Ade Edmonson interviewed by Sarah Greene on Going Live (tx: BBC1 04/04/92) with daughters Ella and Beattie in tow.


Okay - I had to go pick up my sister from work (borrowed her car because mine is scary and turns off all of a sudden sometimes).

Our driveway is along a big curvy S part of the road - and it’s pitch dark around those corners. So, even in the day time, I make sure to put my turn signal on a good distance before the curve.

Tonight there was one car behind us - a fair distance off at first, but within plenty of distance to see my turn signal and brake lights. But when I slow down to turn into our driveway, they come roaring up behind us anyway - and swerve at the last second like they’re going to speed past us (but didn’t, thank god). And then they have the bloody gall to honk at us when we pull up into our drive way >:[

The only comfort I can take out of the incident was the nice synchronized “Fuck YOU” my sister and I got to shout out the window.