Drug Lord
  • Drug Lord
  • William Bonney
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I hate everyone that I know
Then I wonder
“Where did my friends go?”
Fucking poor me, always suffering
Everyone will let me down, one way or the other.
One day I’ll be dead and gone, maybe then we’ll get along.
I’m not holding my breath
I’ll die holding my breath
What do I know? I know nothing
I know nothing

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  • I Don't Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
  • Things Are Getting Better But I am Still Dead Inside

when I’m old, if I make it that far
i know I’ll say
life is so very short

but sadly
i already feel like I’ve lived too long
i’m tired and I can’t sleep
fifty years is daunting to me.

i don’t think I can make it that far



June 1999 - San Jose, California