• security guard:you're not on the list
  • me:i'm sure you can make an exception
  • me:*slides rare pepe across the table*
  • security guard:
  • security guard:
  • security guard:alright i normally don't do this but

> You would attempt to do grub things, but what are even grub things? You just glance around your apartment in confusion and then kind of flop on your back. You take interest in your feet and wiggle all of those little legs around while waiting for something interesting to happen.

Apologies to the anon for the wait. trust shit to go down when people begin to request stuff on both blogs. Hopefully this passes as cute because it’s all i could think of. That or him eating a sandwich on his little beyblade thing. I am not good with cute concepts.

It aint winter time but ssssh.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY markiplier, I hope you’ll have the best day and get everything you want!

I know you’ve heard this a lot from many other people, but you have helped me through so much. You’re the first person I go to, metaphorically, when I’m feeling down. You make us laugh, you make us smile, and you make us cry tears of joy. And even though you don’t know me, I see you las one of my very best friends. KEEP DOING YOU, MARK.