Non-Tumblr Blogs I like:

ISO50 Blog

  • great design/music blog of ISO50/Tycho/Scott Hansen
  • If you like Tycho’s music, you’ll love this one

Yanko Design

  • cool concept designs

Navis Photoblog


  • tech news blog for the dj/scratch community
  • dj gear porn


  • a UK based music blog with some range
  • good recommendations
  • covers new & upcoming artists too
  • also follow tumblr 9samurai

IMFlashy/IMF Mag

  • trendy culture blog
  • latest fashion/music info
  • covers upcoming music artists as well as major ones


  • mainstream Hip Hop news/releases
  • really up to date info
  • usually provides hulkshare dl links


  • electronic music blog
  • usually provides dl links

DJ Premier Blog

  • the realest DJ

The Awesomer

  • if you didn’t see it on tumblr, you’ll see it here

Gizmo finally got around to reviewing the Behringer DDM4000. It’s basically a poor man’s Pioneer but for the price, features, and quality it is an amazing mixer. It’s been out for years, but I would recommend this as a good entry level mixer for mix DJs. And if you scratch, you can always drop an Innofader or Infinium into it. Expect to pay $300-400 on this one.


NAMM 2011 - Numark NS6 Overview

damn sexy.

NAMM 2011 ahoy - first rumours

Posted by Gizmo on January 5, 2011

Outside of what I have inside knowledge about, pickings are slim right now. Rane have issued a release about a press conference early doors on the first day (they refer to products plural), which is causing much trouser trauma for Scratch Live fans. Rane do make other non-SSL products so it’s anyone’s guess what it could be. I don’t actually know, but while the fanboys are gagging for a Rane badged MIDI controller, safer money is on an updated Empath or an SL-4.

Numark are likely to unveil the 4 channel controller that I teased about at BPM. I for one cannot wait to see how this has developed, seeing as my opinion was valued enough to ask what I though so early in the game. I think we’re also very keen to see if last NAMM’s X7 has made any progress. I think we’re all hoping that the X7/V7 combo will soon be the 4 channel solution that it should be.

I doubt that will be all they have to show as the Numark mothership encompasses Akai, Alesis, MixMeister and ION. More when I have it, but most likely on the first day of the show. Or leaked early via other sites as usually happens.

Germany’s Reloop are making their international moves at last. Having been picked up for US distribution by my good friends at Mixware, They’ll be showing off their wide range of digital gear, but more importantly have teased a new Mission III controller for release at NAMM. They’re well versed in knocking out MIDI controllers, so expect this to be a mixture of lessons learned and all new stuff. The teaser tells us a few things:

• It’s quite small
• Replaceable crossfader
• Hot cue buttons
• A Traktor Ready logo
• Possibly uprated jogwheels (they look like Pioneers)

Reloop like to do interface and non-interface versions so expect 2 versions probably.

Ecler have wanted to get into MIDI controllers for a long time now, and it looks like the fruits of their labours are coming to fruition. The German Salection blog featured a spy shot of the alleged Neo2 controller from the AboutDJ site. Salection thinks it’s real, and it certainly looks fully Ecler style to me.

Of course, being a NEO2, it does make me wonder what wonderful machines NEO3, 4 and 5 would be. Hopefully, Ecler will come through with something less blurry in due course.

This just covers what I’ve seen around and about. There are other things that I’ve heard about or been outright told, but you’ll just have to wait and see what the opening doors of NAMM will bring - and they open at 10am LA time on 13th January. It’s strictly trade only so you can’t just turn up. It’s hard enough getting my team in let alone those without credentials. I’ll be sat at my desk pouring through press materials and posting all the good stuff on the first day, and then the team will feed back whatever they find too.

“And that’s the path skratchworx has taken ever since - and despite the name, we’ve covered ALL styles of DJing.”

“We can do much better. So it’s time for an overhaul - a complete demolish and rebuild job.”

“So as of today, we’re rebranding from skratchworx to DJWORX.”

“So to wrap up everything in one bite sized snippet - skratchworx will become DJWORX, with a whole new site, more content, less ads, a built in community and a fully mobile version too. We’ll be hitting you the best content when you want it, and taking coverage into all new areas. There’s a planned upgrade schedule to tweak existing features and to add new ones too.”

Watch on

Serato DJ Intro - “I’ve lost count of how many people have literally begged for Serato Scratch Live to power controllers. Indeed, when ITCH came out and didn’t look Serato-y enough, many were up in arms, that despite being fairly close, it just wasn’t close enough for some. But things are changing, and Serato have decided that every DJ, no matter what the level should get a piece of the action. Enter Serato DJ Intro - essentially SSL LE for controllers.”