been curious about this for a while- how do you guys imagine human skul to look?

I’ll get the ball rolling. I think he had dark hair, like Valkyrie, in fact just as black. Greenish eyes, but closer to blue, a bit like China’s. Sharp features, muscled but not too heavily built, traditional pale Irish complexion. Wicked smile.

  1. MainVerse. This is the exact moment Nefarian decided face bites are off-limit with Mevolent.
  2. RedRidingHood!AU. Werwolf!Mevolent wearing a wolf pelt + mask
  3. Ghost!AU. An AU in which Mevolent kills Serpine in a ritual, but forces him to serve him even after his death as a spirit.  Inspired by ‘Missing’ by Evanescence.
  4. Mafia!AU. From a RP with @maybe-then-ill-fade-away-rp in which Serpine is being a jerk and Will theatens to rip his throat out with his bare death.

I have so many AU and roleplay ideas for Mevolent and Serpine. A pity I have no Mevolent to roleplay with.


                                SP Aesthetics - Title character - Skulduggery Pleasant

“Detective, have you ever considered the fact that violence is the recourse of the uncivilised man?”

Skulduggery looked back. 

“I’m sophisticated, charming, suave and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized.”

all we know about spx so far

source: Derek Landy’s Twitter (I didn’t link every tweet seperately, they are very easy to find!)

  • it features Skulduggery along with Valkyrie and their new teen companion Omen Darkly
  • the book is set a few months after Val returns to Ireland and she’s still trying to adjust
  • Omen Darkly’s gender is male
  • (q: how long will the series be?) a: “All that is still to be announced- but unlike the 1st series, this has been INTRICATELY plotted out.
  • Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue will appear (not all surviving character will appear though)
  • expect Valduggery… but we don’t know in what way (x) + in this tweet Derek says maybe to romantic Valduggery in the new books
  • Val will be 24 in the first book
  • more information (like how many books will there be) will be divulged over the coming months
  • spx comes out in June 2017
  • China Sorrows will be featured (x)
  • Xena will be around
  • Tanith won’t be in every book, as she’s off fighting to redeem herself for the things she did as a Remnant
  • we might learn new things about Hopeless
  • Skulduggery will be as sarcastic and witty as ever
  • Six year old Alice will appear (Derek won’t say how much she will be around though)
  • The asker of the question about Alice also asked about the appearance of certain idiot zombies in the same tweet but Derek didn’t answer it (x)
  • Tom Percival will return as the cover artist… and he says the cover is looking amazing
  • Tom Percival is also working on new covers for the first 9 books (x)
  • some unanswered questions like Rue’s powers will be answered in the new series… maybe (x)
  • genderqueer or trans character(s) will appear (x)

Skulduggery Pleasant is back! - Harper Reach | HarperCollins International
Derek Landy’s original skeleton detective is coming back to life… again! HarperCollins Children’s Books are proud to announce the tenth triumphant book in the phenomenal Skulduggery Pleasant series, publishing in June 2017, following a re-release of books 1-9.

“The new book, known for now only as Skulduggery Pleasant X, sees Skulduggery and Valkyrie team up with beloved characters from the first 9 books as well as an all-new cast, including new teen co-star Omen Darkly, for an adventure that takes the story to truly global proportions… “


[Derek Landy]: ““I was halfway through Last Stand of Dead Men, I think, when I realised that I had more stories to tell. I told myself that if Skulduggery and Valkyrie survived the series, I would leave the option open of returning to their world. There were still secrets I need to reveal, after all, and there were still horrors they had to face. They survived the first series. But they’re really going to wish they hadn’t.””

I can’t believe i havent told you guys this yet.

My mother started reading Skulduggery Pleasant. And believe me, it is the most amusing thing I have ever witnessed.
She’s currently reading Kingdom of the Wicked, but I’m gonna list a bunch of things she has said while reading this series.

-”He [Skulduggery] doesn’t stop talking, does he?”

-Me: hey mum, who’s your favourite character?
Mum: Oh I love Ghastly. I love him so much.
Me: :)))))))) ok :)))))))

-”okay where is this Dexter Vex guy I’ve heard you and your sister talk so much about? Where is he?”

-”I can’t remember everyone’s names. They all begin with ‘S’. Skulduggery, Stephanie, Sanguine, Solomon, Shudder, Kenspeckle.”
ME: dude, Kenspeckle doesnt start with an ‘S’??
Mum: Yeah, But it has an ‘S’ sound. I cant stand this.

-”I hate Billy-Ray Sanguine. He annoys me so much. I’m gonna call him Billy-Ray Cyrus.”

-”I dont want to go to work, I want to read this book!”

-”Why do you love this Anton guy so much, Ruby?”

-”Anton has a creepy monster inside him. Ok I get it now. I know why you love him”

-I hate Doctor Nye. It’s creeping me out.

-I feel so sad for this poor little Vampire boy. (Caelan)

-Vampire boy is getting a bit weird

-Ok, Caelan needs to go. Now.

-I must say, as a mother, I am very disappointed with Valkyrie. She’s cheating on Fletcher. I am very unhappy with her.

-(while reading Mortal Coil) Tanith and Ghastly are my favourite. I love them. And he asked her out, about time!”

-(while reading Mortal Coil) I love Kenspeckle. Everything is going to be happy when he’s around.

-No. NO. Kenspeckle is dead. WHy. I’m not very happy. NO this is a bad book.

-What. No! Tanith why!? Oh, Ghasty, the poor thing.

-I don’t trust this reflection. (She’s been saying this since book 2)

-Mum: Ruby, how old were you when you read this book? (Mortal Coil)
Me: Umm, eleven.
Mum: mmmm. I would not have let you read this if I knew what was in it. oh my

-DEXTER! Okay I get to meet him now. lets see what all the fuss is about

-i see what all the fuss is about

-(during KotW) Has Shudder just disappeared off the face of the planet or something? Where is he?

-Erskine’s a funny little thing, isn’t he? He’s terrible at this job. he’s very…glamorous, though.

-What if the reflection turns into Darquesse or something? I dont trust it.

-You were reading this in year 5, Ruby? I can’t believe this. This is advertised as a childrens book. for children

-Scapegrace has a zombie boyfriend now. 

-Don’t date Billy-Ray Cyrus, Tanith! Ghastly needs you!!

-(During book 6) Solomon I trusted you. You were cool, and now you’re believing in killing heaps of people. Thats wrong.

-What sort of an idiot would name themselves Bison Dragonclaw? What an idiot.

-I was so happy when Scapegrace got his head chopped off. But then he kept talking. Why.

-Ghastly is punching a punching bag and he doesn’t have a shirt on. oh my. oh my.

-“Ruby. He has no eyes. Where are his eyes? Sanguine, that’s wrong

-Okay, if Mevolent is in this other dimension, I bet he escapes into our one, and that’s why the last book is called ‘Last Stand of Dead Men’. because they all have to fight him again. (ok, she’s WAY off on this one, but I must admit, it’s a pretty cool AU/fanfic plot)

-China reminds me of Lucy Liu. She just does.

-Ghastly is just the best. 
Me: :))))))))))) yep. *sweats nervously* 

-okay i can’t even describe her reaction when Skul got dragged into the portal in book 3. but you can imagine

-Mum:Hey, Ruby. When you draw your little cartoons, do you draw Ghastly in a waistcoat?
Me: Yeah.
Mum: And he has the sleeves rolled up, do you draw that?
Me: of course.
Mum: Good. just making sure.

-(During book 7) I want Val to meet Skul in this other dimension. I want him to be the leader of the Resistance.Or human. Oh my god, what if he’s human in this world!?!

-(a little later through book 7) BLOODY LORD VILE! No, i want Skulduggery, not you 

~AND my personal favourite~
(During Death Bringer)

Mum: WHAT!
Me: What?
Mum: WHAT!
Me: Dude, what?
Mum, staring at me, then the book, then to me again: LORD VILE. WHAT!
Me: oh youre at that part.
Mum: how can he… no. WHAT.
Me: it’s okay..
Mum: HOW is this OKAYY? 

Okay, I plan to update you on Mum and SP, because this is, as you can imagine, hysterical.

Why everyone should read Derek Landy’s books

- He has written so many wonderful female characters that are not sexualised in any way and are just badass.

-Saracen Rue is my child

-The Dead Men are all wonderful, and Skulduggery Pleasant is so fucking awesome.

- He aknowledges that girls menstruate in The Dying of The Light, which is never done in children’s books.

-Every single book is so funny, and heartwarming.

- Vaurien Scapegrace’s character development and his relationship with Thrasher is beautiful.

-Kenspeckle Grouse teaches that children deserve to be treated with the same respect as adults, which is an important lesson to learn.

-In Demon Roads Amber beats the hell out of a cat-caller for harassing a girl. It’s awesome.

-Tanith Low is a flaming bisexual.

-Finbar Wrong is adorable and kind and sweet.

- China Sorrows is a deeply complex and flawed character and most female characters do not have this level of development if they are not the main character.

-Valkyrie Cain is a good ass character.

-The plot is not based around romance.

Feel free to add anything I have missed.