skrillex love


Hoi! I decided to introduce my music mascot for my channel, and her name is Silphy. She’s part of Undertronic, and exists as SharaX’s style preserver (「・ω・)「

 A style preserver is a physical embodiment of a producer’s style of music. They save their producers life’s work, protect their melodies and run around as a ghost, even after a producer passes away. If a producer does pass away, style preservers tend to roam freely and their melodies can be heard in even the strangest of places. Generally they tend to stay by their producer’s side, as their job is to keep them alive and well. Each style preserver is different, and they can be various kinds of animals or creatures. 

Silphy is a skele-cat hybrid and is a hyperactive nut. During visits with other producers, she will find her way into their collection library to check out their VST’s (A VST is a synthesized instrument). If she finds a VST she thinks SharaX will like, or it’s a rare synth, she’ll make a copy of it and nom-nom-nom the data, adding it to SharaX’s library. She may run into the other producer’s style preserver who may attack her, depending on how well SharaX knows the other producer (and if that artist allows Silphy to poke around at their VSTs). 

She also aids Shara in performances as an adorable dancer, and really loves Skrillex ヾ(・ω・*)ノ That’s the info I’ve figured out so far, & I hope it helps you to know who Silphy is o3o