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Skrillex Headers

I love skrillex as fuck, I did it all rn, please like if you saved. Be honest.

edm artists as flowers  ( ◕‿◕✿)

madeon: garden lavander (fervor), centaurea (happiness), calendula (’’i will calm your sorrows’’), begonia (cordiality).

dillon francis: bellflower (coquetry), nigella (gentleness),  st John’s-wort (animosity), fennel (strenght). and anything yellow, because it’s oftenly related to happiness and brightness.

porter robinson: peony (shyness), honeysuckle (nostalgia), snowdrop (hope), calla (beauty).

zedd: vervain (charm), goldenrod (cheer), white zinnia (goodness), jasmine (kindness).

skrillex: field bindweed (humility), magnolia (sympathy, nobility, perseverance, dignity and happiness. yes! all in one! pretty accurate).

deadmau5: lunaria (sincerity), gladiolus (strenght of character), geranium (gentility).