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little little tiny Alessonny

I think success has to come with being open about your personality, doing YOU and not giving a FUCK what people have to say. Those are the people who catch my attention at least. I come form hardcore and punkrock.. I came from the uncool lunch tables. I feel like there’s this jock elitist mentality when it comes to dubstep in particular which is so against everything I stand for. BEING yourself, and not giving a fuck what others think. Not judging others
—  Sonny Moore AKA Srillex
EDM Producers as PLUR Modalities
  • Dillon Francis: Acquire the ability to make your friends laugh.
  • Madeon: Dont be afraid to be creative and try something thats never been done even if you think you are too young and naive.
  • Porter Robinson: Be inspired by everything you see and enjoy.
  • Breakbot and Irfane: Love.
  • Daftpunk: Always always be yourself. You may be inspired by others or inspire others, but nothing can ever replace you.
  • DANGER: if shyness is apart of who you are it’s completely okay, but amazing things can happen if you come out of shell every once and a while.
  • A-Trak: dedicate. master your skill(s)
  • Deadmau5: speak your mind.
  • Skrillex: Life is a playground! Laugh alot. Do what makes you happy.
  • Aphex Twin: Dont be afraid
  • Bob Rifo (Bloody Beetroots): learn from the past and the present. this will effect your future.
  • Steve Aoki: Take it easy. Stop worrying so much. Have faith that everything is going to be okay.
  • Busy P: Take proper care of everyone and everything you love.
  • Avichii: always have your brother’s back.
  • Nervo: or your sister's!
  • Diplo: experience the world. learn from other cultures different than your own.
  • Rob Swire: don't be afraid of change. Embrace it. Grow and thrive from it.
  • Tiesto: success wont happen overnight. But if you work hard at it long enough, you will go where you never thought was possible.