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He swears he’s seen this kid somewhere, they’ve been mistaken for twins which one or the other would laugh and say ‘no’ due to the fact they don’t even know each other. Until today.

Skrills had been wandering around the set for some time now, watching how the broken child sang out his woes to thousands who felt the same way and somewhere, his heart strings did a little dance because he knows he’s felt the same way. Everyone has, one way or another.

Once the kid was done singing right on key and right on time, he decided to go meet with him but all of the fangirls were too busy crowding around him for Skrills to even get a second glance at the famous singer.

But the man with the large glasses had caught his eye, and now the singer was pushing through the crowds of people to shake this man’s hand.

Sure; he didn’t want to, he was afraid to be called ugly, or fat, or even stupid, but something about this guy really spoke out to him. So with a brush of his bangs, he smiled warmly at the man.


Skrills’ heart was doing somersaults as he spoke back, watching the kid blush.

Hey there, cutie.“