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Juri Arisugawa and Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena) cosplays, taken at SacAnime Winter 2016

I love how much the green patina of these doors contrasts with the warm colors of our costumes! @rikudera looks as great as always, but I look so angry in that second photo, haha. I have so much jawline!

excusemethatsnotcanon asked:

Wakaba Shinohara

Ooooh, this pairing. This pairing. I don’t know why it appeals to me so much, but I like it a lot.

Shiori Takatsuki / Wakaba Shinohara

Who made the first move: Wakaba. She’s a straightforward person. I imagine it as an extremely cute cliche shoujo anime confession, like Wakaba making cookies and shoves it in Shiori’s face like, “PLEASE ACCEPT MY FEELINGS SENPAI”

Who cooks: Wakaba. Wakaba likes to cook.

Who cleans: Shiori. Wakaba is pretty messy, tbh

Who tops/bottoms: Tops? Wakaba, because she’s more bold and assertive than Shiori is. Bottoms? Shiori. But she’s a power bottom.

Who wakes up first: n/a. Both sleep in late. Utena wakes them both up, like “When are you two going to get out of bed? It’s almost noon!”

Who pays: Shiori. Wakaba spends her money impulsively, so she never has any money in the first place.

Who initiates PDA: Wakaba. You’ve seen how she is with Utena. She’s even clingier with Shiori since they started officially going out.

Who is kinkier: Shiori. Wakaba is also very vanilla.

Who is the talker/listener: Talker? Wakaba. Listener? Shiori.

Who plans dates: Wakaba. She’s the type of person whose already planned dates for them to go on before they even started going out. She’s already planned the wedding out too.

Who is more likely to propose: Shiori. She really wouldn’t feel comfortable with it, but she knows that Wakaba wants to be the one being proposed to even more.

Who starts fights: Wakaba. She’s way more confrontational than Shiori.

Who apologizes first after a fight: Shiori. Wakaba is too stubborn to apologize first.

Who is more likely to sext: Shiori. Wakaba is too innocent to consider it.

Who is more likely to cheat: Shiori.

Bob the Sku… the Lion
Because I loved the idea in the Skin Game! ^^

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Disclaimer: Bob the Skull belongs to Jim Butcher, no matter the appearance. Chicago, arguably, does not, though it may depend on the appearance.
Used The Doorkeeper by Mr. Nixter/Flickr and my own stock.