Easy as Pie

Today was our first HSC exam, English (Paper 1). I have one thing i have to say first.
IT WAS EASY AS PIE. Or a girl from the Cross depending on who you ask.
I know what you’re thinking. Why would an exam of any sort be easy, let alone an English one? Simply because it was.
I’d studied hard and it definitely payed off in the end. I was prepared with my Skrzynecki texts and examples, ready to take it on!
The only down side was the timing. Trying to fit each section into a 40 minute time space was tricky, so i’d recommend to any future HSC students to practice, practice and practice again! Time management will go along way.
In the end i finished on time, managing two booklets for the last section (note: For anyone who knows me that is a MASSIVE achievement considering i barely got one booklet last time)
So today i only have time to write a short piece. With three days and three exams i need to utilize as much time as possible.
Bring on Earth and Environment and English (Paper 2)!
Good luck everyone!