skramden yardens

A photo essay of my journey to and from TSO Park @ Skramden Yardens, and a disturbing look into the regime of Darren Scarfo and those around him.
By Cale Weir. 2012


On my way to TSO Park at [ADDRESS REDACTED], the rumoured HQ of The Right Honourable General Darren Scarfo, to witness a gathering of local youth for what I can only assume to some sort of high energy ritual. Hopefully I can gain some sort of insight into the mind of this sick individual if I can get a glimpse of his “playing field” as it were.


Had trouble finding my way in. Hardly any signs to denote that any sort of happening would be taking place here, I tried to photograph the entranceway but was waved off by who seemed to be the guards, who I was forced to bribe to gain entry. I navigated around the side of the complex, and who should I run into but Scarfo himself, he was greeting guests, acting like any normal host would, I tried to see into his eyes, but there was nothing… just a cold, emotionless smile…


This is Darren Scarfo, legendary militant leader of the “toronto skramphony orkestar”, reported street gang and proprietors of the so called skramz movement in our fair city. Scarfo’s group (Delo Truda) would be playing first, I snapped a few shots when and where I could. Here we see one of his many servants helping him tune his guitar. 


An audience rounded up from local bars and youth hostels and forced to watch. They cheer and scream, but it’s all theatre; Scarfo, after all, doesn’t play for a dead crowd. Violence in the pit was encouraged for the entertainment of Scarfo’s officers…


Pictured here is General Scarfo’s second in command, Lieutenant [NAME REDACTED], a man of feared brutality. Known to the locals as “Caramel Eyes”, apparently for the way his eyes seem to melt right through your soul as you fall by his hand. Here we see him joyful and drenched with sweat, having just unleashed an assault of guitar noise upon the audience, few survived.


Following Scarfo’s set, his junior officers cleared the room with extreme prejudice, they didn’t even let the other groups set up their gear. I guess Scarfo was afraid of being upstaged, I shudder to think at what that would look like… In the commotion I was able to get a shot of Scarfo retreating to his inner sanctum [check out the posters on the wall, I guess the rumors are true], I’ll let the photo speak for itself. I still can’t believe I got this image…


This is the park surrounding the TSO complex, for all his supposed attrocities Scarfo seems to be quite popular among the local bourgeoisie. In order to escape I had to step on the hand of one of the women pictured here, she seemed hurt but I couldn’t slow down… I had to tell the world about what happened here… 


I snapped this moments after leaving Scarfo territory, dirty… covered with sweat… happy to be alive…

And now I’m sitting at my keyboard, cigarette in hand, cursor blinking, trying to make sense of it all. What did I witness last night? However I try I just can’t fit the pieces together, but people need to know about this. I challenge everyone to reblog/retweet/repost this, and with any luck someone, somewhere, somehow, will stop him.

Let’s make Scarfo famous… 

- Cale Weir

[I still have yet to figure what “skramz” means -editor]