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The DJs In High School
  • Sonny: The "emo kid" that probably plays bass guitar and tells everyone that no one understands him.
  • Joel: The sketchy kid in the cafeteria that offers to "upgrade" your phone for 20 bucks. Spends way too much time on the computer.
  • Porter: The weeb that has Naruto stickers all over his math binder and listens to nothing but J-Pop on the bus. Texts usually include emojis like "xD, :3, :D, >3<"
  • Martin: The cute one that might be gay but he doesn't talk enough for people to figure it out. Half the girls have a crush on him while the other half hates him for no apparent reason.
  • Hugo: The quiet transfer student that is acing all his classes and is captain of the chess team. Is a secret party animal and can handle more alcohol than people give him credit for.
  • Anton: The hyper one that plays Pokémon with his friends during lunch and is constantly getting friend-zoned by the girls he likes. Is in photography club.
  • Thomas: Captain of the football team and is constantly bragging about all the girls he's slept with. Pretty sure he's using steroids, but no one seems to question it. He's the "pics?" guy.
  • David Guetta: The rich kid that holds parties when his parents are out of town -- and yes, he wears the lampshade.