his heart ached. Aaron had always worn his heart on his sleeve, for better or for worse, the love, or hurt always clear on his face.

The honesty clear on his face.

Robert didn’t know what he’d done to deserve Aaron’s forgiveness, he really didn’t. It hadn’t be instantaneous, it had been bloody hard work, Aaron bringing Robert to counselling more than a few times so he could try and explain how hurt he was, both of them working through it with Aaron’s counsellor.

But Aaron had forgiven him, somehow.

“Then what’s wrong? What have I done?” Robert asked, leaning forward slightly. He just wanted to know, so he could fix it. “Was it what happened in the cafe? Because I swear to you, Aaron, I was just being polite, I don’t fancy her or owt.”

Aaron looked uncomfortable, twisting his ring around his finger as he spoke. “What’s to stop you cheating on me with a woman again? Clearly - clearly a woman can give you something I can’t, or you wouldn’t have slept with Rebecca.”

“I told you why I slept with her.” Robert shook his head. “She was easy to manipulate, Aaron. Her - her being a woman, that had nothing to do with it.”

“But it does.” Aaron sighed. “It always does, with you. Being with a woman’s more normal for you, and I don’t know how to deal with that.”

Robert’s stomach clenched. “It’s not more normal for me,” he said firmly, shaking his head. He hated that Aaron thought like that, hated that all he’d done to persuade him otherwise had been undone with one drunken, anger fueled mistake.

Aaron stayed silent.

“You have a problem with me being bisexual, don’t you?” Robert said bluntly, asking the one question he’d wanted to ask for months now, since that day in the car, before the crash, and a thousand times over ever since.

His husband had a problem with his sexuality.

“I guess I don’t understand it,” Aaron shrugged. “It’d be easier if you could decide one way or another, I guess.”

It’d be easier if you could decide one way or another, I guess.

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Love Train

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Male reader x Shownu 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Shownu felt his heart leap in his chest as the train pulled to a stop at the station. Smoke swooshed over the platform as the doors slid open. He stepped on and maneuvered his way throughout the train. He didn’t need to look at the numbers on the seats anymore, because he knew his place, sat on the left hand side table at seat forty seven, the seat across from the man he did not know the name of, but spoke to through silence each working day.

He lugged his bag until the familiar smile of his train partner appeared. Shownu felt his heart leap again; the strings in his chest pulling tightly. He slid into his seat, preparing his greatest smile, but the other occupant was already with the facial expressions, his tongue poking out of his lips cheekily. Shownu bit his lip harshly, his tooth piercing his lip until the metalic taste of his blood flooded into his mouth.

It was like a switch, and the man opposite was the only one that could flick it. Shownu felt like a mess; flustered and blushing, all because of something as simple as eye contact and a facial expression.

Countryside flew past the windows, a blur of every shade of green and the blue of the sky complimenting each other. Shownu wanted to concentrate on it, but his eyes always drew back to the male opposite him.

The man opposite was looking down at his phone. He wore a suit, clearly in a good position at his establishment. The clothes looked sharp, but his face was soft and the two mixed in a good combination. Shownu wondered what the covered skin looked like, then he blushed, realising his dirty his mind was getting by the second.

He distracted himself with the nametag looped around his neck on a lanyard. {y/n}. Shownu felt the name engrave in his brain, something he would never forget. He wondered how many times the man had worn his lanyard, and more importantly, how many times he had somehow overlooked it. He shifted his own tie, straightening it as {y/n} looked up. But it wasn’t to look at Shownu.

A girl was stood, then slid next to {y/n}. She looked seductive in her red lipstick and her pointed black liner. She too was wearing formal wear, but the buttons on her shirt were left unclipped to far down her clevage, and her shirt rode dangerously up her thighs. At first, Shownu didn’t think anything of her, then, she was touching {y/n} and Shownu’s head filled with accusations.

As his heart sunk, he realised what this must mean; {y/n} already had someone to love. But then, he felt astonishment and {y/n} looked up, his eyes crying for help.

Shownu had spent days and weeks and months sitting across from this man, and only now was he looking into the depths of panic and worry. Shownu cleared his throat, leaning forward and taking {y/n}’s had bravely. His face was fierce with determination, but his insides were quivering.

“So, you were talking about that date again, huh? I guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting much longer. It’s been ages since we’ve been out. Where do you want to go?” Shownu asked. His act was effective, because the girl’s eyes shot up like bullets.

“Too right you shouldn’t keep me waiting, it’s rude.” {y/n} responded, seemingly reassured by Shownu’s touch. He brushed the girl off confidently, the worry in his eyes fading. Shownu found himself wondering if he had been the one to give {y/n} such strength.

Shownu smiled, a playful expression crossing his face. “I guess you’ll need to punish me.”

{y/n} laughed, and the girl rose abruptly.

“You’re together?” She spat, her eyes narrowing to thin slits like daggers.

“Yes.” Shownu responded, “Problem?”

The girl huffed, her heal emitting a sharp clap as it stomped against the ground. She looked like a child, the way her lips pouted and her arms crossed over her chest. She then skulked off down the corridor, her hair flipping over her shoulder as though she had been seriously hard done by.

“Thanks for that. I didn’t know what to say to get her off me.” {y/n} spoke, he looked genuinely thankful. He didn’t move his hands away. Shownu was blushing again.

“It’s fine, anything for a friend.” Shownu said, then he started to wonder if ‘friend’ was the right term. He was worrying again, but {y/n} simply laughed.

“Friend? Really? Wow, I was put in that zone very quickly. And there I thought for a moment you might actually be interested in me too?”

“Sorry?” Shownu blurted like an idiot.

{y/n}’s eyes shone with glee. “I’m trying to say I like you.”

He then stood up as the train’s monotone female voice announced the stop. Shownu watched him as he slung his bag over his shoulder, so effortlessly perfect and Shownu’s heart was fluttering.

“I like you too.” Shownu confirmed.

“Then take me on that date, dammit. I’ve been waiting.” {y/n} winked, then, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to Shownu’s cheek. Laughing at his own referral back to their scenario before. Shownu grinned.

“7 o’clock, and you better not be late.”

{y/n} nodded, poking his tongue out like he had done time and time before, still sending Shownu’s head into a blur. He winked, then turned and exited the train.

Shownu was up so high, he didn’t think anything could bring him back down.


Hypothetically - Sam Winchester

Summary ; sam finally decides to act upon his feelings towards y/n and as he does, he can’t help but revel in the blush that taints her cheeks and smile tugging at her lips.

Pairing ; sam x reader

Warnings ; making out, implied smut

Words ; 1.7k

Published ; 1st june, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🌻

Sam watched idly as his older brother skulked off to the other side of the dim bar, probably in search of someone to take back to the motel for just until the sun rose the next morning. And when he confirmed that Dean was out of sight, his deep hazel eyes trailed down to where you sat, next to him in the shadowed booth and scrolling through your phone aimlessly.

He didn’t notice the subconscious grin that settled on his lips as he peered down at your delicate and beautiful features until his jaw started to ache and he had to look away in order to control himself. He lifted his beer bottle and took a large gulp, hoping for the liquid courage to do its thing and give him the bravery to actually tell you how he felt. 

When he realised that he was being slightly pathetic, he internally scolded and reminded himself that you had been his best friend for around ten years - he was perfectly capable of talking to you without the influence of alcohol persuading him to. 

“(Y/N/N)?” Escaped past Sam’s lips through soft mumbles before he could back out and you seem to hear him call for you despite all the rowdy noise of the dark bar. A sweet smile graces his features once again as he glimpses at you, his hazel eyes shining with adoration and infatuation through the shadows of the evening. 

Anyone on the opposite side of the room would’ve noticed the connection between the two of you and your gravitational but unspoken feelings toward one another from where they were sat, hidden in the shade and gloom. But, the both of you seemed completely ignorant to the fact the one liked the other and vice versa, much more than friends. 

You hummed lightly in acknowledgement, looking away from your phones illuminating screen and up at the younger Winchester through your lashes, “Yeah, Sammy?“ 

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my top ten angsty macdennis moments

in no particular order

1. the family fight breakdown

dennis’ breakdown is already painful enough. he’s only sobbed like this a handful of times. but it’s made worse by mac’s tender looks of concern.

2. the gang misses the boat

this is the second time going their separate ways has been pretty detrimental to their individual selves, but this time is particularly bad. both of them crack without the other to hold them up. mac gives into his deep-seated internalized homophobia and directly denies himself the freedom to be out and open by ignoring his own self-realization and putting up a front with dusty to convince the gang, and thereby himself, that he can be straight. dennis tries and fails to get ahold of his unstable moods, particularly his anger. he’s fresh off being diagnosed with bpd and it’s clear that he’s going through his own self-realization and denial patterns. after he finally blows up he’s immediately struck by self-loathing and cries his makeup off. mac is usually his comfort in times like this, but after mac goes off with dusty, dennis is left to skulk off alone.

3. charlie’s mom has cancer depressive episode

i’ve already made a separate post about this, but dennis hits rock bottom in this episode. plagued by one of his depressive episodes, he tries to get himself to feel things. mac is there the entire time, and when dennis gives his great, empowered speech, mac can’t help but burst with pride. he tells dennis this, to which dennis responds, with an extremely pained expression on his face that he meant none of it and he still feels nothing. mac is immediately concerned again. given evidence of dennis’ other depressive episodes: see mac fights gay marriage and dennis gets divorced, there is a clear routine at work. dennis has been severely depressed since his rape in adolescence, and there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a regular thing. dennis sinks into himself, gets impulsive, does reckless and self-injurious things, and mac is there when it’s all said and done to take care of him

4. luther’s letters

mac finds out dennis has been hiding letters from luther. knowing how desperate mac is for his father’s love and undeniably projecting his feelings regarding frank, dennis thinks he’s doing something good by keeping these letters, which are mostly requests for mac to smuggle drugs, from him. of course, mac is rightfully furious, but he doesn’t have the strength to fight dennis so he just… gives up. of course dennis tries to apologize, but given how distorted his ability to express emotions is, he has to use the fucking onion to make himself cry. this probably would have worked if charlie hadn’t seen it and pointed it out.

5. dennis’ idealization/devaluation in mac and dennis move to the suburbs

dennis’ bpd rears its ugly head in his relationship with mac in such an extreme way. one of the major symptoms in interpersonal relationships for brpd is idealization and devaluation, wherein the person with bpd goes through a pattern of putting their partner on an extremely high pedestal, making up extreme expectations for them and when they can’t meet them, turning and intensely hating and despising them. dennis does this to mac throughout the entire episode, making mac his trophy husband in his mind. but because that’s just not who mac is, he can’t live up to dennis’ expectations, and when he doesn’t, when he cracks too, dennis lashes out and spews hatred at him.

6. fat mac vs. anorexic dennis

this is so underrated in terms of angst, but in frank’s pretty woman, dennis hella projects his body image issues onto fat mac, who is actually quite comfortable with the way he looks. dennis, no doubt outraged by this, envious of the fact that mac can just /live/ in his body, turns and makes it his mission to keep mac healthy. mac fis of course, not healthy, but neither is dennis. his anorexia is catching up to him and they find out he’s done some serious damage to his bofdy. he almost faints, which pushes mac to take care of him in return.


7. mac saving dennis from an abusive frank in the gang gets whacked

we don’t find out about dennis’ rape trauma until several seasons later but damn, retrospectively these two episodes are the worst. he was raped by an older woman at a young age, and the women he specifically caters to as a prostitute are middle-aged or older women. the gang talked a lot about stockholm syndrome in the gang gets held hostage but dennis experiences it in these episodes on a nearly textbook level. not only does frank psychologically abuse dennis in these episodes, but he physically abuses dennis as well. tied in by his rape trauma and pre-existing issues witfh disordered eating, dennis is easily manipulated by frank. mac is the one to snap him out of this and comfort him when reality comes crashing back. these episodes also make me wonder how often this kind of thing happened during dennis’ adolescence. if mac was always his go-to when frank was being particularly horrible.

8. the how mac got fat breakdown

dennis suffers another severe breakdown in this episode. in the face of success, his insecurities and self-loathing get the better of him as he tries to achieve physical perfection, not only for himself, but as he puts it, to live up to the gang’s expectations of him. of course we all know the gang does not have these expectations, but when dennis fails to meet them, he becomes severely depressed and turns to getting high with charlie. mac displays more tender concern for him in this ep.

9. the high school reunion fiasco

so much happens in these eps. so much. we see dennis facing his god complex, coming to terms with his own distorted image of himself, completely fucking losing it. AND THEN he finds out mac slept with his prom date. the ultimate betrayal of them all. dennis is already severely shaken by his own denial of being a complete loser and being generally hated by his peers in high school and present, and finding out the truth about mac and his prom date is just the fucking icing on the cake.

10. mac day

dennis gets a taste of what he really wants with country mac. country mac is everything city mac has the potential to be, but isn’t because he lives in such a severe state of denial. dennis is able to enjoy himself with country mac, who is free and open, who smokes weed with them and isn’t afraid to be super gay in their presence. city mac has his head so far up his ass and it infuriates dennis because dennis just wants mac to be real with himself, and quite honestly i also believe dennis just wants to be able to have a free and open relationship with him too.


Scott x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Jealous Scott, Alpha!Scott, Dom!Scott, Dom!Reader, hair pulling, handcuff, dirty talk, swearing, wolfed  out!Scott

“Hey (Y/N), do you have a free period?” A boy from one of your classes asked and smiled when you pushed Scott’s arm of your shoulders so you could look at him. 

“Yeah did you want to start on the project now, I was just going to watch the team practise but I do that all the time.” You hummed.

“May as well get a head start.” The boy mumbled and you grabbed your bag from Scott, who’d been lugging it around all day, blowing a kiss in his direction as you hurried after the boy.

“Woah, Scott chill out buddy, put the claws down nice and easy!” Stiles yelped as Scott snarled and went to follow after you.

“She just ditched me for another guy.” He growled and Stiles nodded.

“Yeah but I’m pretty sure that’s her study buddie and that if they fail she fails the while class so it’s important, not like she actually ditched you to spend time with the guy.” Stiles pointed out.

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Not Boring

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a request with something such as the reader has always been told she’s the ‘boring’ girl and she’s really insecure about it? But like Dean or Sam likes her any way and reassures her that they like her no matter what?

Pairing: None 

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Some rainy day fun…

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Building Bridges: Part Two - Michael Gray

83,84 with Michael (“Enough with the sass!” - “Show me what’s behind your back.”)

Part One | Part Two 

Things with Michael have been… weird, ever since ‘the incident’. It’s like he’s scared to start a fight in case it ends up happening again and as such things have been calm. Which has been nice, but boring, and after three weeks, I’m sick of it.

I’m already at work when Michael turns up, and as he opens the door I point to the clock dramatically.

“What time do you call this?” I tease.

He jumps and slams his back against the wall, his eyes shooting to clock and back to me.

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What If? (Pt.3)

Title: What If? (Pt.3)
Summary: You indulge yourself in a harmless passion, following a train of thought, but when Mikey catches a glimpse it may not be so harmless after all.
Author: Velcr0Kitty
Characters: Mikey x Reader
Word Count: 1750
Warnings: Angst, fluff, body image… issues? I guess? Fighting
Author’s Notes: IT kEePS GRoWING D: welcome to the final chapter. Take a fucking sip babes and strap in.

Part 1

Part 2

Mikey’s hands won’t stop trembling. Every ounce of curiosity and joy in his body had crystallized to a dull, chilling throb caught in his throat. At first Mikey thought the man might have been a friend of yours from before they took you in. He wondered when you had gone to see him, and be gone long enough to draw him. Then, slowly, the similarities trickled through him like ice water. Nothing big, just the pose and the smile. The clear love of 90’s fashion. This drawing in particular had confused him until he saw the title.

 What if? - Mikey

 It winded him. He was fully and truly confused. He couldn’t concentrate. All the focus he had was on the man on the page. His head grew cloudy and his heart jumped into his throat.


Raph’s thunderous steps fade as you enter the room more and more. You cautiously approach the moody turtle. Mikey’s back has been fully turned to you as he leans on the wall. He crosses his arms and lets out a small childish huff, looking over his shoulder a little.

“Well?” he quietly spits. He waits a moment in the empty silence. The stool groans as he whips around to face you, his hurt and anger rising again. “Well?” The venom in his voice makes you flinch.


A single long green finger ran over the man and Mikey felt himself reach that unmistakable lightheadedness that comes right before you cry. His chest twitched inwards as the first small sob escaped involuntarily. Ever since he was a kid he had been incredibly insecure about being a sentient freaking turtle and it was a soft spot for him and his brothers. All of them wish they were human every now and again, but Mikey had finally convinced himself that someone else- and most importantly he- could learn to love him as he is. After he and Y/N spoke for hours in deep and emotional conversation he found himself not being so hard on himself. When he sat down and had to either sit on the edge of the seat or almost lay down because of his bulky shell, instead of mentally cursing himself out for being so large he started cheering himself on cause that size is what took down Donnie the other day in training. When he sees himself in reflections he’s stopped quickly turning away, and instead studying it, testing expressions. He had hope. Every drop of self-doubt leaked back into his pores while he locked eyes with the man he wishes he was.


At your flinch, Mikeys bravado cracks, just a little. As he looks at your small face and your quivering lip he realizes that you were legitimately frightened of him, even if only for a second. He was a monster. A frustrated growl escapes him. He runs his hands over his face then locks his fingers behind his head, turning away from you. You attempt to compose yourself. Mend the damage, lessen the blow.

“Mikey,” you start, unsure how to continue. “Mikey, I’m sorry.” He whips towards you, jaw set. Fire swirls in his eyes. “I didn’t mean anything by it, but I know it hurt you.” Guilt tangles with the fire. You start pacing and your hands twitch and move with your words. “Especially after what you told me, I never should’ve even thought that shit. I convinced myself it was a natural thought to have but that’s not fair to you.” Guilt wins. “I really really care about you and I’d never want to hurt you. Ever.” You start tearing up and your words flow faster and faster. “Mikey, you’re my best friend and I hate that I hurt you but I hope you can forgive me.” Faster still. “Idon’tknowwhatI’ddowithoutyou, please don’t hate me, M.”

You stop pacing and continue to ramble apologies, while beginning to cry. Any resentment Mikey harboured melted away. He thought you didn’t care about him, that you wanted him to change before you could care, but now that he rationally thought about it he knew that was ridiculous.

By this point you are actually blubbering. You hate hurting people and fucking up and confrontation and this is all three. Somewhere in your messy jumble of words you said you would leave him alone so you started to hobble away, aiming for the ice cream in the fridge. A large hand clamps onto your shoulder and spins you around. Mikey hugs you with everything he has while you slowly raise your arms to hug him back. He doesn’t hate me? Both of your minds are reeling. You sob into his chest, gripping him as hard as you can. One hand below your shoulder blades, the other on the back of your head, he shoves you deeper into his chest and rests his face on the top of your head. Mikey breathes you in deeply, his head swimming. Relief laced with shampoo and vanilla overwhelm him until he too is crying. You stay like this for a while.

Once you both stopped crying you awkwardly left saying you’d give him space. He didn’t want you to go, but he pulled himself together and watched you leave. He had crawled into bed and laid awake until Raph returned, climbing in above him. You skulked off to your room bumping into Donnie on the way, who gave you a quick sympathetic hug and went on his way. A hollow feeling crept over you. You put away the art supplies you had on your bed and rolled to the center pulling a blanket over yourself. A minute or two pass and there’s a knock on your door.

“Um, Y/N?” Donnie’s quiet voice carries through the room. You barely peek your head over the blanket to shoot him a look to see him juggling two tubs of ice cream, a bunch of pillows and a laptop. “I figured you could use some company.” He cautiously pads into the room. Quietly, you sit up. Donnie drops everything on the end of your bed and starts setting everything up, eventually settling in beside you. You both sat stiffly next to each other until you moved to cuddle into him. He wraps a comforting arm around you and gently kisses the top of your head and presses play on the movie. You were fine for a few minutes until the stress of the day hot you like a ton of bricks and you started to cry again. Crying sucks. I’ve never fucking cried so much. Donnie rubs your shoulder as you cry yourself to sleep.

It took a few days, but eventually everything between you and Mikey were back to normal. You two were on the couch surrounded by snacks, playing Mario kart and teasing each other. “No, no no nO NO! YOU BITCH” You side check Mikey while a string of curses fall out. A hearty laugh rolls out of him and you join him in giggling. Mikey kept a solid eye on you in his peripheral while you laugh. It makes him melt. You shine in the tv light and Mikey loses all regard for the game, instead watching you. Your eyes flick back and forth between the game and Mikey after noticing his character had gotten severely worse. “Dude, DUDE, you’re losing! MIKEY!”

The race results roll across the screen and you turn to look at him like he punched himself in the face. Concerned, confused, and a little giggly. “What the fuck was that?” He chuffed with a smirk and turned his gaze to his lap.

“Hey, Y/N?” His voice was small, making you pause.

“What up? Are you ok?” He chuckles and laughingly shakes his head.

“Yeah Angelcakes, I’m good.” His body stiffens and tenses as he mentally rehearses. “But uh… ok, Dollface, I gotta just do something real quick, ok?” Your eyebrows crease and your concern only grows.

“Uh, of course? Do what you gotta, man.” You study him for a few moments, waiting. He looks up at you, steels his nerve, and grabs your hand turning to face you. Your clueless self sits in confusion waiting. He looks like he’s in pain. Geez if he wanted some contact he only had to ask. You smile warmly, thinking you’ve figured it out and go to hug him. With miscommunication thicker than dense jungle, Mikey’s nerves slip away thinking you’ve taken initiative. You both close your eyes.

Oh. You think.


Warm. Your face flushes, feeling the heat of the fireworks in your mind. Mikey’s hand snakes to your side and gingerly rests on your waist shooting familiar electricity up his arm as he softly kisses you. You don’t move for a moment, stunned. Mikey’s mind raced thinking he had done something wrong until you slowly brought your free hand to cup his jaw. Your thumb rubs down his cheek and a finger traces patterns where his neck meets his head. Because of this, a small tremor runs through him and rest in his lap, leaving him warm and fuzzy. The large hand on yours tenderly tightens and you turn it upwards, lacing your fingers as best you can. An enchanting fire takes hold of both of you as the kiss deepens.and deepens until you both stop to breathe. Your mind catches up to your body and, after a second and some staggering breaths, your eyes pop open. Mikey’s eyes had opened immediately but his brain won’t catch him for weeks. Your gazes finally meet. His face splits into the most dazzling, soft, dopey, sweet smile you had ever seen that warms you deeply.

“Haaaaoooohk” Mikey mutters under his breath, his wide eyes looking stunned.

“Oh,” you sigh. A sweet moment in the silence then you both break into a laughing fit. In between giggles he slowly lifts your hand, only barely breaking eye contact, and presses it to his lips with a cheeky grin. You both quiet and continue holding hands for a minute.

“That’s gonna happen like waay more often right? Cause I want that to happen way more often.” You crack up again, just a bit.

“Um, duh.”

“Heh, ok. Good.” he states, with a trace of arrogance in his voice. “… Hey Y/N?”


“I’ve never seen someone draw before, could I-” he trails off for a moment, “-maybe watch you do it sometime?” He tries (and fails) to hide his excitement and anticipation. This is the cutest fucking thing.

“Of course.”


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peregrineroad  asked:

Maybe something post gotg1 in which Peter has to fake his death for a job, and isn't expecting much of a response from Yondu because he's already severed those bonds, but...?

Also posted on AO3: Plankton Thieves of Uzebi.

(I love this prompt, and I swear I meant to write something super angsty for this, but … uh … it wandered off in this direction instead.)

Good jobs were hard to come by these days – all the more, Yondu thought, when you were tryin’ to dig your way out of a four billion credit hole. Not to mention Stakar and his 99 cursed Ravager clans had been prosperous lately, which meant they’d squeezed Yondu’s boys out a lot of the more profitable sectors.

So the Eclector’s crew were scraping by, skimming cargos from merchant vessels and hunting bounties, for the most part. And yeah, Yondu knew there were murmurings among the crew, knew more than a few blades were being sharpened for his back. Wouldn’t be the first time, wouldn’t be the last. Staying alert for someone trying to shove a knife between your shoulders was everyday business when his business consisted of running a pirate gang composed of thieves, thugs, and mercenaries.

(And if he sometimes thought of the days when he’d had a better class of thugs to call his own, well, those days were gone. His crew still had a backbone of solid, loyal people, and the good days would come around again.)

In the meantime, he spent a lot of hours alone in his quarters, skimming through the galactic newsfeeds and finding jobs to send his boys out on. It was Quill’s name that caught his eye – not a surprise, wouldn’t be the first planet the kid was wanted on, and it was pure curiosity that made him start reading it (just keeping tabs on the little bastard, see what he was up to these days). It took him a couple of lines to realize he was reading an obituary.

Peter Quill, hero of the Battle of Xandar, was confirmed dead in a rare Krylorian sharknado, a local weather phenomenon in which severe localized winds sweep up oceanic predatory fish in a whirling spiral of death. Quill was attempting to rescue a boatload of orphans from a sudden storm when his body was obliterated beyond recognition –

Yondu’s first reaction was a feeling akin to being kicked very hard in the stomach. If he were willing to examine that feeling a little more closely, there might be a whole lot of feelings underneath there that he was refusing to give too much thought to.

His second reaction was a suspicious squint at the screen.

“Good plan, huh? Good plan!” Peter declared, poking at the screen while flashing a triumphant grin over his shoulder at his erstwhile crew.

“Excellent plan!” (Drax, followed immediately by, “What plan?”)

“Terrible plan.” (Gamora. She thought all his plans were terrible, so nothing unusual there.)

“I am Groot!” (Tiny, shrill, and cheerful.)

“Pass the biphasic decoupler, wouldja?” (Rocket. Not listening.)

“Guys! Come on! We can’t operate easily in Uzebi space because they’re one of the most bureaucratic planets in the entire Hoffed Confederacy, papers and retinal scans for everything, and I’m wanted there, but not if I’m …” He flicked his fingers lightly across the screen. “Daniel Hasselson, Terran purchaser of rare biological specimens. No relation at all to Peter Quill, who died a week ago on Kryloria in a freak accident. The important thing is, Uzebi doesn’t keep retinal scans or DNA on file for dead people. And we can waltz off with a shipload of Uzebi psychic plankton, which are dead cheap here because they’re a pest species, but are incredibly expensive –”

“And illegal,” Gamora added.

“… and frowned on by the morality police –”

“– also the actual police –”

“– in the Nova Empire, where they’re regarded as an illicit drug.”

“Due to being an illicit drug.”

“Gamora,” Peter said, “if you have a problem with the plan, just say so. I mean, the way I see it, we’re doing them a favor, taking a biological pest off the hands of the Uzebi, by purchasing it through totally legal channels –”

“And then becoming drug dealers in one of the few places in the galaxy that we are considered heroes rather than wanted criminals.”

“Only because that’s the only place it’s worth any money. And,” Peter added, grinning, “it is worth a lot of money.”

Rocket waved a paw in the air. “I’m in.”

“I thought you would be.”

“I am Groooot!”

“I … have no idea what that means, but I’m guessing it has nothing to do with the current topic.”

“He wants to be moved closer to the sunlamp.” Rocket straightened up, brushing grease off his palms, and rotated Groot’s pot. “There ya go, little buddy.”

“Anyway, see? Good plan? In, out, what could possibly go wrong –”

“This,” Gamora yelled at Peter, “was a terrible plan!”

“There’s no need to shout!” Peter covered his ears with his hands, as if it made the slightest difference. “I can hear you just fine if you don’t talk at all. I can also hear every single –” He scowled at Drax. “If you have to go so bad, just go!”

“I prefer not to defecate while departing a planet’s atmosphere. There are sudden pressure changes which can cause –”

“Aargh! Stop!”

Rocket had very discreetly skulked off to the farthest corner of the Milano, which made absolutely no difference whatsoever, since it was not a large ship and most parts of it were equally far from the cargo hold, currently full of barrels of psychic plankton.

“I am starting to see why these tiny beasts are considered a pest species,” Gamora groaned, pressing her fists to her temples. “Peter, what is that monstrous thing you are thinking of?”

“It’s an elephant,” Peter said between his teeth. “From Earth.”

“I assumed it was some manner of oddly deformed Earth animal, but what bearing does it have on the present situation?”

“None!” Peter said triumphantly. “None whatsoever! On Earth, it’s what we think of when we’re trying not to think about – oh, fuck – Gamora, I swear that wasn’t your, I mean, any part of you – ow, Gamora, that’s my ear, I need that –”

They ended up jettisoning the psychic plankton cargo just outside Uzebi orbit because there was no freaking way they were willing to go through a twenty-jump journey to Nova space like this.

As the plankton barrels tumbled gently above the planet’s seven small moons, freezing rapidly in the utter cold of space and extinguishing, one thread at a time, the psychic warp and weft that had been woven between the crew, Peter looked up. He thought he’d felt, for a moment, a quick flicker of profound relief and annoyance and possibly just a bit of pride.

He couldn’t imagine where it had come from; there was no close traffic. They were all alone out here, away from major Uzebi shipping lanes and headed as quickly as possible for the jump point.

Some of the sources he’d read while he was researching this job had suggested that the plankton, in sufficient concentrations, were capable of establishing psychic connections to loved ones anywhere in the galaxy, but that wasn’t possible in this case since everyone he (loved) cared about was here on this ship, and anyway –

Anyway, it was gone now.

Adventures at Starbucks
  • Coworker: (Ignores guest who comes in ten minutes before close)
  • Her: Hello? Excuse me?
  • Me: Oh, hi! Sorry, yes, how can I help you?
  • Her: Are you closed?
  • Me: Not for another ten minutes!
  • Coworker: (Skulks off to the back, continues to ignore her)
  • Her: Is this caffeine-free? (Holds up a bottle of passion tango)
  • Me: Yes! It's a herbal, it's made from hibiscus, passion fruit, and a few other ingredients. No tea leaves, and no caffeine.
  • Her: What about the green tea?
  • Me: Has caffeine.
  • Her: You know, I actually believe you.(Makes a curious face) What's your sign?
  • Me: Aries
  • Her: That's why I like you. I'm a Leo. Fire signs stick together.
  • Me: Ha. Usually people just use it to explain why I'm full of rage.
  • Her: You know what? (Slides a $20 across the counter) That's for you, for being so sweet. Not for him. He was a jerk.
  • Me: Thank you!
  • (After she leaves)
  • Me: (to coworker) Remember how you liked to tell me being nice to people who came in before close was stupid? (Holds up $20)
  • Me: People find me delightful.

July 29, 2011

It started off as a normal afternoon at the Ruins.We packed up and drove out for an afternoon of G-rated fun. 

Zander skulked off and was gone for a while. I didn’t think much of it, but all of a sudden, Tillie leaped off our blanket and took off running.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!" Tillie’s voice was deafening, even from far away.

"What do you mean?!”

“Put that down, Zander!” Tillie shouted, “NOW!”

“Why should I?!”

“You know exactly why!” Tillie shrilled, “did you think I forgot? Get the hell away from that fire, or so help me!”

“C'mon Til,” Zander said, “it’s fine!”

“That’s what pyromaniacs say! Give me the damn fuel!”

“No!” Zander gleefully proceeded to pour the fuel on the fire before Tillie could get to him. 

The fireball that was formed could probably have been seen from space. It was probably a fucking miracle that no one was hurt. Or at the very least, singed some hair off.


“No way, that was awesome!" 

I didn’t find out until later that Zander may or may not be a recovering pyromaniac. I’m surprised Til didn’t straight-up murder him.

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Search for wisteria photos and you get hundreds of hits with breathtaking shots. Now try azaleas, つつじ、ツツジ and … limited selection and mostly meh. Azaleas are difficult to photograph: they turn into a blob of improbable colour ↓ that looks like an Osaka obachan on a subdued day. Yet they’re gorgeous. There must be good pix?

PS: Tumblr loves cherry blossoms and wisteria and lotus flowers. It doesn’t like azaleas and Japanese irises and peonies. [Mutters ominously about Freudian implications and skulks off to try, again!, to take better azalea photos.]


I got a tumblr request for Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar trying to get your attention.

Sorry it took so long, anon. Hope you’ll enjoy it! :)

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Ivar’s facial expression inspired by this

Rating: Mature

Words: 1127

Warnings / tags: Drinking, flirting, Ragnarssons trying to get your attention, just a little bit of blood


The feast is nearing its end; more and more people disappear out into the night. The doors to the great hall open again as yet another couple skulk off and you notice that it’s raining. A shiver goes through your body at the thought of having to walk home in this weather; thank the gods that queen Aslaug has given you a room at the back of the great hall. Such a highly valued guest can’t stay in a cabin at the outskirts, she had said when you arrived at Kattegatt. While you continue sipping at the mead a calming tune comes drifting from somewhere behind you. It is completely different from all the upbeat melodies that have been played throughout the night and it quickly envelops your mind in a soft fog. You feel yourself relax, eyes moving slower as both the mead and the music sweeps over your mind. You jump as a gravelly voice snarls right next to you.

“Are you trying to put her to sleep?” Ivar is staring at someone in the corner behind you.

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Conflicts (Jumin x MC)

ZombieApocalypse!AU: When brought to the edge you’re forced to make a questioning decision.

Word Count: 966

I haven’t got anything to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic day! Thank you!

Next few chapters might be disaster mode hahhahahah

This is an ongoing storyline, if you haven’t already, I highly suggest reading the previous parts before reading this

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


“What…what happened…?” Jahee lurked towards the window, eyes widening with horror as your vision darkened to almost nothing. 

“They’re out…” You muttered, your chest binding furiously into woeful knots. “T-They’re really a-all out…” 

“We still have some…” You watched a small light appear from Jumin’s phone, “It’s not ideal but it’s what we have. Here, turn yours on.” 

You followed after him, the small bit of light from your phone bursting onto the floors. “We can’t survive like this though…you know that.” 

“It’s all we’ve got at the moment I suppose,” He sighed. “We’d need matches or something of the sort otherwise.” 

“Where exactly are we going to get those?” Zen spun around his gaze following the light. “Especially where you can’t even see in front of your face.” 

Jahee folded her lips, trailing close to the door, her phone brightening in moments. “Well…the military certainly has plenty, don’t they?” 

“What’re you proposing?” 

“They have to have set up base camps right?” She asked, tipping her head to the side curiously. “They must’ve left some supplies-”

“And soldiers. It’s far too dangerous!” Jumin scrunched up his nose, frowning. “They didn’t hesitate to shoot Zen, if we’re caught taking their things we’ll be more than acceptable target practice!” 

“What other choice do we have? We don’t have night vision, Mr. Han.” 

“We need to be practical here, and there’s a far worse chance that one of us will be hurt, and with Zen already injured we shouldn’t be willing to risk more.” 

“Don’t let me hold us back from being able to survive through this!” Zen snapped, shooting daggers at Jumin. “Listen, I get that safety is important for you, but safety kind of went off the table the moment the dead came back to life!” 

“Safety isn’t a concept that you can just throw away!” Jumin growled, stepping forward. “Once you’re able to throw that away you can just as easily throw away morals and ethics as well!” 

“Well considering I got shot by those meant to protect us I wouldn’t say we’re too far off are we-”

“Just because others remove their morals doesn’t mean we have to as well Zen. Or is that really the kind of person you are?” 

“The kind of person I am-” 

You glanced to Jahee, nodding off as you both grabbed onto whoever was closest, dragging them away.

You took hold of Jumin, Jahee snagging Zen away. 

“You both have points, but we need to think about what’s best for us in the end,” You let out a deep breath. “And survival is what’s most important. Jumin you practically said it yourself. We’re no use dead.” 

“And while Zen has a point, we shouldn’t sacrifice our humanity because others have. That’s a typical lesson that’s taught to children by parents.” Jahee remarked.

“So what do we do?” 

You contemplated for a moment, the gears turning in your head. 

“We check out abandoned areas first. Like..hardware stores? There’s one nearby isn’t there?” 

“Just a block down the road. But those things might still be there…we don’t know where the military has wiped them out…if they’ve even done that…”

“That’s just a risk we’ll have to take,” You glanced to Zen, almost pleading. “but you know as well as I do that we shouldn’t be so willing to give up our humanity to survive.” 

“Hey! I’m not exactly wanting this you know MC!”

“That’s not what they’re saying,” Jumin rushed to your defense, collecting his things from their resting place, handing the rest to you. 

Elizabeth 3rd gave you a small greeting, dipping her head outwards, her white fur barely peeking out in the dim light before Zen wretched forward. 

“Then what’re you saying?”

Jumin scoffed, opening the door for you. “I’m not having this conversation. We’ve already decided what we’re going to do.” 

“Yeah too bad your money can’t save us now.” 

You watched as he groaned, skulking off, Jahee giving you a worried expression before going after him.

“I hope you know I’m not trying to start anything,” Jumin rubbed a hand behind his neck, his shoulders dropping. “I’m trying to be as logical as possible.” 

“Zen’s just…in a rough place right now.” You said. “I’m sure he’s only meaning the best. I’m sure that’s all you’re meaning too.” 

“Of course I am love.” 

“Then we should also try to be patient. He’s been through a lot.”

Even Jumin let out a deep breath, nodding as he gave you a warm grin.

It always somehow assured you of a brighter future.

“More than most people have. I’ll put my best foot forward if it helps.” 

And it did.


You made your way down the stairs, the bodies littering the floor now a cool shade of blue against the lifeless, pale skin.

Decay was setting in.

Undead or otherwise.

And it would only become clearer as you moved.

For all you heard as you drew closer to the hardware store was the loud sorrowful wails of the undead.

And a dreaded feeling drenched in its wake.