ok so we’re going to sit our booties down and learn a thing

These boots here are called Renegades. I love them. They come in lots of cool colors, like maroon and yellow and the whole rainbow k. These saved my life last summer when I couldn’t keep Bella from abscessing bc even once they would blow and heal, they weakened her feet. If I didn’t have these bad boys, I wouldn’t have been able to ride that whole summer.

They’re the most popular boot with Endurance riders and that’s bc they’re fuckin fly as hell. Do you know how easy it is to put these things on? 9/10 times when I use them, I only use front boots, and they take me like a minute per foot INCLUDING picking out the foot. Tell me that’s not crazy af. 

The bottoms are designed like a real foot and you can gets studs and shit if you do hardcore things. That heel captivator you see there moves free from the boot, so no rubbing or foot restriction. You can do legit everything in these babies and your horse’s perfect little tootsies will be nice and protected, while still maintaining the health that comes with a bare foot.

Worried about cables? Don’t k. I have…. 5 pairs of these plus I know lots of people that use them personally and never have I heard of a cable breaking. Even if it does, you don’t have to order a new boot so don’t stress! You can order every piece of these boots separately and save a buttload of skrilla.

Worried about them being loose and coming off? Don’t k. I’ve lost a boot once and it was my fault. I didn’t latch the velcro strap on the toe correctly so that sucker came loose and came off while we trekked through mud bogs that’ll make u cry. When they’re put on right, they stay put. No twisting. No nothin. You ride and you don’t worry.

And what’s super rad? They weigh less than any other boot I’ve seen. There are some shoes that weigh more than these.

AND there is a new design called the Viper that is currently being tested by Endurance riders before it goes on the market and I’m so hype for them. They’re supposed to be EVEN EASIER to put on and move even easier with the horse’s foot for the most natural movement possible. 

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