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in collaboration (hoho) with the most esteeméd Sheva, author of the government-toppling literary wonder, The Mistress (AO3)!!

The second soldier returns from the back of the house with a pile of books Naprem recognizes as hers. He tosses them down on the floor, and like alva blossoms they go cascading over the carpet, hopping and skipping, tripping over one another, landing splayed open with their pages fanned out. Civil Disobedience in the Modern Age, The Celestial Templar: Radical Reinterpretations of Religious Texts, and her signed copy of To Have and Have Not: On Liberty Without the D’jarra.

“Tora Naprem,” the leader says. “We have orders to arrest you on the behalf of the Bajoran Occupational Government.”

“I’m shocked,” Naprem says, coolly. “What are the charges?”

“Tora Naprem,” the leader says, with evident delight, leaning in to gauge her reaction. “You are charged with disrupting the peace, spreading radical ideologies, plotting against the Occupational Government, and otherwise inciting rebellion and discord. How do you plead?”

“Oh, guilty, very guilty,” Naprem says through her teeth. “Though I know you wouldn’t ask if you thought any different.”

“You feel no remorse for committing these acts of anarchism and extremist agitation?”

“None at all,” Naprem snarls.

The leader grins down at her then, showing all his sharp teeth.

“Take them,” he says.

DEFIANCE!! DESIRE!! DEVASTATION!! and a Siren Song of Interstellar Proportions! Coming to you LIVE from Terok Nor in our year of the Blessed Prophets 2328.

Propagandist’s Notice: Contents may be hotter than a pah wraith and twice as likely to cause social ostracism.

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  1. Supervillain Powerman 5000
  2. I Don’t Care Fall Out Boy
  3. Let’s Kill Tonight Panic! At the Disco
  4. Basket Case Green Day
  5. I Never Told You What I Did As A Living My Chemical Romance
  6. Reptilia The Strokes
  7. Seven Nation Army The White Stripes
  8. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked Cage the Elephant
  9. Blood On My Name The Wright Brothers
  10. Heaven Help Us My Chemical Romance


17. the heat of the moment

After a few hours of angry pacing, angry muttering to herself, and angry nearly-throwing-dishes-against-the-wall, Naprem can’t justify postponing a visit to Odo any longer. An angry Cardassian would be problem enough – an angry Skrain Dukat is a threat to station security if ever she heard one. From Odo’s, it’s a quick walk to the Emissary’s office in Ops. He makes her explain it all again, which has the predictable effect of working her into an even more furious lather.

Finally, the Emissary fixes her with a serious, uneasy look. He turns to Odo. “You think he may be on his way here, Constable?”

“I do,” Odo says with a curt nod. “From what Professor Tora’s told me, I think he intends to try and verify her identity for himself.”

“You told him we’d already conducted the requisite bioscans,” the Emissary says to her.

“Not in so many words,” Naprem says, struggling to conduct herself with grace as a venerable twister of rage whips through her chest. Her exhaustion has converted itself fully to a firestorm of anger that burns in her blood, making her fists shake. “But yes. I told him.”

Odo grunts and shakes his head, hands cupping his elbows as he folds his arms. “I don’t imagine he’ll be so easily convinced,” he says. “Gul Dukat’s obsession with Professor Tora is something that defies logic. I don’t believe our evidence would ever serve to convince him.”

The Emissary nods slowly, frowning. “So,” he says. “He’s on his way to the station. For what purpose?”

“I couldn’t say specifically, Captain. But I imagine he intends to verify Professor Tora’s identity, by whatever means necessary.”

“I agree,” the Emissary says. “Do we know his last location?”

“Near Cardassia Prime,” Odo says. “Which doesn’t leave us much time to prepare.”

Naprem wrinkles her nose in disbelief. “Cardassia Prime is almost five and half light years from here. Even at warp factor 8, it would take days for him to get here.”

The Emissary shakes his head. “Cardassian ships have gotten faster since your time, Professor.”

“And Gul Dukat isn’t at the helm of just any ship,” Odo reminds him. “He’s the commander of the Lothar.”

“That what?” Naprem asks.

“The Lothar,” Odo tells her, “is a one-of-a-kind Dreadnought-Keldor class war ship, capable of multiwarp speeds. We aren’t even sure how fast it’s capable of going, but it’s made the trip from Cardassia Prime several times – all in within a few hours.”

Naprem feels like she’s just swallowed a rock. “Hours?” She tries to do the math in her head, but can’t. 

“How many hours has it been since you spoke to him?” the Emissary asks.

“About four,” Naprem says, with a sinking feeling.

“Then he could be here any minute,” the Emissary says, jaw visibly flexing.

“Hence why I brought it to you immediately, Captain.” Odo unfolds his arms to hold his hands behind his back. “I advise we go to red alert.”

The Emissary shakes his head. “It’s too soon for that. We have no idea what he wants. Putting the station on red alert could do more harm than good. But I agree, we should activate defensive countermeasures, just in case our friend Gul Dukat gets any ideas.”

“I’ll get my security team on it,” Odo nods. “In the meantime, I think Professor Tora ought to remain here with you, Captain.”

“I agree,” the Emissary says. “Good luck, Constable. I’ll expect you and Major Kira back here when you’re done.”

Odo tips his head in acknowledgement, and leaves.

“I don’t understand,” Naprem says as the Emissary stands from his desk. “How did Skrain gain access to that kind of technology?”

The Emissary’s nostrils flare, mouth twisting with distaste. “It was a gift. The woman who controlled Deep Space 9 for the past few years took a liking to him; when she left, she left the ship under his command. She was a brilliant technological mind. We have absolutely no idea what it’s capable of; how fast it can go, it’s defense and weapons systems… The only thing we do know is that it vastly exceeds anything the Federation has access to.”

They’re interrupted as Odo returns with Major Kira, who strides in through the office doors like she’s looking for a fight.

“Security teams are at the ready, Captain,” Odo says.

“Good,” says the Emissary. 

“Sensor readings are picking up a a disturbance,” Kira says. “We won’t be waiting long.”

As though summoned, Naprem sees the space outside the viewport twist and flex, going blue, then violet, then white so quickly that her eyes can barely register – then, in a flash, the Dreadnought appears just beyond the habitat ring, a black monolith looming like a monster from Naprem’s darkest nightmares. The Emissary moves around his desk and they all hurry out into Ops.

“Open a channel,” he orders, and the Lieutenant keys it in. “Gul Dukat,” he says. “We weren’t expecting you.”

Naprem feels like a spotlight’s on her, like she’s center stage and has forgotten all her lines.

soongtypecosplay  asked:

She saw him walking her direction from across the promenade. The easy choice would have been to turn around and walk away but each step he took, she felt the fire in her belly grow higher. This man, this shining example of a 'good Cardassian' made her skin crawl. He stood against everything she had ever stood for and now, here he was- continuing to stride about DS9 as though he owned it. As he grew closer, she drew up to her full height and addressed him as contemptuously as she could. 'Skrain.'

The fact that Gul Dukat only noticed the other Cardassian after his first name was spoken like a curse was evidence enough that he had not been paying near enough attention then he should have. But, he had Damar with him, as always

“Ah, Professor Lang! Well, isn’t this a surprise.” Dukat said, a sneer on his face as if he had just come across the woman without any clothes on. “You will have to forgive that I didn’t recognize you. My mind was elsewhere, thinking of better times. This station has a… nostalgic effect. Don’t you agree?”

Dukat lets his eyes wander the hall around them for a moment, breathing in deeply.

“Even after everything the Bajorans did to try to erase the greatness this place once was… they can never remove the smell. Cardassian perfection.”

His eyes return to her’s, grinning.

“Tell me, Professor; what brings the a disgraced member of the Detapa Council to Bajoran space?”