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çok mu seviyorsun rapi ? şarkı önersene

Sevgi değil aşk benimkisi :D

Maestro-Sokağın Rüyası
Mode XL-Düzmece
Ados-Parmak Uçlarında Sarı
Kaptan-Bu Delinin Baş Ağrısı
Vinnie Paz-End of Days
Keny Arkana-Marseille
Eminem-Sing for the Moment
Joker-Yaşamak Öldürür
Gencay Kaya ft. Salvo-Düşler Sahnesi
Mode XL-Kimse Karışmasın
Hidra ft. Ados-Kederli
Sehabe ft. Patron-An Bu Andır
Tankurt Manas-Çene Kemiklerimi Kırdım
Kayra-Mesela Yani
Jagged-Bana Bir Şeyler Söyle
Jagged-İlk Temas
PMC-Represent the Underground
Sansar Salvo-Dum Taka Dum
Hayki-Sen Nesin
Maestro ft. Tankurt Manas-Fütüristik Rhyme
Mode XL-Erotizma
Saian ft. Hayki-83 Model Uzun Çalar
Pit10-Beni Bilmiyorsun
Ais Ezhel-O Zaman Nasılsın
Sansar Salvo-Sigaram Yanınca
No.1-Cehennemin Dibi
Ice Cube-Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
Eminem-Almost Famous
Hidra-Neden Mi Illegal
A.P.O-Bana Deli Dediler
Saian ft. Patron-Cihana Rap
Sansar Salvo ft. Handikap-Kolay Sanma
Ados ft. Lider ft. Şiirbaz-Yavaşla Dünya
Ais Ezhel ft. Aga b ft funkd up- SBAG
Anıl Piyancı-Kolpazilla
Da Poet ft Hayki-Hiç Sevmedim Seni
Derya-Bossta Rhyme
Eminem-Kill You
Grogi ft. Red ft. Sansar Salvo-Boşver
Hayki ft. Saian-Benim Dünyam
Jedi Mind Tricks ft. Young zee-Design in Malice
Joker ft. Infaz-Asla pes etme
Karaçalı-Yabancıma Hey
Kozmos ft. Joker-Kabus
Maestro ft. Ados-Külüstür
Allame ft. Hayki-Manifesto
Norm Ender-Nokta Koy
Gekko G ft. Saian- Sek Rap
Tankurt Manas-Flexman
Sayedar-Maske Şehri Insanları
Sehabe ft. Pit10-Yangın Merdiveni
Nate Dogg ft. Eminem-Shake That Ass
Itaat ft. Contra-Flowlarım Çok Zengin
Şanışer ft. Beta-Her Şey Aynı
Şiirbaz-Hesap Günü
Eminem-Wicked Ways


(ljubavna pjesma)

Rekoše: “Nije!” i “Ne postoji!”;
neće da jeste, na svom da stoji,
Kažu: “Izmišljena!”, “Ogoljena!”,
“Ostavljena!”, “Opkoljena!”…
Žude je gledati u strmom padu,
brane joj snove i krate nadu.
Besramno skiću i tvrde da nije
od Adriatica do Slavonije,
te kidaju, priječe puls njenih rijeka
misle joj patnju i stid dovijeka;
drže je pustom, zgranutom, jadnom,
na ljutom kruhu, u progonu hladnom;
divljaju po njoj sve jednom bojom
i njenu povijest svak’ zove svojom.
I zlo joj žele,
i smrtna je, vele,
i skrb joj nude,
i nedužnu sude,
i hoće je robom,
i truju je sobom,
i lome joj kosti,
i sile da posti,
i more je žednu,
i kradu je bijednu,
i krste je bludnom
i uzaludnom…

Pa, ako je i od sina i gosta,
sad je već DOSTA, DOSTA i DOSTA!


Benjamin Isović; 29.02.1992. g. u Oslobođenju. 

Bricktime: Gillenormand Thoughts!!, or, 3.2.1.
  • this man is introduced first by his age, second by the number of teeth he has, thirdly by his reputation, and finally by his name. that’s the worst possible way to introduce somebody, and I now wish to introduce all my OCs that way. “this person is one year old, he has two teeth (by virture of being one year old, he is known to Scream a lot but he smiles adorably, and he is called Ned.”
  • I do get that the teeth thing is to show he is healthy, but it’s still an incredibly weird way of doing so!! “Ninety Years Old with Thirty-two Teeth” — firstly, that sounds like clickbait (”this nonagenarian still has all his teeth!! doctors hate him!! click here to find out how you, too, can retain all your teeth at ninety years of age”); secondly, I can’t believe we know the number of teeth of the grandfather of one of the main characters, but we do not know the first names of a great deal of the cast.
    thanks, Victor Hugo.
  • it’s official: I am two paragraphs into meeting this guy, and I am already going to Fight him (…to be fair, they’re pretty long paragraphs). don’t yell at your daughter!! don’t hit your servants!! this is Basic Manners!! Basic Human Decency, even!! also, please… chill a bit with the racism… or even a lot… don’t do that.
Bricktime: Les Amis at Last!!; or, 3.4.1

this post is Long, because there are Many Amis. apologies for that.

  • VHugz’s views that people (or rather, the people) naturally become progressive over time — ‘people were changing, almost unawares, just by virture of the progress of time. the hand that advances around the clock-face advances, too, in people’s souls.’ — is reassuring. I’m too pessimistic to alieve this, but it’s nice reading other people saying they think it’s true.
  • ‘[this progress towards democracy] was like a rising tide, complicated by countless undertows.’ and the waves crash on the sand, like a storm that’ll break any second: there’s a hunger in the land, there’s a reckoning to be reckoned, and there’s gonna be hell to pay at the end of the day!!
  • ‘there is nothing like dogma for giving birth to dreams. and nothing like dreams for generating the future. today’s utopia is tomorrow’s flesh and blood.’
  • they’re introduced with a pun, because of bloody course they are. I love this book.
  • …and then VHugz follows this up with Why Puns Are Often Important To Politics, using a bunch of references I do not understand, even though they are explained in my copy. Thanks, VHugz.
  • I had no idea till now that the Corinthe is a different place to the Café Musain. dude. dude. my life has been a lie.
  • “hey, these characters are Important, time to Talk About Them In Great Detail Before I Kill Them All Horribly (or have them ‘swallowed up into the darkness of a tragic episode’) :D :D :D”
  • so, we know Enjolras is ‘of angelic beauty’, with ‘fathomless eyes, slightly red eyelids, a full lower lip that was readily disdainful, a high forehead’, but we don’t know his first name. once again, Thanks, VHugz.
  • so far, he’s been compared to three (3) Historical Gays™, and VHugz is very insistent that he doesn’t care about flowers (’’’flowers’’’) or springtime (’’’springtime’’’). noice.
  • he sounds absolutely terrifying, though. perhaps he’s one of those people who seems terrifying at first, and you’re In Awe of them for a while, and as you get to know them you realise they are in fact Rather Goofy at times, and certainly not Only Serious, although of course that does not diminish their politics.
  • Combeferre!!!!! #lifegoals tbh. he is Enthusiastic About Everything, has Far Too Many Hobbies, wants to make science and knowledge and education in general accessible to the general public, Excited About Amazing And Cool New Technology (anaesthetics!! dirigibles!! photography!! telegraphs!! I only have the faintest idea of what a dirigible is from playing Fallen London!!), believes truth has the power to eventually overcome ‘superstition, despotism, and prejudice’
  • Jehan!! my need for fic in which Henry Clerval (from Frankenstein) and Jehan meet has grown even greater.
  • I’m very glad it appears Jehan has learned four entire languages to read four (4) poets. that’s dedication, and most likely a Pontmercial ability in language acquisition. I am very jealous.
  • he also has so many social justice topics he ‘delve[s] into’. nice.
  • Feuilly sounds great. who am I kidding, they all sound great.
  • I continue to Really Really Need Esperantist!Feuilly. it’s a shame that the language hadn’t been invented (and Zamenhof wasn’t even born!!) during the events of Les Mis… :(
  • Courfeyrac is shaped like a friend…
  • I expect the comparisons to Tholomyès here are extremely interesting and insightful to those In The Know about the context; to me they just seem rather insulting to Courfeyrac, who is described in this translation as ‘a decent lad’.
  • Bahorel: Introduced By The First ‘Bloody Disturbace’ He Participated In. equally odd as, but a lot more insightful than, the method of introduction used for Gillenormand.
  • Bahorel’s absolute disdain for Lawyers, And Law School!! I love it!! although it raises the question of why he had been a student for eleven years… I know people went to Law School almost primarily because it was What One Did, Especially To Gain Connections, and only secondarily to Become A Lawyer (…or, that’s the impression I am under), but eleven years is A Lot.
  • Lesgueules Lesgle Laigle Bossuet: (Almost) As Many Names As Jean ‘Madeline’ ‘Fauchelevent’ (‘Leblanc’) Valjean!!
  • wow, he really is unlucky. Give Bossuet Some Luck 2kForever. …but hey, at least he hasn’t (yet) accidentally become a lawyer (now, there’s a fic idea)!!
  • Joly certainly has Some Ideas about How Medicine Works… and he must be extremely cheerful, given the dispositions of so many other Amis, and the comment that he’s ‘the merriest of all’ :)
  • heh, I love that in a book in which found family is extremely important (VALJEAN AND COSETTE), the Amis are all ‘sons of the French Revolution by direct descent’
  • it’s interesting how the other Amis are introduced all in a group, with an end note about closely aligned they are with the Revolution, and then Grantaire is only mentioned after this — in contrast with everything that’s come before, but still apart; tagging along, almost
  • oh Grantaire… :(
  • that’s all I have to say about Grantaire. :( :( :(. I’m sure there are Insightful Commentaries to be made, but… :( :( :(