skrillex's hair

Why We Should Love ‘____’ (3rd : Sonny Moore aka Skrillex)

1. Award-Winning Producer

2. Shaves fans head. (ok this really happened.)

3. freakin’ show sets

4. All-Black clothes

5. smokes, drinks, plays

6. Plays guitar

7. He sometimes ties up his hair, and this is so damn sexy.

8. Seductive

9. used to be emo

10. fucks public rules.

11. damn cute.

12. the only EDM artist i know of whose height is up on wikipedia

13. super-cute when young. still cute now. (the child on the right)

14. popularized his ‘skrillex hair’ (even a mop)

15. his 2nd job is an secret Santa

16. such a HOT guy. (actually have set his hair on fire)

17. Founder of worldwide music label, OWSLA

18. Better than JB (found this on Google, did not make by myself. no offense, JB fans)

19. weirdo.

20. his bodyguards are superheros. nobody can even touch him.

21. great dj skills, great fans

22. because he’s skrillex, we SHOULD love him.

P.S. Happy Birthday Skrills, and we all Love you. <3

In case of Dillon Francis :

In case of Anton Zaslavski aka ZEDD :

Can you imagine what a fight between and Lucio would be like?

They storm off in opposite directions, they refuse to talk to one another. The whole overwatch group is baffled. Their two sun shine children aren’t happily laughing away.

This last for a solid three days and finally, finally dad 76 and mom mercy are the first to confront the two. Separately of course. An lucio and are both hell bent on staying mad at each other.

Lucio tell 76 he won’t make up with her and she can push off for all he cares. He storms off Hana is no better she yells something in Korean in her rant and storms off too.

Two more days past Roadhog catches looking longingly at itunes as Lucio new album is released. Something she was looking forward too before the fight. But is too stubborn to buy it and listen to it.

Junkrat catches Lucio browsing the internet, hovering over active stream. Deciding whether or not to click on it. Only too sink into his seat on the couch with a groan.

Two more days past, Roadhog has had enough. He becomes the mediator that he was born to be. An during tea time, and after getting junkrat to behave a little. Roadhog pushes the subject of the fight. Hanas says she hates him and his music isn’t all that great. An of course roadhog is like; “You don’t really mean that. You don’t keep around stuff from people you hate.”

Hana face puffs up and goes slightly red. As if she was gonna throw a tantrum. Roadhog doesn’t expect her to start crying. And not just light tears no, a full on super soaker of tears. Hana nose becomes runny she gets the hiccups as she tries to say. She doesn’t really hate him and how she missed hanging out with him.

So roadhog gives her a tissues and pats her on the back. He then confronts lucio who unlike hana breaks out in tear almost immediately like a dam breaking. An Roadhog bring these two crying idiots together. Resulting in a big gross hug where lucio and apologizing to each other.

“I didn’t mean it when i said you use hack while your playing video games!” Lucio sobs

“Your not a skrillex wannabe and your hairs not stupid!” Hana sobs.

anonymous asked:

what kind of music do you think the companions are into


Cait: Cait loves metal, she likes that there’s music that reflects how she feels. She gets really pumped up to anything by Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold.

Codsworth: Like the classy butler he is, Codsworth is a fan of classical. He loves any piece by Mozart and fancies himself a little Debussy or Beethoven from time to time.

Curie: Curie loves any and all music, because the sensation of being able to enjoy music and emotionally connect to it is still so new to her. Her holotape library is a complete disaster. The only commonality is that she really likes kpop. Her favorite k-bands are Seventeen and EXO.

Danse: Everyone in Sanctuary hates Danse’s taste in music, because he likes country. Some of his most listened to artists are Johnny Cash, Rascal Flatts, and Dolly Parton. The only person that can put up with his taste to some degree is MacCready, since some classic rock and classic country songs overlap slightly.

Deacon: He says his favorite music is polka, but that’s a lie. He probably couldn’t name a polka song if he tried. If he’s honest with himself, which he rarely (if ever) is, he doesn’t really know what the real Deacon likes to listen to anymore. However, he does know all the lyrics to the songs on Diamond City radio, and he enjoys them quite a bit. He also both ironically and unironically loves meme songs (i.e. Never Gonna Give You Up, All Star, A Thousand Miles, etc).

Hancock: Staying true to his overall casual lifestyle, Hancock isn’t picky about his music. He doesn’t really discern different genres, he just listens to what he feels like listening to or what matches his mood best. He makes the best mixtapes of pre-war songs from a wide variety of backgrounds.

MacCready: He really likes rock n’ roll. He’ll listen to any classic rock, but his favorite modern bands are Panic!, The Black Keys, and Muse. He also secretly loves Halsey and thinks she’s a genius.

Nick: Nick is a class act, he insists that there’s nothing better than jazz and blues. He loves himself some Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, and Billie Holiday. He also likes Elvis and has a weakness for Lana Del Rey.

Piper: She just loves indie music in general, favoring indie pop and alternative. Other than that, she loves music that provokes thought. She would probably adore spoken-word music. Marina and the Diamonds is her favorite singer and her model for feminism. Her other favorites are Two Door Cinema Club and The 1975.

Preston: He really likes folk music and very laid back, relaxing ballads. He likes songs that he could easily learn to play on guitar. Mumford and Sons, Jack Johnson, and Jason Mraz are his favorites.

Strong: Besides the sounds of battle, Strong likes anything loud and with screaming. He probably likes some of Cait’s music.

X8-88: X6 likes electronic music, not necessarily EDM, but experimental stuff. He loves Grimes, and he likes Skrillex (even though he thinks Skrillex has stupid hair).

WWE Imagine: Dean Ambrose x Seth Rollins x Reader

WWE Imagine

Appearances: Dean Ambrose x Seth Rollins x Reader
Author’s note: Thank you for the lovely request I hope you enjoy :*
Requested prompt: Dean and Seth invite you to their moq feud photo shoot, and things get a little heated for you, Seth and Dean offer to help you out.
Warnings: Smut, Language
Word Count: 2806 sorry I got super into this one!

You walk through the revolving doors into the huge reception area with Seth flanking your left and Dean on the right. They had invited you to their photo shoot promo for the feud they were having currently on WWE Monday Night Raw. Of course, the feud was staged as Seth and Dean had actually grown quite close. You had been friends with Dean and Seth for about the same amount of time as they‘d been in the main roster, as you were hired around the same time as the Shield.

Dean walked up to the petite young blonde woman working at front desk to sign you guys in, and you stayed with Seth in the waiting area.
“ Wow, This place is nice” you whisper to Seth while ogling the huge quarts pillars that towered from floor to ceiling. Each pillar was adorned in ornately sown ribbon that cascaded from the top and moved like a spiral waterfall to the base of the pillar, where it was then tied in a intricate bow.
“ Yeah, it looks like something Xavier would build in Minecraft” Seth chuckled staring at you rather than the pillars you spoke of. “ Ok, all done!” Dean’s booming voice reverberated through the huge building in his usual care-free tone. Seth and you both cringed and shushed him as several people in the waiting area jumped and looked up from their magazines.

“ God Dean! Shhhh!” You scorn turning red at the attention Dean had brought to you three. “ Oh, whats’ the big deal? Its not like we know them!” Dean whispered quietly to you, gesturing to the other people in the waiting area. “ It’s rude.” Seth said simply also looking a little uncomfortable at the attention Dean had brought to you. “ Pfft” Dean fussed.

“ Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Rollins, and Miss Y/L/N ?” Another young blonde called from a large arched doorway, man what was this, Fifty shades of grey? You wondered to yourself as you followed timidly, close behind Dean and Seth, taking Seth’s hand for comfort. “ You ok?” Seth whispered looking a little concerned. “ Yeah, just feel a little out of place..” you said looking at the floor. Seth rubbed soothing circles into the back of your hand with his thumb. “ Yo, what’s wrong?” Dean said, turning and walking backwards so he could see your face. “ Nothing, just feeling awkward” you reiterate to him. He smiles, “ Hey, no worries doll, its just some pictures then we are out of here.” he says soothingly winking at you.

“ Right this way please.” the blonde chirped, eyeing your hand and Seth’s quickly.

“ Ok! Today we are taking some promotional pictures of you and Mr. Rollins for the cover of WWE magazine!” a short man with a to-tight vest and pant suit on said to Dean, while throwing one side of his scarf over his shoulder. He held a huge camera with a even bigger lens attached on the end of it. You stood awkwardly just off the green screen set looking nervously at your feet, or anywhere really but at your two best friends, shirtless and oiled up. Dean wore his signature blue jeans, a little tight in all the right places, and a ‘Ambrose Asylum’ shirt, his hair messy as always, falling slightly into his eyes. Seth wore his signature Leather pants, padded in the thigh and chin area, hugging his bum tightly, with no shirt, exposing his ripped upper body. His hair fell freely over his shoulders.

“ Need a napkin?” Dean teased catching you drooling over Seth, you turned bright red.
“ Fuck you!” you retorted. He smiled his lopsided grin and you couldn’t be mad long, you beamed back at him.
“ Hey, if I were her I would stare too!” Seth teased further, flexing and kissing his bicep mockingly.
“ Don’t be so full of yourself Rollins, if I wanted to see you naked I would just Google your nudes!” you shot back, making him turn red.
“ That’s a low blow!” he says a little aggravated. He was right it was. But little to his knowledge, you did Google them quite often. “ Ouch! Burn!” Dean laughed.
“ Enough!” the photographer said irritated, “ You! You go sit over there and quit distracting them!” he pointed at you and then to a set of three director type chairs about five feet away. You hurried to the middle chair, looking at the ground, your face burning. You could hear Dean and Seth snickering behind you. They really were the sight to see. You had always thought they were attractive, but as the photo shoot went on, and Dean lost his shirt you were becoming more and more aware of the growing dampness in your panties. You fidgeted in your chair, rubbing the water bottle you were given conspicuously against the tight jean material that cover you. It was hot to imagine them fighting like they were being made to look, maybe fighting over you? Your mind wandered.

“ We will take lunch then start again when you get back.” the short photographer said quickly flipping his scarf again, and running his hand through his short skrillex style hair before marching quickly to the back room.
“ Can’t wait!” Dean said under his breath, his voice laden with mock excitement. Seth was all eyes. You were busted. And you knew it. He stared at your hands on the water bottle. You quickly stood, jumping from the chair and half jogging the remaining distance to meet them, a little short of breath and very flustered.
“ Enjoying the show Y/N?” Seth wasted zero time calling you out.
“ Uh yeah, I mean., it’s interesting to watch how one of these things are made..” you scramble to find a answer.
“ Yeah, very interesting.” Seth said eyeing you up and down, his tongue running over his bottom lip slowly.
“ Hey, you guys want to go grab some food? I’m starving!” Dean said oblivious.
“ Yeah I’m pretty hungry too.” Seth said, his eyes never leaving yours. You blushed, your eyes dropping to the floor and a shiver running through your body at the thought of his words.
“ Yeah, f-food..” you stumbled.
“ You ok Y/N?” Dean asked eyeing you.
“ Perfect!” you recovered and fell in to sync with their footsteps as you walked towards the entrance. As you walked towards the big arched doorway that lead into the quite reception area, Seth stopped and grabbed your arm twisting you so that you were against the wall, they still hadn’t changed from the photo shoot, so he was shirtless a arm on either side of your head.
“ What are you doing?!” you say your voice going up a octave from shock.
“ Bro?” Dean stopped looking back at him, also a little shocked.
“ Y/N here seems to be a little to interested in our photo shoot Mr. Ambrose.” Seth said running one of his hands along your jaw line, causing you to shiver.

“ Is that so?” Dean said, his voice lower as he realized what Seth was saying. He walked over to you , Seth angled himself so that Dean was on one side of you, and he was on the other, no escaping.
“ I think she likes our feud.” Seth says teasing you. You look around the hallway, the doors to both the way you came and the great Reception area were closed, the hallway empty.
“ Is that so?” Dean asked his voice a little husky as he leaned in closer his lips grazing you ear.
“ Uh, Um, I….” You stuttered, your thoughts jumbled at the thought of both Dean and Seth being this close to you.
“ Oh I think that’s a ‘yes‘!” Seth smiles, leaning in to kiss your neck softly and biting you just under your jaw, causing you to moan softly.
“ Defiantly a ‘yes‘!” Dean laughes, his hand wondering south of your navel making you whine beneath Seth’s mouth.
“ Oh someone Defiantly likes us to fight! She‘s soaked.” Dean teased you through your pants.
“ You want us to fight over you Y/N?” Seth asked his voice husky, his mouth never leaving yours.
“ Ahh, Mhmm” was all you could get out between Dean’s hands on your breasts and mound and Seth’s mouth on your mouth and neck.
“ Ohhhhh!” you nearly scream as Dean’s hand slides down the front of your jeans and panties, cursing your soaking mound.
“ Oh God!” you moaned out softly trying to be quite.
“ Not here guys!” you protest writhing beneath Seth’s mouth and Dean’s hand.
“ And why is that?” Dean asks, sliding two fingers into you quickly, thrusting them back and forth.
“ AAAHH! Dean! What if we get caught?!” You moan between clenched teeth trying to keep your voice down.
“ Isnt that the point?” Seth says sweetly into your ear. “ But if you want we can move it into the bathroom there” Seth amends after a harsh look, he gestured towards a door to your left.
“ Please?” You moan, Dean’s fingers still working your pussy.
“ If that’s what you want darlin’” Dean says removing his fingers, to your surprise he then puts his fingers in his mouth, licking your juices off of them, never breaking eye contact with you.
“ Now!” you nearly moan, following hot on Seth’s feet into the bathroom. It was a spacious single stall, much to your luck.
“ Off, Now” Seth ordered gesturing at your cloths, he already out of his shirt and the sight of him unbuttoning his pants makes you tremble, your fingers quaking as you hurriedly slip out of your jeans, you both jump as the door behind you opens, Dean slides In, he looks you over, you’re bent at the waist, your ass hanging out of your jeans, exposing your Boy-short underwear.
“ Oh, nice view!” Dean says, smacking you lightly on your behind. You yelp playfully.
“ Come on hurry up” Seth says, pulling his leg out of his pants.
Behind you Dean is already out of his pants, you turn just in time to see him pull down his boxers, His erection springs free and you gasp, he was big. Very big. He follows your eyes and smiles his lopsided grin, winking at you once again. Pulling your legs free of both your pants and panties, you’re left exposed, Seth moves forward, helping you pull your shirt off, he slings it into the floor behind him. From behind you feel Dean unbuckling your bra, and Seth pulls it the rest of the way off, discarding it with your shirt.

“ Oh!” You gasp as Seth grabs your hips, picking you up easily, crushing you to his chest, you wrap your legs around his waist, his exposed member presses against your soaking, wanting opening. You kiss him harshly, he shoves his tongue into your mouth, and you lace your fingers into his still damp hair.
“ Ready?” he asks huskily into your mouth.
“ Please” you almost beg. He lowers you slightly, then thrusts upward, ramming himself into you hard.
“ Ah! Oh God Seth!” you Groan, burying your face into his neck gripping his shoulders for support.
“ Get ready Darlin’” You hear Dean from behind you, Then you feel him at pressing himself against your bum. “ Relax” He coaxes, his hands on your hips.
“OOOOOOOH!” You pant, he pushes into you, filling you. Your pussy clenches around Seth causing him to moan out. “ God Y/N!” he grunts into your ear, his teeth grazing your earlobe. You’ve never felt this full, it was amazing, having Dean’s huge cock in your ass and Seth pounding into your dripping mound was driving you crazy, they continue to pound into for several minutes making you moan out loudly.
“ I’m-I’m-I’m” is all you can manage the pleasure of being pounded sending spasms through your whole body.
“ I’m cumming!!” you nearly scream, your nails digging into Seth’s shoulders as you buck against their cocks.
“ Ohh Oh God Dean! Seth!” you moan loudly, your body quacking as you ride your orgasm out.
“ Oh god Y/N you’re so tight!” Dean grunts behind you, working hard as he pounds into you.
“ All fours?” Seth asks over your shoulders, in response Dean slides out of you quickly causing you to moan out at the sudden emptiness. Seth follows, pulling out of you, you lower your legs to the ground, then kneel, getting to your hands and knees. Seth also bends, pulling your head up and kissing you hard, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth and exploring, you moan into is mouth.

Behind you, Dean positions himself at the entrance of your soaking wet pussy, then pushes into you, making you clench around him. “ Jesus!” he grunts, his hands finding your hips once more, he uses them to push you into him, you rock back meeting every one of his thrusts. Seth kisses you for another minute and guides your hand to his cock. You pump him vigorously, making a circular motion with your wrist.
“ Y/N!” he moans out. You move your attention to his cock, licking him from base to tip, and swirling your tongue around the tip, licking the hole as you do.
“ MMMMMMM” is his only response. You smile and take him as far as you can into your mouth, Behind you Dean is driving you crazy, hitting the perfect spot over and over, you were close, you didn’t know how much longer you could take it.
“ Dean!” you moan around Seth “ I’m close!” You whimper
“ Me too Baby me too!” Dean growls slamming hard into you, sending you over the edge. Dean isn’t far behind you, he thrust twice more then pulls your hips back hard, barring himself as deep as he could into, cumming hard into you.
“ Y/N!” He snarls
Seeing this sends Seth over the edge, and he moans out your name, “ Y/N, I’m about to cum!” he warns giving you time to pull him out of your mouth, but you wrap your lips around his head and suck hard, wanting to collect all of it, he grunts and his fingers wrap into your hair, he grips it tightly as he unloads into your mouth.
“ Gaaaaaah” he sighs out breathlessly,
“ God Damn Y/N” Dean says behind you, pulling out of you slowly, making you moan softly.
“ God Damn yourselves Ambrose!” you giggle, slowly getting to your feet and collecting your clothing.
“ Damn! It’s been 30 minutes! They’re probably looking for us!” you announce, the panic in your voice evident.
“ No worries, get your cloths on” Seth says, sliding his boxers on and one leg after another into his leather pants. You quickly slide you panties back on, secretly aroused by the thought of still having Deans load still in you. You are all dressed in record time, slowly you open the bathroom door and nearly scream as you are surprised by the tall blonde receptionist gawking at you. She was trying to keep a professional demeanor as Dean, unaware of her presence, pushes you out of the door, and follows right behind you. Seth emerges last, and the young woman gasps, a look of shock clear on her face. You turn Bright red and Dean estranges smug looks with Seth.
“ We were just checking their-uh….Make-up!” you say quickly.
“ Yes of course” the blonde smiles at you, trying not to laugh “ They are awaiting you at the set” she says firmly, looking first you, then Dean and Seth up and down, assessing your distraught appearances.
“ Thank you” you say rather harshly, dismissing her. As soon as she is out of ear shot the boys erupt with laughter.
“ That wasn’t funny!” you scorn.
“ Sure it was, lets go finish this shoot so we can get out of here, I’m starving still aren’t you Dean?” Seth winks at you, making you flush
“ Famished” Dean responds smacking your ass as you turn away from them, walking towards the entrance of the set.
“ Oh Hey!” Seth calls behind you “ I still have your water bottle, what it back?” Seth cackles behind you, you turn and shoot him the finger, making Dean laugh.