I’m still doing artwork for the Overwhored game, which now has a Patreon with exclusive sketches and artwork done for the game.  Obviously I can’t post all of the sketches I’ve done, but I was allowed to post a few of them, so here’s two sketches of the character Skree sporting two different outfits.


Skree and Skraw the Goblin Cousins! 

It’s awesome when you find a fantastically beasty beast friend to share an act with :) My lovely friend @thegreatgrog created they’re goblin character Skree a few faires ago and as a joke I played Skraw for a day. The act was such a hit and we worked so well together that now we rock socks off at our faire home and hopefully more faires in the future! :) <3

All the pics are from different photographers, top one is by our friend Deb at Fantasies Muse Photography :) and come see us at the Escondido Renaissance Faire this upcoming weekend!